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I was just sitting on the bus, minding my own business, when this girl came over, and sat down next to me, without even asking.

“Hey, what did you do on summer?” She asked.

“Are we friends now, or something?”

“Oh sorry.” She offered her hand, “I’m Megan. No H.”

“So, there’s a Meghan with an H in your class?”

“No, she’s still in 4th grade, but.” She leaned over to whisper in my ear. ‘I heard you’re bisexual, is that true?’

“So, that’s what this is about?” I crossed my arms, and shook my head. “The truth is, I don’t even know.”

“Well, sorry! I’m sorry to bother you.” She started getting up, but the bus driver said to “Stay in your seats until the bus stops moving.”

“I’ll leave you alone at the next light.”

“I don’t want to be left alone, it’s just. Private.” I shrugged, “I guess. No, I’m sorry, I just. Sorry.”

I don’t mean to be anti-social, it’s just that ever since the rumors started, I got teased, and called all sorts of names, so I was a little defensive, okay?

“I just figured that you would know better than anyone about things happening on summer vacation that you can’t write about, and turn into the teacher.”

“Look, I didn’t want to talk about this after what happened last time, but the truth is, it wasn’t bisexual.”

“What really happened then?” Right then the bus pulled up to a stop, and kids started getting up to leave. She looked back, “Actually, I can call my brother to pick us up anywhere, so you want to get off here? So, we can talk.”

“Huh, sure.” Let’s be honest, I actually missed having another girl, my age, that I could talk to about anything. At all, I tried talking to my friends, but then I lost them. All of my friends ran off, and told everyone I was a bisexual slut that would do it with anyone.

She looked up at the sign, on the street corner, and texted. “Don’t worry, he won’t try anything with you. I promise, but.” She put her bookbag back, with the phone zipped up in a pocket. “I’m starting to think that, you’re assaulted?”

“Yeah, if you call my brother’s girlfriend molesting me while he watched “Assaulted”, then that’s exactly what happened.”

“Oh,” she hugged me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to trigger you, but let’s talk about something else.”

“Snh!” I nodded, and wiped my eyes.

“You see, the thing is my dad, he’s been buying these movies. Dirty movies, and oh!” She pointed, “That was quick.”

“Sorry,” her brother, obviously leaned over to the open window. “Got stuck at a light.”

I bit my lip, and looked away, but he was. Well, old enough to drive, and her brother not mine, but a little cute?

“We better get in back.” Megan got in, and I didn’t want to stand there, alone on the sidewalk. Traffic was starting to back up in the turn lane, so I got in, and pulled the door.

She didn’t get a chance to say what kinds of movies, but he turned around. Already at the corner, he had the turn signal on, and he made a right turn again, while we sat there. Not saying anything, but I figured she ment some sort of porno.

Which is weird, paying for porno movies, when you could look up practically anything for free, on the internet. Her brother went around the school, to avoid after school traffic, and the school zone speed limit, but I just tried not to flash back.

I didn’t realize, that’s what she was doing. Molesting me, she was an older girl, and this was a couple years ago. Before I really got any boobs, and she had some pretty nice ones to play with, but she was bisexual, and she asked me if I was, gay, or bisexual at all. I pretty much played along, but my brother. He just went out to smoke, and kept an eye on us through the kitchen window, but he said he was sorry.

He didn’t know, well. He knew that she was bisexual, or at least that’s what he told her, but he didn’t think she was a child molester, and it just kinda happened. At least for me, and him, but for her. It took us a couple years to work out that that was her sick plan all a long.

She should go to jail for that, really, but it’s hard enough to talk to my brother about, let alone anyone else, and maybe if more people knew about it. There’s like this unspoken secret about that kind of stuff. Child molesters being female, and molesting girls, I guess because that’s supposed to be a manly thing to do, and lie about.

“We’re here,” he pulled up, or actually down. The driveway, and even the whole yard was like on a hill, so it all sloped down to the front door, but there was a whole lot of boys waiting there. I ducked down, and so did Megan, I can’t really be sure if she hid with me, when I saw them, or she was already hiding in the back seat when her brother got out, but she giggled.

“Just wait until they get inside.”

“What’s this all about?”

“Well, I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but my brother’s been, well making a little money on the side. From the high school boys.”

“Like an adult theater? Honestly, why would they even do that, when you’ve got a phone, right?”

“I know, but watching it on the internet is one thing.” She looked up, between the seats, and pulled the door handle. “Come on. It’s better to show you, so it doesn’t ruin the surprise.”

I got out, and she reminded me not to slam the door. So, I held the handle, and bumped it with my hip, so it latched without thunking too loud. Bye then, Megan ran down the side yard to unlock the gate, and open it slowly. Careful not to make too much noise again, but then she disappeared behind the corner.

I looked around, at the yard. The other houses up the hill, but I was so lost in my head that I had no idea what neighborhood we’re in, or even which side of town. The nice part, it was a big house, and the ones up the hill. Across the street even had nicer yards with terraces, and gardens.

Megan peeked around the corner, and waved me over when I looked back. I admit, my curiosity got the better of my terror. I was cared to death after what had happened, but I suspected to see something like a circle jerk watching porn.

Down in the basement, they had this sort of tunnel pipe. You know the ones that are metal, but in a spiral underneath bridges to let the water through? Like that, only cut in half, and buried around a window, so you could climb out if there was a fire, and also let the air out if the furnace, and water heater put out too much carbon monoxide.

I guess, that’s what my dad said, when I asked about the same kinds of windows, in our basement. Sure enough, her brother stuck his wallet back in his pocket, and went over to the entertainment cabinet, in 1 corner. A couple boys fought over the couch, one pushed the other, and pointed to one end, so the other one sat down.

“He’s left handed,” Megan pointed out, “So, he has to have the left side.”

“Oh,” her brother clicked on the Guide, and started the movie, then he set the remote down. [Bisexual Blowbangs IV: Boy vs Girl]

“Huh,” just the previews, with names like Ashley Fires, and Lance Hart showed them both giving head.

Megan giggled, “It’s like a race.”

“Oh.” Sure enough, the men lined up, with teeshirts on, and a .com I couldn’t read from there, but they all wore the same teeshirt. Ashley Fires, and Lance Hart got down on their knees, while the guys got their pants open, and started pulling them to get hard.

“They’re bisexual.”

“Some of them, I think that one.” she pointed at the couch, “Is actually gay, but he doesn’t want to admit it, to the guys.”

“Huh!” They were already rubbing their crotches, and looking around. One zipped his zipper down. The left handed one, so he didn’t have to stop rubbing it through his crotch. He used his right hand, and slipped his fingers in to fish it out. The other boy, he shoved looked over, and didn’t even try to watch the action on the TV screen.

The gay one, I assumed, but he even stopped rubbing his through his pants. Then, one of the boys in the corner dropped his pants completely, and flopped his cock in front of Megan’s brother.

“Huh, that’s. Really hot.”

“I’m hot too. I thought you’d appreciate it. More than the other girls at school.”

I realized that she didn’t ride my bus, normally. The gay one got down, between the lefty’s legs, and helped him pull his pants down. All the way hard, lefty leaned down to slap his butt, but he didn’t rub, or squeeze it any. Just a swat, and then he leaned back to pull his legs out.

Long teenage boner swinging back and forth, right there, his boyfriend grabbed it, and put it right in his mouth.

“He’s the bottom.” I guessed.

“Yeah, Goeffrey?”

“The one with his pants still on?” He didn’t even unzip the fly yet.

“Yeah, he’s a total bottom. 100%”

“Me too.” I thought, but while he was down there, her brother got his pants open, and started stroking it, slowly. On his knees, with a hard wet cock slowly pumping in and out of his mouth. I closed my eyes, remembering my brother face in the window. Over the kitchen sink, he took the occasional drag off a cigarette, but other than that. I thought he might whip it out, and beat it right there on the back porch, but instead, he kept his pants on, and waited.

For “Candace.” I hadn’t even thought that name, in so long. It felt like forever, but. “I think that’s why it was so easy for her to take advantage of me, and molest me. She made all the moves, and I just wanted to please her, until I got my first orgasm.”

“Yeah, that’s the best part of being the bottom, is you always get off first.”

I shook my head, and snapped out of it. Blinking, and looking back through the window, at the action below. Her brother was up, and his friend crossed arms with him. They turned around to watch the TV, stroking each other, and his pants came down, but they didn’t touch butts, or anything.

He looked up, and quickly looked away when he saw us, but his friend didn’t notice, and the other 2 were too busy. Buttfucking on the couch.

“Huh, he’s not even hard.” I noticed, “Goeffrey, with a G, or a J?”

“I don’t know!” She thought, and just the way her eyes rolled up. She shook her head, but I was so horny. For the first time in my life, every time I’d ever gotten horny, after the first time, it just triggered memories, which left me more afraid, and ashamed, but I kissed her. Before I even realized what I was doing.

I just saw her, thinking, and the way her cheeks were red with lust. Her eyes up, and something took over. She bit her lip, and smiled. So beautifully, I just felt up her neck, and hot cheek. Turned, and kissed her again.

“Snh!” She giggled, which kind of spoiled the kiss. “You want to go first?”

“What,” I looked around, “Out here?” Shook my head. “Maybe we better go inside, where it’s more private.”

“So, you don’t want to go downstairs.” She looked, and covered her mouth. Giggling.

I looked too, but the boys all stopped what they’re doing. Lined up, not even touching each other, but stroking their hard ons, and playing with their balls in the other hand.

Even Jeff. Maybe he wasn’t as gay as she thought, just a bottom, but a bisexual bottom. There is such a thing, right? “Uh, I’m not ready for that, yet but.” She rolled over on her hip, so her top hung down over her waist, and I could see the sexy curve of her side. So well that I had to reach out and touch it.

She kissed me back, real quick. Just a “Smooch, okay.” She nodded. “If you want, we can just make out.”

“No, I don’t want to just make out with you.” I rubbed her hip, and just let my hand find it’s own way up her side. Felt her bra strap, then her bra cup. “Huh!” I put my arm down, so I could pull her head, face first into another kiss, and hugged her. Chest to chest, but kind of sideways, so one boob was high on my chest, and the other one almost between them, but she rubbed my tummy, and felt down to the top of my skirt.

Tucked it in between my legs, to rub it in my underwear, and never stopped kissing me the whole time.

You know what? Candace wasn’t even that good of a kisser. She always stopped doing one thing, to do another. She stuck her tongue in my mouth, but then she stopped to put her hand in my pants, and Megan.

“Huh, Megan.” I pulled the back of her shirt out. “Let me take off your bra.”

“Right here?” I bit my lip, and nodded.

“I don’t think you’re really a bottom.” She laughed, then stopped to let her smile fade, her eyes rolled up before her lids closed over it, and she took a deep breath. “Ahn!” She sighed, and I rubbed her bare breast, with my hand in the cup. “Huh!”

“Stick your hand in my panties, and finger me.” I felt up her back, and grabbed her neck hard. Forced her mouth down on mine, and kissed her, forcefully. Beating her tongue with mine, and pinning it. “Uh! Huh!” I relaxed, and just tried to breathe when her fingers found their way through my bush, and started touching me.

“Huh!” She followed me down, and this time, it was her turn to kiss me. Hard, forcing her tongue in my mouth.

Maybe she’s right. Maybe I’m not a bottom, nor that top. In fact, I like this. Taking turns, going back and forth, even fighting over it, and giving in to the pleasure. “Awm pwh!” Her cheeks puffed out, and she looked down, laughing from the window.

I realized, just then that she was watching them. Watching us, but it was too late. “Huh! Uh HUH!” Her fingers were shaking like mad, not even stroking, but almost vibrating so hard that only for the second time in my life, it overwhelmed me. The difference was this time, I knew what was happening, and it wasn’t my brother watching his girlfriend molest me.

“AHHHHNyhhh!” I squealed, but my eyes clenched so tight, it actually started to hurt, and my teeth too, I couldn’t suck in another breath until I pulled my hand out of her shirt, and tried to pull her hand out of my underpants so she would stop. “Ah, huh! Huhn nghm!” I licked my lips, “Snh! Phuh fugh. Huh!” I finally blinked at the blue sky, and her hair. Found her eyes, and her beautiful smile.

She held her hand up, and looked away, sniffed her fingers, then stuck them in to suck them. “Mhn!” She made that same dreamy face as she did when I first got her bra off. My hand on her tit, and she sniffed again.

“Huh, I must have really needed that.” She slipped her fingers out, and nodded. “Huh, all that, pent up sexual tension, god. It’s been almost 2 years, since I’ve even been able to let myself get turned on.”

“Really.” She shook her head. “God, that Candace must’ve done a real number on you.” She sat up, and wiped her fingers on her top. Pulled my skirt down to cover my legs, when the boys started showing up at the back door.

“Guys!” She waved them off, with both hands, which just made her bra flap loose in the top. She shook her head, and made the cutest mad face. Mouthed, (NO!) Silently, but so hard, you could almost imagine her yelling it in your head.

“Huh, Megan?”


I bit my lip. “You know, something I never got to try before?”

She shook her head, “What’s that?”

“Huh, well Candace. She never even tried to sit on my face.”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes.


“Maybe later? I’d really like to get to know you, a little better, before the panties come off.” She grabbed her bra, but only to hold it up through her top, and turned away. “Huh, can you hook me up?”

“Sure.” She didn’t even ask my name, she didn’t have to, after the whole school started talking about me, and spreading so many lies that, even I started to feel like a slut deep down, for letting myself get molested, by a predatory teenager. “Huh, I’m just so greatful for everything you’ve done, I really want to make it up to you. Well,” I grinned, but not ashamed to admit, “I want to taste your pussy too, but I can wait.”

“Well, let’s go talk somewhere. Just the two of us, and who knows.” She helped me up. “Anything can happen.”

“Okay,” but I kissed her again. “Where can I take you, on a date?”

“I bet you’re going to make a great top, though.”

“Huh, yeah? Thanks.”

“Come on, let’s see if the boys are gone, so Brad can take us out.” We held hands, all the way around the corner to the gate.

You know, I’m starting to think that might be my problem with Candace all along? I mean, other than a predatory child molester that had to molest me in front of my own brother just to get turned on so they could fuck.

She was a top, and if you think about it, 2 tops just won’t work. Now, I felt empowered, freed, and all that guilt I’d been carrying around for 2 years. All the confusion, and not wanting to be, everything they said I was behind my back, the loneliness, and well? Everything.

She made that all go away, and better than that, she kept her pants on until after the first date, but I just couldn’t thank her enough. In fact, it would take a lifetime to make it up to her, but I guess that’s a whole nother story…

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