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The future Duke of Maisdstone, is now THE DUKE.

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Dinner that evening at Moat House the stately home of the Duke of Maidstone was a happy affair , the small group sat at one end of the huge table, while a young girl Lizzie served the food .
Reginald the Duke of Maidstone had always had a soft spot for her ,ever since she came to work in the house several months earlier, but now her big belly showed she was seven month pregnant he found her even more sexualy exciting, he just didn’t know his Mother did as well.
Married to Noah one of the Old Dukes gamekeepers at the age of 16, she had been widowed only two months after her marriage when he husband was accidentally shot at a pheasant shoot on a neighboring property where he was helping out as a beater to earn extra money . A guest placed a loaded gun on the stand and his dog knocked it off, the gun fired, killing Noah instantly.
Reginald’s Mother Della had moved the poor girl into the main house and given her a job in the kitchens, only to learn from cook a few weeks later that Lizzie was showing, and it took one trip to Reginald’s Mothers sewing room for Lizzie to be removed from the kitchens, and put in a position of helping The Duchess of Maidstone plan her Garden Party’s and Masked Balls
Lizzie ended up naked the first time she visited Reginalds Mothers sewing room, the Duchess insisted she remove her clothes so she could look at Lizzie to be sure she was pregnant. Lizzie explained how she had been sick every morning and had stopped having to use her rags, standing there naked Della Burton moved close to the girl running her hands slowly over Lizzies belly, she then walked behind her, put her arms around the naked girl and started rubbing her nipples explaining to Lizzie that she needed to keep making sure her nipples were hard as that was important once she had the baby and began feeding it
Della felt the girl shiver as she started to run her hands down the girls belly again, telling her to open her legs her hand came to rest on Lizzies cunnie, her finger found the girls little pearl and she gently rubbed it while she explained to the girl that this is where the baby would come out of when she birthed .
She could feel Lizzie legs shaking, inserting her finger into her cunnie ,Lizzie let out a cry, and put her own fingers on her little pearl rubbing it hard she climaxed standing there in the middle of Dellas sewing room, shaking her head from side to side and saying aaaggghhhhhhh., louder and louder until Della had to put her hand over he girls mouth to stop her having the whole house running to the sewing room thinking there was a murder happening.
Only Reginald heard the couch pull up at the front door of the house, he had been waiting for it to arrive ever since they sat down to dinner, he smiled to himself as his Mother drained her glass of port wine and held the glass out for Lizzie to refill. ” I hope your not getting drunk” said Reginald to his Mother laughing, ” no no I would not miss tonight for the world ,would you Jane” she said looking at a blushing Lady McDonald .
Reginald got up out of his chair and went and stood behind Lady McDonald , putting his hands on her shoulders he started to gently rub her neck. He lent forward and whispered in her ear, ” are you ready to be fucked” he said laughing in her ear, she lifted her shoulders and shivered but said nothing.
” Mother” Reginald said ” my root is very hard and I think this Hedgewhore I am holding needs a good Prigging ,so why don’t we retire to the bedroom, let Annie and Lizzie prepare Lady Jane and lets see it’s 8 pm now, so why don’t you ladies”, he said turning to Annie and Lizzie” bring her to the slaughter house at 8.30 ,we will be ready for her then.”
He kissed the back of her neck and left followed by his Mother a few steps behind, the next time she saw Reginald and his Mother was at 8.30 when dressed in a white nightdress and flowing robe Lady Jane McDonald was led down the landing from her bedroom to the Duchess of Maidstones Bedroom, where upon the door opening she entered to see a naked Reginald sitting on the big otterman at the bottom of his Mothers bed. He was leaning against the footboard of the bed with his naked Mother sitting in his lap with her back to him bouncing up and down on his Prodigious engine, her body glistening in the candle light as she used her feet to drive her sons pole into her cunny.
Lady Jane was led slowly towards the rutting pair, Reginald slowly pushed his Mothers knees apart with his knees as she stopped bouncing up and down, Annie put her hands on Lady Jane’s shoulders and gently started to push the woman towards the ground, eagly dropping to her knees Lady Jane McDonald shuffled forward and began licking Reginalds Mothers cunny, it took her only a few minutes to bring Della to the edge of her climax.
Leaning forward Della grabbed the licking womans hair pulling her mouth onto her cunnie she exploded filling Lady Janes mouth with her love juice, shaking violently unable to speak she finally laid back on her sons chest trying to slow her breathing down as the ever licking woman continued to lick the juice from her cunnie
Out of the darkness in a corner of the room not lit by the candles , someone could be heard clapping slowly, and as the clapping stopped an old man in a wheelchair rolled slowly into view, Lady Jane McDonald seeing her husband sitting there let out scream and looked away from her husband collapsing on the floor in the fetal position.
“Very nice Jane” said Lord McDonald , “your very good at using your quail pipe on a woman, it’s a fucking shame you never used it on me, still it’s too late now , I only have a Lobcock now it won’t go hard ever again I guess”.
” Young Reginald here informs me that he is going to plow you a new farrow tonight , so I will get a great deal of enjoyment watching my whore of a wife get her cunny speared by that monster thing young Reginald has between his legs, I am glad he invited me here tonight to watch, now Reginald don’t just sit there letting your Mother have all the fun, it’s time you gave my whore of a wife what she came for”
Reginald laughed ,lifting his Mothers pstierier off his hard cock, his Mother took a step or two before going to her knees and the rolling onto her back next to Lady Jane McDonald , ,rubbing her thighs the two women laid face to face on the floor, Della kissed Lady Jane and smiled, “thank you “she whispered” that was wonderful,” and she kissed her again.
“Young lady” said Lord McDonald to Annie ” come and take this from me, and give it to Reginald, my wife needs it good and hard” and he held up a Prison Strap for Annie to take . Lady McDonald saw what was in her husbands hand, “no please not the strap” she said, the pitch in her voice rising to a conscendo , and with fear in her eyes. ” Shut you mouth you wanton whore “said her husband,” I don’t wan to hear another sound from you until you scream when the first stroke rips across your white cliffs” and he burst out laughing.

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