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Wet Nap

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My Babysitter turned 18, so she was old enough to sext, but first, I lay down for a nap…

I must’ve drank too much that afternoon, because I had this dream where I had to go, only I couldn’t find a restroom that wasn’t locked, and there was always someone in there, so I kept going back and forth, from girl’s room to girl’s room until finally I found an empty one, and then I woke up.

“Huh?” With it soaking through my pants, all over my leg, and into my bed. I hadn’t wet the bed in years, but I didn’t know that I was dreaming, so when I finally got to the toilet, it was just such a relief to let it out.

So, I got up, stripped off my pants and underwear, then went out half naked. “Uh!” I stopped in the hall, and heard Carol grunt again. “UH!” Louder, and went down to look over the back of the chair.

Dad’s chair, at least when he was around. He wouldn’t let anybody else sit in it, but she had the feet up, the back tipped down, and her shirt unbuttoned. Her bra pushed up, and her hand in there. Her other hand down her pants, and her knuckles pushing out her underwear. “Hhuh,” breathing funny, and her computer set up on the table next to the couch. Where I couldn’t see it, or what was on it, but then she turned, and opened her eyes.

“Oh, shit.” She pulled her hands out, and held her top together, with her legs crossed. “You’re up, and.” She looked down, “Half naked?”

I blushed, ashamed to admit that I’d wet the bed, at my age. With a little dignity, I’ll just say too old to still wet the bed, but not old enough to look at porn. That much, I mean. Okay, I knew that we weren’t supposed to, but all we did was laugh at the funny faces, and noises she made, getting fucked.

“Sorry, uh. I was just about to, take a shower.” I covered my crotch, but before I even made it down the hall, I felt funny down there. “I thought you’re crying, so I came out to see what was the matter.” I lied, before I closed the door.

And by funny, I mean weird. Hot, and swollen. Wet of course, I just wet myself, but once I rinsed the pee off, I kept feeling around inside.

The outside, mostly. “Uh, hihnm!” I bit my lip, giggling when it made me grunt. At least I understood why she couldn’t help grunting, but the water helped a lot too. I put my head back, so it could hit my neck, run over my hot chest, and off my hard nipples, not to mention down between my legs, where my arm caught it.

Cupping it to wash between my legs, and wipe it. Almost the exact same way I wiped it dry, after peeing in a toilet. Like a normal person, but I didn’t orgasm. For one thing, I didn’t know how, but for another, I just explored that place, where I’d only ever used for peeing before, and enjoyed my first erotic pleasures from it awakening, to Carol.

My baby sitter. Knocking on the door. “Ellie?”

“Huh?” I turned the water off, so I could hear her better.

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have been doing that here, but. You’re not going to tell your mom, and dad on me?”

“No, I. Don’t think so. I like you, and if you got in trouble, then you probably wouldn’t get to come over, and hang out no more.”

“Okay, but. When you say that. You like me, you don’t mean.”

“No?” I didn’t realize that I was lying, until it came out. So, I bit my lip again, but. I had just been touching myself, sexually, thinking about her body, and what her hands had been doing. “You mean in any, romantic way, then no. You’re a great friend.” That sounded lame before I even said it, and she could probably even hear that I didn’t even believe it myself. “Huh, honestly, I don’t know how to feel, so. Can we talk about it?”

I grabbed a towel, and put it on before I unlocked the door, and let her in. “Well, I kinda have to go too.” She pulled her underwear down, with her pants, and sat down on the toilet. To make a face, and sigh while the pee tinkled in the toilet, which just reminded me of the dirty little secret that started off this whole. Thing?

“I’m gonna go get dressed.”

“Well, you saved me some hot water?”

I nodded, and looked back from my room. She got up, and pulled the shower curtain closed, but then she threw her blouse over it, and her bra after that, before she started the water.

“Huh!” I took the towel off, and dried the tips of my hair, but. I hadn’t seen her, completely naked before. I’d seen girls, my age naked and in their underwear, but that didn’t do much for me. I didn’t have much to look at either.

A little hair, under my arms too, but not enough to start shaving my legs, which I’m not looking forward to. Let alone any place that’s hard to see. Like under your arm, but up front. At the tops of my legs, but not between them. I was still damp, and scrubbing those with the towel.

“Uh!” Even that told me, that I hadn’t lost the mood, at all. I was still horny, really horny, so horny I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, but she didn’t close the doors, and me neither. So, she’s right there, with nothing but a thin plastic curtain between us, butt naked, and I remembered the water running down my neck.

My back, my chest, and nipples, which just made me imagine her breasts, and remembering about how big they were in her bra. Imagining her nipples were darker, and larger. Like mom’s, she’s my mom, so of course I’d seen her topless, braless, and even naked. But she’s my mom, old, and saggy, with stretch marks.

I mean, sorry mom. Not old, oldER, but still not wrinkly, and grey haired, like grandma, and not too fat. Just you know, plump? Not like fat, but not skinny either, and young, and perky, like I imagine Carol being.

“Huh! Snh?” I blinked, picking up my underwear, and sniffing it. Without thinking, they were dry, so not the ones I just pissed, and I should really change the sheets before she comes out, but. I just sniffed my underpants, where my crotch goes, and.

Carol shaved it. I saw that when she dropped her pants to sit down and pee. “Uh!” Was that her? “Uh!” The water splatted in the bath tub, louder, so she moved, or maybe she wrung out her hair, but there was steam rising up over it, and “UH!” That was definitely her voice.

She’s doing it again, and all a sudden, I got curious about what exactly she was looking at, on her computer. So, I grabbed some clean clothes, a pair of underwear from the dresser drawer, and a dress I could just slip on. “HhuHhuh!” She was really breathing heavy to hear her over the water, but I hoped I had enough time to go get her laptop. Open it up, and click on her name.

[XXXXXXX] Type in her password, and bring up her browser to see if she cleared the history or not. This was just as exciting, snooping through her computer as discovering, what it felt like to be horny, and starting to explore the things I can do to my body once I got turned on, but now I was looking for some evidence of what turned Her on.

It asked me if I wanted to Restore the pages she was on, because she shut it down in a hurry, so I hit [Okay,] but nope. Just her Friend’s page, but then I saw her Messenger was up, and a picture of a man on it.

“Uh!” A fat man, with a hairy belly, and a limp dick hanging over his thigh. “Huh!” Cum shot up to cling to his belly, and stick to the hairs, so when I blew it up, I even saw a little dribble out on his lap, and a wet spot around the pee hole, but that wasn’t pee.

A notification popped up, before I could go back, and read the rest of the chat. Leading up to the pic, it wasn’t just a dick pic. It was a whole series of pics, back, and forth, but the Notification was from her Paypal account.

[Deposit received.] I clicked on that, but I’d have to sign in to her paypal to read the whole thing, and see how much money she got.

[XXXXXXX] Nope, different password, smart.

The water shut off, and she pulled the shower curtain across, so I closed out the Paypal sign in tab, and pulled my dress on, but I left the chat up. Went around the chair, to the couch, and set the computer down on the coffee table.

Sure enough, he sent [That was great! I’ll send you the money right away.] After the picture, the last picture, after he finished beating off.

“OMG!” She just had sex, well Sext, for money. She’s a cam-whore, and you think you know someone, but scrolling up through the pictures of them. Teasing each other really. She never got totally nude, but he was hard, then hard in his underwear, then pulled his zipper up, in reverse order of course.

She pulled her shirt open, and squeezed out a tit. Her nipple looked so much smaller, and pinker than I imagined. I guess I just tried to stick mom’s, on her little boobs.

“You little shit!”

“Well, you don’t want me telling mom, and dad I caught you camwhoring while I was asleep, so you can’t tell them I looked.” I kept tapping the [^] arrow, and then I covered up my mouth. “Huh!” Looked over, “Snh?” Shaking my head, but she put her clothes back on, buttoned up, and everything, except for wet hair.

“What?” She looked down, pulling at her blouse.

“WTF is this?” I turned the computer screen around, to show her the picture she took from the car. Of me, talking to my friends, on the front steps of the school, when we came out.

“Well, did you read the chat?”

“No?” I turned it back.

“Well, he just wanted to know if I was really a baby sitter.”

“So, you shouldn’t have sent a picture of me, and my friends to a dirty old man on the internet, without my permission!”

“I’m sorry, but he doesn’t know it’s you.” She came around to sit down, and point. “Look.”

[Which one is he?]

[The one on the end. With the jacket.]

“Oh, you told him you’re babysitting a boy.” He just happened to run out the doors after us.

“Yeah, that’s his fantasy.”

“Well, he better have a fantasy about being a big fat hairy boy. Looking at pictures of him.”

She laughed, “No, he’s a father, of a boy. Not that age, but older. Too old to have a baby sitter, but you know.”

I shook my head, “I don’t know much of anything about sex, or dirty old men, honestly.”

“Huh, well he wanted to watch me, and his son. Or another boy, that’s young enough for a baby sitter. He wanted to catch me, molesting him.” She shrugged, “I guess.”

“That is sick.”

“Right? But you don’t exactly get your choice, of who you get to blackmail, and what for. If I did, I’d pick a hot college guy, I don’t know. Maybe a frat boy rapist.”

“Ew, why?”

“To have something to blackmail him for?”

“Oh, right. So, you’re blackmailing him for money.”

“Well,” she bit her lip, and nodded. “Yeah.”

“That’s not all. I can tell, there’s something more you’re not telling me.”

“Huh!” She leaned back, but her guilty grin went away, and she just smiled, looking away. “I don’t know, that was the plan. Actually, I was planning to Hanson him, but then.”


“Chris Hanson, to catch a Predator?”

“What’s that?”

“An old show, where they used to catch sexual predators in chats.”

“Oh, well then what?”

“Well, I didn’t realize, what a turnon it was, or would be, so. I know, it got out of hand, I’m sorry.” She got up, and headed for the door.

“Where you going?”

“Hi, guys!” She grabbed the knob, before it even opened, and dad looked up. Holding the keys. “I just got out the shower, so. Give BETH,” she looked back, “A minute to help me pack up.”

I folded her lap top, and stuck it in her book bag. “Let me put some shoes on too. So she can take me out to dinner. Mom didn’t bring dinner, right?” She would have called to ask what I wanted when they did.

She shut the door, and said “No, not yet.”

“So, you don’t have to cook for me, let me just go get my shoes on real quick.” Pull my blankets over the pee stains, and hope they didn’t soak through. Maybe they would dry before we got back, or. I’d have to find some way to clean it up before it started stinking, but not now.

“Ready to go?” I just slipped on my slip-ons, and came out. Dad was already kicking back in his chair, and I tried not to giggle, but mom was already smacking pots, and pans around in the kitchen.

Carol looked mad, but didn’t say anything, just shook her head bye the door, so i grabbed her backpack, and kissed dad on the cheek. “Bye daddy!”

“Be back in time for bedtime, it’s a school night.”

“Okay daddy.”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Carol asked on the porch, as soon as I shut the door.

“We need to talk, still? We didn’t get a chance to finish our conversation, before we got interrupted, so.” I handed her bookbag. “Let’s go.”

“Well, I’m not buying you dinner.”

“Don’t worry about that.” That’s not what I’m hungry for right now. “So, tell me more about this blackmailing.” For sex. “How does it work?”

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