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pedo uncle

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Brianna groaned as her uncle called her she was trapped in a cabin with him until quarantine was lifted as always she got up and jogged downstairs sitting in uncle’s lap trying to ignore his cock directly on her cunt.

He was a filthy pedo she was only 15 while he was 35 his hands gripped her waist while he spoke ‘i was wondering if you wanted to watch the horses with me today’ she nodded.

She followed him out to the horse pen she stood on the fence and he stood behind her his cock presses against her butt while he held her waist.

She watched the mare graze on grass while the stallion stood afar she gasped seeing the long stiff cock ‘just imagine im the stallion and your the mare’ she nodded watching the stallion hop on the mare driving its cock in her.

‘my cocks gonna drive into you like that hard and deep’ she nodded while he slipped his hands in her panties rubbing her pussy while she moaned.

‘just the stallion filled her with his seed im gonna breed you like a good uncle’ she came onto his fingers and bent over making him push his cock in her.

she screamed while he railed her filling her over and over

a few months later of fucking her dad picked her up to discover her by fucked by her uncle with a swollen belly and tits

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    I’m 15 guy and down for anything (mainly women) add me on Kik @burntmustard

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    I would love to breed your hot tight pussy

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    Would be nice to hear what dad did about his pregnant daughter