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pervert bullys babysits me

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pervert x bully x futa. Babysits shy x underage x school girl x pervert x boy

Jordan is tall with light muscles and abs with a thick long 9 inch cock and c cups with short black hair and a pussy tucked under her balls and jacob is tall with abs and a hairy 10 inch cock with curly hair and a veiny cock like jordan while Eli is short with b cups and a hairy tight pussy with a puckered ass and a tight throat with long blonde hair.

Eli pov

I sat on Jordan’s lap while she fingered me and jacob made me stroke his cock while a porn video of a girl being tag teamed “jordan-im cumming” ” good girl cum for mommy and after suck daddys dick and you can sleep” she came and weakly let jaco-daddy use her throat.

She swallowed and was off to bed listening to daddy fuck mommy and in the morning she was slightly annoyed her parents went on that cruise she bit her lip and opened the fridge rolling her eyes when jordan we ll mommy called her she went in the guest room to see her with her cock out and she immediately was pulled to the bed and her ass hole stuffed with daddys cock and her pussy with mommys.

She moaned “daddy pl-please my butt hurts” he ramming into her “i domr fuc king care take this cock” and just like that she felt wetness mommy was peeing on her pussy mixing the cum

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