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My uncle molested me

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Little sarah looked down only with a cups and a bubble but with a soft hairless body she pouted as her dad hugged her “uncle lester is gonna take care of you i love you” her dad left and her uncle lester hugged her gripping her small butt has she whimpered.

“We’re gonna have so much fun and” she nodded and tried to think the best she got settled into the room with a queen sized bed closet and dresser and a desk with a notebook and pencils.

she sat on the bed as her uncle lester sack next to her pulling her in his lap spreading her and lifting her skirt so he could grind his hard prick on her “you feel like tell uncle lester how his cock feels” she looked down blushing at the tingling “it feels big and hard and my private feels good” he pulled her of and kissed her lip.

She kissed back and smiled “come on lets shower” her uncle was young 25 years old and she was 13. She stripped blushing while her uncle Lester watched he gripped her small tits sucking her nipples and palming her wet pussy.

He stripped letting her 8 inch cock spring out and he told her to suck on it she dod for 20 minutes and swallowed the load they showered meaning her cleaned his prick nwith her hands and he touched her like a pedophile.

He took her pureness after drying off and she loved every minute moaning and begging for !ore as he recorded his cock slamming into her “im fucking her 13 year old nieces tight cunt like like i did her moms” “please go faster uncle lester” he groaned and dumbed many load getting close ups.

At the end of the week just like.uncle lester said she grabbed her dads cock when he walked in and sucked it while she loved it and they stayed recording videos dumping load until she got pregnant like her slut mother

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  • Reply baddad

    Well there is nothing like a young cum slut…mmmmm kik sobad4udad

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    Let’s talk baby girl [email protected]

  • Reply Bianca

    My uncle and I fucked alot… 1st time was when i was in college… I was heartbroken at that time and he took me out for a drive and end up fuckin in his car… he got married after a year or 2… then separated we start fucking again… then he got married again but this time we continue fucking behind his wife’s back… which is a lot more fun… he just loves my horny pussy.. we often had a quickie at his house when his is at home, we almost got caught one time we did in the kitchen while his wife was in the bedroom ,he came behind me while I was washing things in the kitchen sink, he was eating my already wet pussy from stealing touches while his wife was in the same room awhile ago.. then his huge cock slide easily inside my wet pussy,he fuck me for about 5mins standing then his wife came out he let me bend down on the floor without taking hiding behind the dining table, he continues to fuck me while his wife walk across the table… she didn’t see us but that was the best orgasm so far… I love it when he fuck me on their bed every time his wife is not around..I cant stop fucking my uncle cause of his huge dick which feel so good inside my pussy… and he loves me alot..

    • r

      hes lucky i wish i was him but frankly if i was married witch i aint, iwont be fuking you.

    • vive-la-baise

      bianca i am curious, what age are you, are you from u.s.a. and whats the age limit for a man to be to eat your pussy? if you do not mind answering.