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13 year sucking off her dog part 2

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Today my parents and my siblings left to go to a relatives house in the morning and I pretended to be sick. I finally had a doggy dick <3!

I have officially lost my virginity at 13 to my dog. My pussy still hurts but I gotta say this was honestly the best and I am so going to do it again. I can’t wait to tell you guys what happened so here I go, hope some of you will enjoy fapping to it.

My parents and siblings left around 7 in the morning to go visit my uncle who lives in the next state over. I faked throwing up and said I got really sick so they would let me stay home. After they left I waited about a few hours to make sure they wouldn’t come back looking for something since my family tends to be forgetful.

After a few hours I brought my dog to my room and locked the door. I then took out my stash from under my bed. My stash was basically where I would hide all my sexual stuff like lube a few condoms that I’m hoping to use one day and a brand new dildo I bought off amazon a few days ago that I also haven’t used yet either lol.

I spent a few minutes getting him erect then I spread some of the lube on his cock. I also fingered some into my pussy. I stripped completely naked and propped myself up on my knees and rested my arms and face on the bed. I signaled him to come over to me. He saw my pussy and immediately jumped onto my back. I felt his cock press up against my pussy and I couldn’t help moaning. He couldn’t quite slip it in and kept missing so I had to guide his cock with my hand.

The second the tip was in he lurched forward and I screamed. His cock felt good but at the same time this was the first time anything bigger than my fingers had entered my pussy. It hurt so much. I started crying but he kept thrusting. Of course his entire cock didn’t go in since it was way too big and I am still pretty young but I felt it go in pretty deep. He came pretty fast leaving me panting breathless. His cum wouldn’t stop flowing and I felt like my pussy was being drowned in his cum. It flowed down my leg and all over the carpet. I was so tired and out of it that I fell asleep waiting for him to pull out When I woke up he was napping on the other side of the room and my back hurt from sleeping in a bad position. I had cum stains all over my thigh and I still felt his gooey cum inside my pussy. The carpet was also kinda messy from the spilt cum I have to clean that later lol. I took a shower immediately after.

I can’t wait to do it again but I want to wait for a day I don’t know how often dogs can cum and I don’t want him to over exert himself. I had so much fun and I honestly can’t wait to do more sexual things. As I mentioned in my earlier post I did find a gloryhole near my house. It opens up pretty late so I’m going to see if I can visit it some time in the bear future wish me luck!

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  • Reply aofiexmurphy

    add me on sc @aofiexmurphy i’m the same age and would love a ibf with similar interest! lmao

  • Reply Hoe

    Can u add me on snap and send me some nudes of you and dog

  • Reply F.B.I

    This site is under review. All willing participants will be located and detained.

  • Reply K9

    I’m so happy you got your first dog cock! I had my first one when I was 9 and never stopped fucking dogs since. I hope you can have fun at the gloryhole and become a nice slut 🙂 I wish I could have an orgy with you and some dogs and guys, I wanna lick your pussy and suck your tits so bad. Next time, try taking the dog in your ass and also, if you want to fuck a man outside of a gloryhole, you’ll probably find a willing one in a sex chat, they usually don’t require registration either. Have fun!

    • Jd

      Text me on snapchat @basketballl82 we can get along great

    • youngho

      thx for the advice! I’ll be trying some anal stuff soon

    • Soulless

      Do you have snap

  • Reply IDK

    That made me soo horny not going to lie, do you have snapchat? If so could i see you do stuff with your dog

  • Reply Horndog

    More please! Your stories are so sexy! Wish I could have a taste

  • Reply Yummy

    Can I have a turn?

  • Reply younho

    I assume you are more interested in my more kinkier panties. I do own some thongs and g-strings.

  • Reply Dave

    What are you planning to do at the gloryhole? It might end up badly for someone your age if someone sees you.

    • youngho

      Well it is anonymous so it should be fine. The way this one works is guys meet up there at around 9 or 10 p.m. There are multiple stalls and it’s pretty much unmonitored. My plan is to sneak in earlier then stay inside, I’ll suck everyone off who comes to the stall until I know for sure everyone has left the place then go back home. It isn’t run by anyone and is more of a public site so no one is checking who goes in and comes out. It’s also fairly active based on it’s forum. I planning on visiting them on Monday since my parents come back on Wednesday.

  • Reply Deadinside

    Do u use Instagram

  • Reply Devil

    Do you have any mail or snap your stories are so hot….

  • Reply Horny

    I did i just wish your stories were a bit longer thanks for the turn on tho

    • youngho

      I kinda just write what happens it all happened too fast so I tried to be as descriptive as possible

  • Reply Anonymous

    Wish I could have had a turn after your dog 😍

  • Reply dre

    I wish we could share our stories

  • Reply Mike

    is there a boy you like if yeah then try it with him