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Taking advantage of the situation(Long and detailed story)

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This took place in 2010 when i was 19 and my dad had just past away 2 months prior. My mother never had a full time job so instead of me going to college i went into the workforce. I got a job at Lowe’s Hardware store where i became good friends with a coworker by the name of Rob. We talked about each other’s lives and about me wanting to go to college which i had started to go in the evenings Monday thru Thursday. Rob invited me to his house where i met his wife Lana and his 10 year old daughter Tiffany and thats when Rob asked me if I wanted to live with them while I went to college so i wouldn’t be driving home 40 miles one way daily and I agreed. Lana worked at night from 9pm till 6am while me and Rob worked from 8am till 4:30pm Monday thru Friday so Rob would get Tiffany ready for school and drop her off as he went to work while Lana picked her up at 3:30pm.
Here’s the situation I’m talking about, since ive been staying with them Tiffany has become very clingy with me to the point that on the weekends when we are in the family room watching TV she, at times, grabs me by the hand and takes me to her bedroom to play with her games, toys and even her dolls and my coworker and his wife think its cool. I personally think that my coworker and his wife just want a weekend “babysitter”. Friday night came and we were all watching TV and about 7:30pm Tiffany grabs my hand and we head to her room and as I was getting up i turn around and i look at my coworker and his wife and just tells me, That’s Ok Because My Wife And I Are Fixing To Call It A Night, as they get up and start walking to their room. After about an hour of playing, Tiffany tells me that she is going to take a shower and for me to wait for her in the room. I had already taken a shower and had on my shorts and a tshirt so i sit and watch TV and after a few minutes Tiffany walks out of the bathroom wearing a tshirt,down to her knees, as a nightie. She grabs my hand and pulls me up and as we are walking out the door she turns around and gives me the “Shhhh” sign as she puts her finger on her lips. We are slowly walking down the hallway towards her parents room as she is still giving me the “Shhhh” sign as we tiptoe to her parents bedroom door. After a few minutes I hear her mom making some moaning noises and her dad making some grunt noises then her mom gets louder and louder as their bed started making crunching noises too. I look at Tiffany as she looks at me with a puzzled facial expression of like, what are they doing in there and in my mind, I know what they’re doing. We stay by the door until the moans and grunts subside as Tiffany grabs my hand and we tiptoe back to her room and as we walk in she hops on her bed and she pulls me with her landing on the bed too. With a serious look on her face she asks me, What Do You Think They Were Doing ? I look at her not sure what to tell her as she says, They Have Been Making Those Noises The Last Few Night. My first thought that came to my mind was that Tiffany has not been talked to about the Birds and the Bees as they used to call it. Again, she asks me what i thought they were doing and as i was thinking of what to tell her she says, I Hope Daddy Wasn’t Hurting Mommy because I will be sad. I get this smirk on my face as i start to explain to Tiffany that daddy wasn’t hurting mommy but he was making her feel good by touching her in certain places of her body that made mommy make moaning noises and mommy was making daddy feel good that made him make grunting noises so they weren’t hurting each other but making each other feel good. She looks at me with a puzzled look on her face and i tell her, Some Day Someone Is Going To Make You Feel Good And You Will Make Noises Just Like Mommy and she had a more puzzled look on her face. I said goodnight and told her that I would see her in the morning to play some more. The next morning Tiffany is the first one to wake and knock on my door to see if I’m up as well, which i was, and the first thing that she tells me is that she wanted me to tell her what mom and dad were doing for them to be making those noises. I explained it to her that it was only for grownups to know but she insisted that she wanted to know. My mind was telling me that I should tell her parents but at the same time she was a curious 10 year old do i told her that I would explain and show her later tonight when we played in her room. As Rob and I were doing chores outside he asked me if I wouldn’t mind babysitting Tiffany because he wanted to take his wife Saturday night dancing and all of sudden all these impure thoughts crossed my mind as i told him that I didn’t mind. The evening came and I had already taken a shower as Rob and Lana were fixing to leave at 7:30 and telling Tiffany, Be A Good Girl And Do What Josh Tells You To Do. The first thing I tell her to do is to take a shower and get ready for bed and she says, You’re Going To Show Me What Mommy And Daddy Were Doing. Right ? She takes a shower and comes out wearing panties and a tshirt yelling, Im ready !! I told her, What I’m About To Tell And Show You, You Cannot Tell No One Not Even Your Parents and she looks at me and says, Ok, If You Say So. I get my cell phone and I look up the explicit XXX cartoon movie “Frozen” where the characters are having sex with each other and i ask her if she was ready to see what mommy and daddy were doing to make those noises and she says, Yesss ! As I slowly turn my phone around for her to see the video her eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped as she took my phone from my hand. She was so at ahh thar she couldn’t keep her eyes off the movie clip which lasted about 5 minutes. She looks at me and says, I Have Never Seen Anna And Elsa Do Those Things On My DVD Of Frozen, Show Me More !! I get my phone back and as i am looking for more XXX cartoon videos Tiffany wants to see what i am looking for and then a real porn video pops up and she sees a naked girl with her legs wide open showing her clean shaved pussy as a guy with a 7 inch cock is fixing to pound her and Tiffany tells me, Show Me That Video. I press the video to play as i see Tiffany from the corner of my eye that her eyes are twice as big as she looked all excited. I raised the volume as the guy was fixing to penetrate her shaved pussy and as he did the girl started to moan and yell, Yes, Yes, Yes, Ohhh Yesss as the guy started grunting everytime he shoved his cock in her. He pounded her harder and harder and faster and faster as i could tell that he was about to cum and he pulled out his cock and blew his load all over her dripping pussy as she got his cock in her hand and started to suck and lick it clean. Tiffany, right away, wanted to see another video but i told her that i needed to explain something to her before she saw another video. I explained to her that what she saw on the vudeo was what her mom dad would do but that all that “White stuff” that the man squirted on the girls tummy that her dad actually squirted it inside your moms vagina and that i believe that your mom and dad want to make her a baby brother or sister and as i was telling her that she was in heavy thought. After a few seconds of heavy thinking she tells me that she wants to see more vudeos and, Im like, What Have I’ve Done ? I look up Pornhub videos and I see one where the guy is fixing to eat this girls pussy so i click on it as Tiffany gets comfy on my lap. I start the video and Tiffany locks her eyes on guy licking every inch of that girls pussy lips as she starts to moan and buck her hips. I noticed Tiffany slide her hand under her tshirt and I could feel where she was rubbing herself nice and slow as her eyes were still locked on the video. As she continued rubbing herself i started to get a boner of my own and within a few seconds my boner was poking Tiffany’s butt and she felt it because she started to adjust herself on it. After the video ended she slides off my lap and looks at my crotch and asks me, Can I See It ? and i look at her face and tell her, Only If I Can See Yours Too and she quickly stands up and removes her panties from under her tshirt. I get a little nervous but i gently lay her down on her back, lift her tshirt over her tummy and slowly bend her knees and spread her legs. I see the most beautiful smooth slit with a budding clit. I look into her eyes as i slowly get my mouth close to her slit and i give it a nice and slow lick right between her tight lips. As i continue to lick her up and down i spread her lips and stick my tongue in as far as i can and i felt her buck every time i licked her clit. I know that I was making her all moist and i could feel my precum oozing out of my throbbing cock. I get up and kneel between her legs as i slowly unzip my shorts and let my throbbing cock pop out for her to see and as soon as my cock bounces up and down she gets her hand and starts touching it. I grab her hand and wrap it around my shaft and I have her slowly stroke it as more precum oozes out the tip as a drop of precum dripped on her pussy lips. She strokes me more and more precum oozed as it made a string of precum right to her slit. I grabbed my cock around my shaft and I slowly moved it closer to her wet pussy and started to rub the tip of my cock between her pussy lips and i could see where the head of my cock would separate her lips apart. I wanted so bad to insert my cock but i was afraid that I would hurt her so i continued sliding my cock up and down her slit until I felt my balls and groin feeling the build up. Without giving her a warning i blew my load, squirt after squirt all over her pussy and tummy and she is looking at my cock with every squirt. She looks at me and sits up and without telling her anything she licks the tip if my cock and puts the head in her mouth. Then she looks up to me and says, Just Like In The Video ! and i just nodd my head with approval. After everything was said and done, she asks ne if i am going to insert my cock into her opening between her legs and i told her that she was too small and that maybe when the time is right that she would know. She looks at me, gives me a big smile and then gives me a tight hug as she takes a deep breath. I reminded her that she should not talk or say anything we did and that it was our own little secret. She got cleaned up and got under her covers and fell asleep. I went to my room and was still thinking of what just happened and what i did. About 2:30am Rob and Lana walk inti the house and they sounded a little tipsy as they walked into their room stumbling and giggling. Sunday morning came too soon as I’m the first one to get out of bed while i hear no noises coming out of Rob and Lana’s room. I go to the kitchen and start making breakfast for everyone as i see Tiffany walking into the kitchen half asleep as she walks up to me and gives me a big hug i hear her whisper, I Love You Josh. I grab her and pick her up as she wraps her legs around my waist and i whisper in her ear, I Love You Too, Tiff. I lived with Rob and Lana for four years until i graduated college. Tiffany and I continued playing with each other and making ourselves feel good. On my last year there, Tiffany now 14, she told me that she was ready to go all the way. It was amazing and i made it very specual for her. Rob, Lana and myself are still friends and I was able to see Tiffany graduate high school in 2018 and she continued her studies at the same college i went to.

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    Nice story, but of course it’s gonna he fake. But listen, you actually rote good and not like these other idiots not even knowing what a comma is or what a period or question mark. Lmao. 5/5

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      @meme.sfunnyaf stfu you typed rote as wrote

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    Fbi open up

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