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My wish for slavery

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The real life possibilities of me becoming a slave for an older man.

It’s 7:00am which means it’s time to make breakfast for my master. I get out of bed and walk straight to the kitchen naked, as always. My master always comes in thirty minutes after me for his breakfast while I kneel on the floor with my head down until he instructs me. Either I suck his cock while he eats or he feeds me bits of food off of his plate.

After he eats I clean the dishes and he gets ready for the day. We live on a large property outside of a small town so there’s no one around to see us. Master was a wealthy man that retired at 40 so he no longer needs to work.

The first thing master does when he’s ready is taking me for a walk on my leash. We walk around the property looking at the scenery. Master has two kids with me so far, we want to have a big family that will serve him. Our son is 12 and our daughter is 10. Master trains them everyday to be good slaves like me.

When we arrive back home the kids are waiting for breakfast in the kitchen, both naked like me. Master kisses them both good morning and gives our daughters nipples a little squeeze.

After breakfast master takes us all to his special room where he teaches the kids and punishes all of us.

Today he ties me up to the bed spread out and on my back. He calls the kids to stand next to him at the foot of the bed and pulls open my pussy lips to show them. He explains that that’s where they came out of and he tells my daughter that he will have a child with her and her pussy will also open wide.

Master tells our son to put his finger in my pussy and play around with me. I feel my sons small finger push it’s way inside and I moan at the feeling. Master tells him to finger me and add another finger every few minutes.

While my son fingers me master makes my daughter climb onto the bed and sit over the top of my face. I can see my daughters beautiful hairless cunt covered in pussy juice. She’s turned on without knowing it. I lift my head and sniff her little girl pussy as I feel my son shove his entire fist into my pussy.

I feels so good as my son pushes his fist in and out of his mommy’s pussy, it’s like he’s going back into my womb.

I see master grab a flogger off of the wall and take a stance behind our little son. He slowly drags the flogger down our sons backside and tells him to speed up his fisting and take his lashes like a good slave. My pussy tingles in pleasure and makes a delightful squishy sound from all of my pussy juices.

Master tells me to shove my face into our daughters pussy and make her cum into my mouth. As he lands his first strike on my son I shove my face into our daughters pussy and lick her all over.

My baby girl moans in pleasure as I shove my tongue on her little hard clit while I’m being pounded by my sons small fist.

I suck my daughters cunt like it’s my last meal and shove my tongue far inside her little hole and nibble on her clit. Her pussy juices drop as she feels her orgasm approach and I suck up all of her wetness.

I scream out as my pussy clenched my sons small hand and I spray my pussy juice all over his face and hand. Master stops whipping and forces my sons face into my pussy as I squirt. My son opens his mouth and drinks it all up.

I lock my mouth onto my daughters little cunt and suck her as hard as I can. I lick from her hole to her clit and shake my face in her pussy, she’s a moaning mess.

Master comes and pulls her off of my face and lays her on the couch, he kneels down and spreads her pussy. Master calls our son over and tells him to watch. Master sticks a finger into his daughters pussy and she moans as she’s desperate to cum.

Master fingers her harder and harder then adds another finger into her tiny hole. Her brother watches in delight as her daddy finger fucks his daughters pussy that was feasted on by their mother.

Master tells her to cum and grabs our sons face and shoved it into his sisters cunt like he did with mine. Our son locks his mouth onto his sisters pussy and drinks up all of her juices as she shakes and screams in pleasure. My pussy throbs with excitement and my sons little dock stands up tall.

When he pulls his mouth away my daughters pussy is bright red and swollen. Master touched her sensitive cunt and she jumps as he laughs at her.

Time for round two says master.

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    Great story
    I wish I had a master like that

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    Please make more

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    That’s made up right??

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