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Son Tan Sister

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I heard my little sister up on the roof, and went out back to see the ladder she leaned up. #CovertIncest

“What are you doing up there?” I called from the back porch.

“Come look.” I’m surprised she even got it all the way around from the side yard, up on the porch, and leaned it up on the gutter, but it was braced against the railing, next to the stairs. So, when I shook it, it wasn’t going nowhere, and I wondered where she learned that trick from until I climbed up high enough to see her.

She wasn’t alone, and she had a bathing suit on. A string bikini, throwing a towel over to the boy next door. Now, I knew him, and we hung out all the time. Over here, over there, around the neighborhood, and sometimes she tagged along, because she had nobody to play with.

A lot of the time, she had friends to play with herself, but they weren’t always around, and I kept an eye on her. Then, she lay down, and my best friend pulled a bottle out of his pocket.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked him, but my sister turned her head to look back.

“Sun tanning,” and reached up behind her. To pull the string on the bikini.

“Not topless you’re not, put your swimsuit back on.”

“It’s okay, man. Relax, she just doesn’t want tan-lines.” She turned back over, and lay down, with her arms beside her, and the string pulled out of the way.

“Yeah, but give me that.” I grabbed the bottle. “I don’t want you touching her topless, she’s not even 12 yet, man.”

“I know, but so what? It’s just her back.” I squirted a little on, and she nodded.

“Besides,” she said, “I don’t want to sun-burn either, and I can’t reach it.”

“Fine, but.” I looked around, “Don’t get up, or move your arms away, okay?”

She giggled, “Oh come on, it’s not like I have that much to hide, and he’s seen them. He’s my boyfriend.”


“What? I tried to put her off, I’ve been putting her off for years, but she just keeps flashing me. I sure didn’t make her take her top off, but I never touched her.”

“Well, not yet. Hm,” she put her arms up, and pulled the bottom down by the strings. While I wasn’t looking, she untied them, and tucked the flap down between her legs. “I can get my butt,” she rubbed it herself, “Just squirt a little more lotion on.”

“Wait, a second. Have you been getting into. The stories. On the computer?”

“Yeah, and if you’re going to be so squeamish about me, and cock blocking, then how come you write dirty stories about brothers, and sisters, mommies, and sons, daddies, and daughters doing it together?”

“I didn’t write those,” but sure enough. That ladder trick wasn’t in any of them, but the nude sunbathing scene happened in the back yard, bye the pool. We didn’t have a pool, in fact we didn’t even have much of a back yard that wasn’t a garden up on a ledge. With a big stone wall to keep it from washing out, and burying the house when the whole hill came down if it rained.

It didn’t, because they put big stone walls up, another one with a fence on top for the neighbor’s yard. Another reason why is because the house was U shaped, around the back porch. So, the roof sloped up on the front, and both sides, which ment nobody could see where we were up there from the front, or sides, either.

“Huh!” She rolled over, and threw the bikini bottom to the side. Rubbing between her legs, then up and down them to the knee. “I’m going to need more lotion on the front too.” She took it from my hand, up-side down, and squirted it on her tummy. “Hahehihn!” She giggled, “It’s cold.” She rubbed it in, then pushed the loose triangles up to smooth it on her, little. Lumps.

“See what I mean?” He looked up at me. “This is what I’ve had to deal with the last couple summers.”

“Huh!” She pulled the bikini top off, like an apron, and put it down. “Now, I’m on birth control, so it’s okay if I have a boyfriend. Mom said.”

I shook my head, but not in disbelief. She didn’t ask, who wrote those stories. If not me, but I did, when I found them on the computer. I asked dad, but he said that mom wrote them, for him. I couldn’t believe it, until he called her in, and she scolded me for reading them, but I didn’t know what they were.

Especially the first one I read, which was called 4MySon.Doc So, I thought it was for me, but it didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t really about me, because I wasn’t 18 yet. So, I couldn’t go to the lingerie store, and buy girl’s underwear to wear. So, his mom could catch him dressing up, and playing with himself in a pair of crotchless panties with his balls hanging out, and his cock head tickling the lacy fringe around the waistband sticking out.

So he didn’t even have to touch it, he could bend over on his knees, and rub his butt through the silk satin, until he could shoot his wad all over the kitchen table. Which he was on, bent over like that when his mom walked in on him. So, she started buying sexy underwear to wear, and buying more sexy underwear, For her Son. Like the title, 4MySon?

It’s like, you know you don’t really want to get chased through the woods, and stabbed to death one by one by a maniac. You still watch horror movies, but it’s not scary. It’s still sexy, but the whole point of writing fantasies is to think about sexy stuff you would never dare do. Like seduce your big brother, by the pool, with a string bikini, and a bottle of suntan lotion cooled in the fridge.

So, her nipples popped out, along with goose bumps, and tiny hairs you could barely see unless they were sticking straight out on her shoulders, where they could almost shine in the sun. She smoothed them down, to stick with greasy lotion, then picked up the bottle, and flipped the cap back on.

“You want to leave us alone?” She looked over, naked, pale, and shiny skinned, with my best friend on the roof across from her. He had his legs crossed, and his feet up sideways, his elbow down on another towel.

I shook my head. “You’re really on birth control?”

“Yeah, really. For the last 6 weeks, and I even missed my period, so I know it’s working.”

“Don’t worry man. She’s still a virgin.”

“How would you know?”

“I told him, and I made him promise to keep it that way until we’re married, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a sneak peek.”

“Huh, well.” I leaned back. “Okay, but I have to make sure, it doesn’t go too far.” I sure as hell wasn’t going to climb back down, with a throbbing boner. To whack off, while he got some action up here, without me.

I know, she’s my sister, but I do understand, exactly what she’s put him through, these last 2 years. He doesn’t live with her, so sure he probably sees her every day. Across the fence, out in the front yard, when he comes over here, or we go over there, but.

I see her every night, walking around in nothing but a teeshirt, and a pair of panties. Mom, and dad too, but is this how it starts, for real? Incest, it’s honestly so much like the stories mom writes, and dad reads. I have to think that, if they could see us now. Especially her, so hot, and shiny she almost looks wet. Her cleanshaven pussy, and I know she shaved it, because I’d seen her pubic hair, too.

Before she shaved it, she put on a pair of panties, but she never closes the door. Not when she could just go in her room, and change, then go right back out to watch TV on the floor. With her night shirts pulled up, over her panties, and swinging her feet in the air to make her butt wiggle, enticingly.

“Huh, just. Keep your finger out of there.” She took his hand. “Up uh!” Her head thumped on the roof. “Huh, there. Don’t rub it too hard, just. Gently, barely brush it with your fingertips, yeah. HhuhH! Yeah, no. Don’t speed up yet, not until I tell you faster.”

I rolled over, and closed my eyes. “Uh,” I didn’t mean to, I just couldn’t keep them open, or aim. “Uh, fuck. Huh!”

“Hey watch it, man!”

“Sorry uh!” I cracked my eyes, but it wasn’t even near him. In fact, it ran down her hip, and she had to catch it before it hut the towel. Wipe it up, and rub it on her nipples. She didn’t even have much more than nipples, but they looked huge, sticking out like that.

“Huh, fuck it. Smop! Pt!” I shook my head. “Uh, that suntan lotion tastes nasty!”

“Dude, you just sucked up your own cum!”

“So, I didn’t taste it, that lotion. Ugh.”

“Well, I’m sorry we don’t have any tastier lotion!”

“Huh, never mind.” I zipped my pants up, but nobody said anything about cumming on my sister’s leg, and sucking her nipple. She sure as hell never told mom, and dad, and I’m a little scared of what they might say if they ever did find out.

It’s not even what kind of trouble I might get in, for doing it. I’m more scared that they might encourage us to do more, and maybe even watch.

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  • Reply AP

    Keep going! I don’t think she going to be able to keep her vow till marriage.

    • Psiberzerker

      Yeah, I kinda doubt it. Since I wrote her that way, and her horny boyfriend lied to her brother about her being a Virgin in the first place. She just backed him up.