Sexting Him

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This is the story of the time I made an online sexting friend. Our conversations started out non-sexual, just normal everyday topics. After a week or so of talking things started to get sexual. I hadn’t planned on getting sexual with him, but when he told me I made him hard, I couldn’t help it. One day he told me that I made him hard every time we talked. Hearing that instantly turned me on, so I asked if he would send me a picture. And yes, he sent me a picture of his big hard cock. I had never seen a cock that huge, especially since I was inexperienced. He told me he was stroking it while thinking of me. That made me feel so wet. Just the thought of him thinking of ME while jerking was enough to make me go crazy. He kept asking for pictures to jerk to. I didn’t want to scare him away, but I was 14. I didn’t wanna send him pictures of myself like that because I was scared. He told me he was 17 and it was okay, but I still didn’t send any. I ended up just sending him sexy pictures where I wasn’t nude. The first one I sent was a pic of my cleavage, sticking my tongue out. He sent me back a video of him slapping his cock on my mouth and then cumming all over the picture. Then, I sent him a picture of me wearing shorts. He sent a video jerking to that one too. My relationship with him is still going. I send pics, he sends me videos. Sexting with him is so much fun.

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    Baby girl you’ll find their are alot of men that like younger girls… Do you sell?

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  • Reply Days

    I usually do that at times,Am 24 and she’s 14..I think you need a better experience

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    I can make it more fun than that and even give you real stories about my sexcapades also just email me on [email protected]

    • Jay

      Hot story i must agree

  • Reply Mmmm

    Mmm that’s hot..you can sext me too if you got snap..I am myself 16 and not a pedo lol :/ my snap is varunsodh2…

    • 16f

      can i? 😉

    • Mmmm

      Yes you can….

    • Snap - varunsodh2

      Please do…I will be glad