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What I did while pregnant

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I grew up in a bad area. Dad was never around. Mom was an addict. I got my attention from boys. By 13 I was wearing a 30 C and had a bubble butt. Being Colombian I had nice long long hair and was always tan. I fell in love and got pregnant at 15. He left me within the first week I found out. I got a job but it only lasted 2 months. No one was going to help me so I helped myself. I was walking home from the bodega and got cat called like always. I wasn’t showing yet so still fit into my tight clothes. Dude hollered he would give me 20 to suck his dick. I stopped and thought how easy money that would be. I said 50 and he laughed because he probably never got a girl to say yes. He said he had 40 so we went down the alley and I sucked and swallowed and left.

I had some money saved up when I was at 4 months but now I was starting to show. Some of the men tried fucking me but when they found out I was pregnant, some were really into that. I was horny being pregnant and alone and gave in to an offer. I didn’t want no alley fuck so he got a motel. First time fucked in months and I was hyper sensitive. Had like 4 orgasms. I was really wet and creamy being fucked pregnant. I tasted sweeter too. I didn’t mind tasting my cream off his dick. He came in my pussy like he wanted to. I really didn’t mind it. I needed to be fucked when I was pregnant. I craved it. This way I got paid too. So word got around and I started having regulars. Sometimes I took 3-4 a day. Money was good. I was such a horny bitch I was doing anal and groupsex too. Anything for extra money. I even had a couple that paid me to join them. Me and the wife ate each other and then the husband fucked me and her back and forth.

I was close to my 8 months. I was big. My nipples were huge and dark. I was feeling the full on pregnancy. I had less clients that were into me as I got bigger. Some just liked to fuck because I was 15, not because I was pregnant. I got a new guy who I met. Older white guy with a nice car and money. He paid for hours at a time. He liked to rub my belly and play with my tits. He would touch me for most of the time before we had sex. He had introduced me to some of his friends that were into pregnant girls. One of them had a giant house with a sex dungeon thing. He paid so good to tie me up, use toys on me, slap me around. One time he kept me tied up for hours and I had to pee. He hooked my legs high up with my back on the bed and fingered my ass and beat my ass and tits. I peed all over myself. It got all over my face and he pissed on my pussy right after getting it all over my belly dripping down to my face. We did a lot of kinky shit.

2 weeks before the baby I had been only taking on the high end clients. The one with the dungeon said he was hosting a party. He wanted me to be the main attraction. He offered such a high number I couldn’t say no. I could’ve given birth any day. I got to his house and no one was there yet. He got me in the bath, shaved me everywhere and lotioned me up. He gave me some lingerie. Crotchless I ended up discovering. He brought me to the room and tied my hands above my head. I heard voices and more voices, felt like hours but the door opened and he brought in 5 men. They did nothing but touch me all over until he brought in 4 more. He put me on my knees and 10 dicks were all around me. I sucked and jerked until my jaw fel asleep. He put me on a bench with my legs up and pussy on display. In the beginning, everyone was super nice and didn’t hurt me. They loved on my belly and on me. Then the first dick happened.

It was like a switch. They got rougher with me. They took turns on my pussy and mouth. I was choked, spit on, slapped…you name it. I got taken to the bed. Arms and legs chained so I was kind of hanging there. The one hosting got order me and fucked my ass with barely any spit. Another crammed his into my pussy and another in my mouth. A few had cum so I was thankful for them leaving. At one point I was gagged and my ass fucked. I didn’t notice he left but when he came back it was with two more men. I didn’t care. What was two more. He told me I was in trouble but I didn’t know what thst meant until one of them pulled his dick out. It was a monster dick from hell. Long, way too thick and curved. He walked up and asked how far along I was. He asked if I liked some pain and plopped his dick on me. It went up onto my belly. Ginormous. He ass fucked me so hard I couldn’t breathe. When he fucked my pussy it gave me sharp pains. He thought that was funny and bent me over. He took a big toy for my ass and every time he thrusted, the toy did too. I was screaming and my mouth was stuffed with dick. I thought the guy was cumming but he was pissing…in my fucking mouth. Fast forward 4 hours and I was on the floor covered in piss and cum. Some guys were still hanging around. I’d occasionally get a toy in my ass or someone would get hard again and fuck me. I left with a pocket full of cash and never went back to that life.

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  • Reply vive-la-baise

    is your baby o.k.?

  • Reply That one guy

    I can only imagine what being paid to have sex must be like, as I large white man I would love to tight Latina slut in an alleyway.