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Zeus Likes Belly Rubs

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Just an innocent 9 year old giving her dog some love 😉

Every time I got home from school it was the same routine. I was never alone and I always had to be bored as hell because I couldn’t be alone. I always had to share my room with my sister. One day I came home and found a note saying that my parents and sister would be gone until 9pm. I looked at the clock. It was only 4:53. I smiled. Home alone at last! I pulled off my shirt and pants, planning on showering later. I sat on the couch next to my pit Bull mix, Zeus and gave him some kisses. I then started to rub his belly. Without realizing it, I slowly moved my hand further down as I rubbed his belly. I smiled before noticing his dick was out. I moved my hand to gently touch it before he started to hump against it. I let him, just kind of watching in amazement. After a few moments white stuff shot out of it. I got some on my hand before licking it gently. It tasted really good. I felt myself get tingly. I always got this way and I knew by now how to make myself feel Good. I leaned down and kissed my dog’s head. “Good Boy-“ I was cut off when he started to lick my face, his tongue hitting mine every now and then. I stuck my tongue out, trying to get him to kiss me more. I pulled away after a while. I moved to where I was laying next to him. I grabbed a pillow and put it between my legs before I started to hump it. He got up before licking my face as I humped my pillow. I moaned before opening my mouth to make out with him.

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    Great story. Love it

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    Hot stpry

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    more need more this is sooo good

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    Is this true? If so, what’s your sc or Instagram?