Sister carol

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My first time shooting cum in a pussy and it was my sister carol oh my god it was fantastic

I will try to make this short my sister 18 i was 16years old she got knocked up when she was 15 got married when she was 16 had her 1 baby at 16 when she was 18 she Got pregnant by of course it was her husband .now I’m a horny16 year old teen when i was 13 years old i was so horny allthe time’ i would jurk of all the time that I could i thought my sister carol was so hot looking .long brown hair big tits and a nice bigger ass i would almost all ways thank of her when i was jurking off. then i started taking her panties and sniffing them i would suck out all carols pussy juice out of them and till i shoot my load. rapeing my cock up with them i would jurk of in them and shoot my big load on carols panties. any time i could get away with it. until she got married and moved to her new house with her husband .i was lost without them but she was no longer in the picture so i would take my 12 year old hot littel sister marys panties not is pungent as carols were but marys dirty panties did the trick i mean it was pussy that i was smelling and tasted some pussy so thay made me shoot a great load of cum then one weekend mom told me carol and her kid would be spending The weekend with us .so thay came fryday good to see you sister yaa good to see you to bro. we tolked for a longtime she ask me if i was getting any yet. i said what do you mean carol. you no mitch any pussy just wondering if you were getting any ass isent it how you say it oh my god i all most past out no no um not yet carol she said don’t give up you get some soon i no you will you a hot looking teen fuck mitch if wasent you’re sister i would be fucking your brains out that made my Dick get so hard so i changed the subject… .then we smoked Some hash i had and we were laughing we had lots of fun .as caol went to the bathroom i was looking at her ass it was hot man how i would love to fuck my sister’s pussy .i was stoned so i get really horny when i smoked Weed .oh well I will steal her panties tomorrow the ones shes got on right now???????????? She was sleepy we went upstairs. We looked into each others eyes then she said does weed get you horny mitch i said yes it does carol mitch are you going to go to your room and jurkoff your cock mitch …….yes i am carol and you carol are you horny???? yes mitch but i just use my fingers ….. to bad mitch you were not my brother cuz if you were not my brother i would suck and fuck you’re hot teen cum out off your balls and more then once .. My dick was getting hard hearing carol saying that to me in her softly so sexy voice. I did not no what to say and hear is what came out of my mind i said carol can we forget we are brother and sister to night?????????my heart racing then carol looked at me with a hot smile??? I thought my god is she going to say yesand she said yes you’re not my brother to night..and i am gonna do things to you that you never have done or may never will have done to you again last chance to change your mind???now I kinda thought she was on the sluty side and i no she was fucking 3 or more guys plus her husband but that all to years ago but man i was in heaven…. oh yes sister i am ready ..ok before we get it on i no you fingered a girls before right mitch..yes and French kissed and felt up girls tits right …yes..have you ever eaten a girls pussy out mitch…no but i have kinda tasted pussy before ??? Mitch i no about my panties but tonight your gonna smell and taste and lick and suck the real thing my pussy its all yours tonight mitch????ok and my cunt will take your cock charry .. Ok ..have you came inside a girls mouth or pussy before …no ..you wil tonight mitch one more question have you ever ate a girls ass hole out ,… No carol ……..you will tonight and you will finger my ass and fuck my ass until you’re filling my ass with your final load of your teen cum my ass will dran your balls dryer then your balls will ever be in your life iim going to give you the best sexual experiense of your life mitch….??????ok carol i will try carol i am so fucking horny i thank om to cum in my pants oh no you didn’t she unzipt my pants and my hard cock in her mouth and sucked my cock intell i shot my cum down her throat,,,,,, oh yes suck my cock carol oh yes it was felt so good to have my sistrer suck the cum out of my balls….we both got understd and no you’re going to eat my pussy in tell i cum all over your face ok mitch…oh i can’t wait to eat u your pussy and i dove in oh big pussy lips rock hard clit i was going crazy sucking my sisters cunt hole out eating all her juice up oh mitch your make me cum yes oh mitch om cuming baby don’t stop sucking on my clit a nd man di she cum all over my face i couldent keep up i swolod ass much i could man she went crazy bucking her hip oh my sis that was so nice to make a girl cum like that …. She said you sure no how to eat pussy:…………part 2 comeing ,sone ??

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  • Reply Kimberly 69

    And believe that guy just said he wanted to eat your cum out of your sister and then suck your cock off would you let him suck your cock Mitch if I was a man I would let him do it you going to let him suck your cum down his throat Mitch I would go for it just curious and horny let me know if you want for it or not Kimberly [email protected]

  • Reply Larry p

    I would love to watch you f*** your sister car ol and then after you dump your load in her I would have ate the cum out of her pussy for you I’m a bi man so I love eating cum from pussy I’m jerking off thinking about you Mitch thinking of how good your come would taste as I swallow it down my throat I know you might not be gay but would you let me suck your cock let me know you wouldn’t have to do nothing to me but I would like to jerk off on you cock before I suck it

  • Reply Mitch

    Its cumig soon

  • Reply Mitch

    Yes it is so true i never thought. I would be telling my stuff but i am getting old so i guess I’ll let them out. I no i got of on reading incest storys i may as tell mine.i had t sisters one older one younger had se sex with both. Not proud of it but wouldn’t changed it . The most incredible sex in my life.

  • Reply Mattiegirl 000

    I can’t. Want. 4 part 2 is that a. Really. True. Story. You don’t have. To answer. Me i don’t. Have any storys that are that great to tell my be one ? I had a lot of things i have thought about never mind i just like.reading. This thanks.

  • Reply Bullhead 876


  • Reply Mitch

    In the next 2 days Kimberly and that’ sounds great.

  • Reply Kimberly 69

    Mitch very. Hot it got my juices flowing. T y.. Please. Part 2 soon ???? Hope so i won’t to cum when you. Tell us when you come inside of your sisters. Pussy & and maybe her ass don’t mean to pushy

  • Reply David Kenya

    Part 2 bro

  • Reply AP

    Mitch, slow down.
    You have a good story to tell, you just need to make it clearer like Psiberzerker said. Also add some paragraph breaks.
    Thanks for this story but please tell us more.

    • Mitch

      Ap think you 4 your advice i will try to do that on part 2

  • Reply Jannies

    Thanks i love 💘 this story made. My panties wet 💦💦my younger brother use to take my panties to and I new what he was doing with them.never told him that I new it and if he sucked on them yes he got to taste my pussy but he was all so was tasteing my boyfriends semen to in my panties cuz. He came in me a lot…

    • AP

      Jannie, tell us more about all your family fun. We miss your stories!

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Really confusing, especially the numbers, and ages. “My sister 18” almost reads like her name is 18. That sort of thing makes it hard to read, and enjoy.

    • Mitch

      Dont then.