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Stripping in our nations capital

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When in our early 20’s we were on a weekend trip to D.C. my wife got to do something we’d both fantasized about.

We had taken a long weekend to go to D.C. to visit my uncle who lived there and was going to show us the sights. And at night we were planning on going out on our own to give my sexy wife a chance to expose herself. So rather than staying with my uncle, we got a hotel room. Our first night we went to a few bars within walking distance from the hotel, and Lynn wore a sexy silk wrap-around dress that tied at the waist and underneath had on a tan garter belt & silk stockings. The only other thing she had on was a pair of 4″ spiked heels putting her at 6′ tall. We had chosen to go to places we could walk to because it was a really windy night, and the gusts of wind blew my wifes dress up around her waist. So anyone walking towards us got a great view of her bushy red pussy, or if behind her they saw her firm round ass.

The dress was very low cut so as she struggled to keep the dress down her firm 34D tits would bounce out. So she was putting on quite a show for those walking around us. Yet it appeared it was all accidental. When we were in the bars she had guys checking her out as soon as we went in. At 21-yo, 5-8, 34D-24-35 with long red hair to her waist she was a knock-out. I’d always go straight to the bathroom and she’d go to the bar looking like she was alone. So by time I came to the bar there would usually be several guys circling around like sharks. While sitting at our table she’d lean over to pick up something she’d ” accidently ” dropped letting her tits fall out. Or when she’d get up open her legs as she slid out of the booth letting her dress fall open at the bottom exposing her garter belt & stockings & bushy red cunt. She was good at pretending to be a little tipsy explaining her actions.

After going to a few bars we headed back to the hotel not wanting to be out on the streets of D.C. to late. Once back at the hotel Lynn took off her dress and ordered something from room service. She put a sheer white housecoat on you could see right through also she’d removed the belt so it stayed wide open. When they knocked on the door I hid on the balcony not wanting them to get nervous. She was standing behind the door as she let them in and told them to put the tray on the table. Then she closed the door and they could see every inch of her sexy body. She would have her purse on the other side of the room under a chair at a table with a bright lamp on it. So as she walked there they saw that sexy ass. Then she’d give them a side view as she leaned over to get her purse, letting her big tits hang down. Then as she walked back to ward them the housecoat was wide open so they got a good close up look at her hot body. She’d always put a little bounce in her step so her tits would be bouncing a little.

We pretty much called it a night then and jumped in bed both horny as hell from her exposing herself to a bunch of strangers. The next day she didn’t want to dress to sexy as my uncle showed us around. But wore some tight black pants and a white top that wasn’t low cut but did fit real loose. So standing up it covered everything quite well, but if she leaned forward if fell open exposing her tits. As the day went on if she noticed someone checking her out she’d lean over as if fixing a strap on her shoes as she exposed her tits too then. We weren’t worried about my uncle noticing anything as he’d came out many years before as being gay. So it surprised me when I noticed him checking out her ass. And once when she leaned over positioning his body where he could see down her top. And after seeing her tits got a little grin. We had a really great time though.

That night he took us to a really nice restraunt and a play. So by time we got back to our hotel it was really too late to go out. She put on the same outfit as the night before for room service and not wanting it to seem too obvious didn’t want to call room service and the same guy come. She ordered some chinese food. As the night before I hid on the balcony and when she answered the door she stood behind the door and told them to put it on the table. But was a little surprised when it turned out to be an asian girl who looked to be about 18. But she did just as she had the night before. But where the guy hadn’t said anything the girl did. As soon as she saw Lynns sexy body she started telling her how sexy she was and how she liked what she was wearing. Then surprised her when she said she hoped she wasn’t dissapointed she wasn’t a guy. And Lynn quickly said she wasn’t and was even more surprised when the girl said so you like girls too? Lynn smiled and told her she liked girls a lot. The asian girl said me too and complimented my wife on her body again and Lynn returned the compliment. It blew Lynn mind when the girl asked if she let Lynn feel her boobs, could she feel hers? They fondled each others tits. Though Lynn was feeling through a shirt & bra the other girl had my wifes bare tits. Lynn gently pulled her head forward and the girl sucked on one of her tits. Then said she wished she had longer but she had to get back to work and thanked Lynn for letting her feel her boobs.

The next day was sunday and my uncle had gone back to work, so we slept late an when the maid came Lynn went in the bathroom and let the water run. Then came out naked as if she didn’t know the maid was there. Hoping it would be the girl who’d came the day before. But instead it was kind of a butch looking black girl. Lynn is bi, but not into girls who try & look like guys. So she quickly put a towel around her. We hung around our room because it was raining. But that night Lynn dressed like she had the first night in a sexy wrap around dress with only a black garter belt under it. We rode around and ended up in the Georgetown section of D.C. and saw a strip club. When we saw a huge banner over the entrance that said ” Amateur striptease contest, tonight only “. We thought we’d struck gold. We went in full of hope that she’d be able to let an entire club full of people see her naked on stage. But when the waitress took our drink order Lynn asked her about the striptease contest. And it was a real letdown when she said it was the night before, that the manager just had left the sign up because of the rain.

So we decided to just enjoy the show from a front row seat. The dancers seemed to be showing Lynn a lot of attention coming over shaking their tits in her face & stuff like that. But I soon realized it was because guys were turned on seeing that and were tipping big to see it. Soon they were paying the dancers to give Lynn lap dances. And they were rubbing their tits against hers and once they saw she was enjoying it rubbing their bare tits over her face. And when Lynn licked on of thems nipples I knew they were breaking the law but no one seemed to concerned and soon they were feeling Lynn up and at one point one of them pulled one of her tits out & sucked it. And all the grinding had caused my wifes dress to open at the bottom exposing her garter belt & stockings and the dancer could see her bare pussy.

There were 3 dancers who were coming over when they were on stage and the guys seemed to love it. I sure did. And they could tell Lynn was into it. But one dancer was coming sitting with us when she wasn’t on stage and her & Lynn kept whispering to each other and laughing. Then at one point she took Lynn to the back. I later learned she’d been introducing her to the other dancers and just showing her around. But they had also made out a little. And they worked out a little surprise. When Lynn came back she was all smiles & kind of giddy. As the show was winding down I noticed the waitresses were saying something to some of the guys there but not all of them. And it looked like every time the guys looked over at Lynn. When they called last call the guys who the girls had said something to got up but didn’t leave. But moved closer to the stage. And Lynn told me the Candy the girl who’d taken her to the back had made her promise she’d come back and say good bye and she went to the back.

I noticed they’d locked the doors & turned some lights out, including the outside. I also noticed the guys who were still there were still being served drinks also they kept looking at me. Then the stage lights & music came back on and the dancer Lynn was supposed to be saying goodbye to got on the microphone and said she had a surprise. And explained a girl had missed the amateure striptease contest the night before and since they still had the sign up and didn’t want to be accused of false advertising. To give a warm reception to Satin. Lynn came on stage and danced around really sexy then slowly untied the belt on her dress and gradually showed more and more. Then dropped the dress to the floor and was running her hands over her body. someone had loaned her a bra & panties but she soon had taken them off. She was fondling her tits & rubbing her pussy. The guys were loving it. Because the dancers couldn’t go near that far. But apparently they’d let some regulars stay to see Lynn strip.

As the music ended she got a big applause and guys had been throwing moiney on the stage. The girl who introduced her came out & said something to her and Lynn went to the edge of the stage picking up the money. Guy started handing her more money and some fondled her tits & ass which turned us both on. She finally had all the money tucked in her garter belt. And went to where the stripper was waiting. The two started kissing passionatly and running their hands over each others bodies. It went on for a couple of minutes then she said see you guys next time and they all left. About 10min later Lynn came out and the dancer was with her. She introduced her as Karen and said she was going to get breakfast with us. I said ok where? And was thrilled when she said room service with a big grin on her face. So we went to our hotel and they both stripped naked. Then both put on see through housecoats. Lynn had brought a couple but both were see through.

We order breakfast and Lynn opened the door like she had before only when the guy came in there were two hot basicly naked girls. When Lynn leaned to get her purse Karen smacked her on the ass and looked over at the guy and smiled. They kept kind of being playful in front of the guy and I’m sure he was having all sorts of things going through his mind. Then I came out of the bathroom in a towel. He was catatonic for a minute. But finally regrouped and said hope you enjoy your breakfast. Then looked at me kind of dumbfounded and said have fun. After we ate we all had fun. At first I watched Lynn & Karen go at it. And once they got each other off Lynn wanted to watch me fuck Karen & finally we had a threesome. Karen ended up spending the night and we took her home the next morning after we checked out. Her and Lynn kept in touch for a few months then gradually moved on. But it was one of our hottest weekends in our 20+ years of swinging.

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