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The story about how I digested fucking semen

This happened early this year when I was still 12 I am 13 now. I was always quiet in school but I had/have a dirty little secret. Just about every night, I whip out my phone and finger myself to just about any kind of porn. I think my porn/sex addiction started when I was about 6. One of my male cousins spent the night and when everyone was sleep he licked the living lights out of my pussy. At the time he was 15, we never did anything again but from that day on I would hump my pillow and get horny to the boring sex scenes in movies. I’m still an amateur, a virgin to be specific. One day I was sitting in class, 7th grade, and I was wet and horny and I couldn’t help it. I zipped down my tight skirt and went to town on myself. I was fingering my self for years it seemed. No matter what I just couldn’t get the climax. I was all the way in the back so nobody really noticed. I looked up and this boy was staring at me, I had never interacted or noticed him before until now. He creeped me out so I asked to go to the nurse for ladies troubles. I was barely gone for five minutes and he came running behind me.

“What the hell is you problem!?”

I yelled at him. Like who the hell follows someone to the NURSES office.

“I saw what you were doing in class.”

The fucking weirdo looked me up and down. My hormones were taking over more than my self conscience.

“Still can’t cum, little slut?”

When he said that to me, I was INSTANTLY turned on. I just love dominance. Seriously, you could rape me right now and I’d let you. Abuse the shit out of me if you will.

“Who’s asking?”

I said sarcastically. I wanted to MAKE him want me more..and it worked. We already connected sexually so like the little slut I am I followed him into the handicapped stall. The moment we got in there I unzipped my skirt, but I was scared. Yes, I’m a white for sex but I wasn’t ready to bleed out on the floor because someone was ready to my virginity. Luckily for me, we had to be back in class soon. Instead of mercilessly fucking me, sadly, he fingered the shit out of me, it felt so good. He had me up against the wall groping my A-cup tits. Not too long after he started, I squirted almost everywhere. I had to repay the favor so I got on my knees and have someone my first blow job. I’ve practiced a lot so he came quickly. I was slurping just 6 inch like it was candy. I forced myself to gag on it like 10 times. My eyes were red and watery and there was spit all over my mouth. In the middle of it all, someone walked in..this asshole kept shoving my face up against his v line. I was impressed. I’m PRETTY sure the other boy heard me. We could’ve had a threesome in the bathroom, what a shame. After he left the dude shoved his dick into the back of my throat and filled my mouth with semen. Honestly, it tasted REALLY good, I wanted more. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my salad tossed in the school bathroom. For like 2 seconds we considered doing anal, the tip of his dick was already inside my ass..then we had to do a time check and rushed back to class. I simply told the teacher they had a low supply of pads and I had to find a way to make due. That idiot said he got lost in the halls. Either way, if I give someone head again I’d totally do it. Age is just a number by the way guys. 😉

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  • Reply Me

    It’s a fake ass account I texted her and she didn’t even answer wtf man

  • Reply Me

    I texted you on instagram plz text me back


    This bitch is a fake as hell she doesn’t even answer the questions

    • Me

      Yea she doesn’t

  • Reply T

    Your a fake ass hoe because one of my friends sent you message and you blocked him from your IG what kind of horse shit is that?

  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Yo listen up: it’s fake. She’s real, but it’s all fake. I dmed her and she just sent me a fake nude of some stranger in the internet,without showing the face. I asked her to hold up 2 fingers and she just said “aight im out of here” and blocked me. She was the one who sent me nudes. All I said eat that if she was the one who wrote the story.

    • Anna

      no I just don’t like trump supporters

    • T

      Anna is fake

  • Reply dapperdude

    so fucking hot I haved chatted you up on IG I hope you reply asap

  • Reply daddy

    I’m 14 what’s good

  • Reply @meme.sfunnyaf

    Damn. Im 14 in 8th grade. I WISH there’s was a girl like you where we could be friends and just fuck eachother without any trouble.

  • Reply LOVER

    Probably fake…

  • Reply Uriel

    Anna would you fuck a guy that’s much older then you?

    • Anna

      Would I get paid

    • Uriel

      I will pay you

    • Anna

      I’m so fucking wet right now

    • Uriel

      Send me a picture of you all wet

  • Reply C

    What state do you live in?

    • Anna


  • Reply Anonymous

    I’m 12, can I get your insta

    • Anna


  • Reply Sebastian

    There is no way there’s girls like you out there

    • Anna


    • Psiberzerker

      LOL, no?

      Well, boys like this exist. We know that.

  • Reply Brandon

    I’m 15 I haven’t even met a girl like this

    • Anna

      I can prove it

    • J

      Then prove it Anna.

    • Me

      Did she ever respond to you she never did to me