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My brother and I first play time

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When I was 16 and my little brother was 13, we hung out a lot. My mom was strict about us going out late. Never had sex but close many times. We were pulling a late night movie marathon. I had sex with my boyfriend earlier and he didn’t get me off. I was itching to cum. So fidgety and my brother knew in a way. Neither of us were virgins. He was joking how my bf needs to learn how to get the job done. That went into a whole conversation about head. The girl he hooks up with won’t suck dick, I love it. My guy at the time never got me off, my brother loved the taste of pussy. I told him he better tease first so her pussy is aching for it. He took the bait and said he does like this…he brushed my inner thighs all the way to my shorts and back down. He asked how I sucked dick. I know he was turned on. I explained how I like to and said how I tease certain spots with my tongue. He took the bait again and asked where. I told him it was hard to explain. We got quiet and he was still touching my thighs. He said at this point it wasn’t weird if I pointed them out through his boxers. I said I could try to show him. He got out of his pajamas and his dick was very much hard. With my fingertip I touched under his balls. I touched the base of under his dick and tan it all the way up and down, then back under his balls. He suggested it without the boxers to make sure I knew where I was touching. I took his bait and said yes. I went over everything with my finger and he asked if I do that with my tongue or just my finger. Mostly my tongue, too bad he was my brother because I like to do this thing for teasing…. I cut the sentence short. He asked me a few times and I pretended not to want to tell him. When I did he had his mouth open. I said I love spitting between my tits and play with a dick that way while I play with the balls. He was stunned and trying to be creative with how to get me to do that. Instead he was just honest and said the girl he was with has almost no boobs so he doesn’t know what that would feel like. Since I already touched it, I don’t mind showing you as long as you’re not a creep and cum or something, I’m your sister, I said. He gulped and nodded. We were both too horny to care and this was fun. I sat in front of him and lifted my arms for him to take my shirt off. My small C cups jiggled out of my shirt. I put on a little show being way extra than I needed to be. I spit between my tits, I rubbed some on my nipples and moaned. I spit again between them and asked if he was ready for me to show him. He was so warm against my chest. His dick was the perfect size to watch the tip pop out and then in again. I used my other hand to cradle his balls. I knew he wanted to touch my tits. He was 13 and I had perky, cute tits. I asked if he wanted two hands on his balls for a minute because I like to tease like that too. He fell into my trap….Uh well how will you tease me with your tits then? I said usually I let the guy rub them up and down. I took his hands and had him push my tits together. I spit more between my tits and on his dick. He rubbed his thumbs on my nipples. We were both moaning and I was wet through my panties. I pulled away like that’s how it’s done. He had a droplet of precum and I cleaned it with one swipe of my finger and sucked on it. I sat back next to him and was hoping he would try something to me. He didn’t for like 10 minutes. I mentioned how he was so hard still. He said his mind was busy with bad thoughts. Fuck I was so wet. I asked his bad thoughts but he denied me until I started annoying him…..I was just thinking about how your pussy tasted, okay??? I know, I know. I was like, well that would be wrong since you’re my brother but maybe you could show me with your finger how you tease just like I did to you. He was excited like I never seen. I took my shirts off but kept the panties on. I swear I was almost dripping for the next part. He ripped my legs open and got between my legs. His cock was so close to me and he touched my panties. I giggled at his reaction to how wet I was through my panties. I liked him touching me and fondled his balls. More precum came out on me and I licked that up too. He seemed frustrated and said the panties were in his way. I told him he could get closer too so he could see where to touch as I lifted my ass for him to take off my panties. I have a cute pussy and he made sure I knew it. He was a really good tease. He told me how he would lick taking his finger and going between my lips and up to my clit, he made a circle and went back down. He was so close I could feel him breathing. I asked if I smell good down there, he said yes. I didn’t think he was close enough to get a good smell of it I told him. He opened my pussy lips and put his nose against it and breathed in deep. Him exhaling made me lose control. Feeling warm breath on my soaking wet pussy after being teased all day made me take it further. I grabbed the back of his head. He stuck his tongue in my pussy and went wild on it. He was better than most guys I’ve been with. He used fingers and I made sure my clit was available for his tongue. I came so soon. I warned him and he made long licks over my pussy to my clit. I had to put a pillow over my face to not scream. It was amazing. I took the pillow away and he was getting ready to fuck me. I stopped him just in time. I let him know his dick felt great between my lips but we can’t take it that far. He understood but looked at his dick basically like…my turn bitch lol. I asked if he was ready for me to touch him. I started by jacking him off and just touching under his balls. I did the same thing to him, breathing on his dick. I kissed his thigh, I kissed his balls, I kissed his dick. He was teased just like I was. I said I’d lick it ONCE. My tongue was all over his balls then up the shaft to the tip. I made an mmmmm sound when tasting his precum again. He was smooth and said if I liked that, I’d love his cum. I said really? I put my mouth over it like I was going to suck it and asked what’s the best blowjob he ever had. His answer was pathetic. He said this one girl sucked all the way down half of his dick (like that was some accomplishment). I smiled and opened my mouth wide. I took the whole thing, then closed my lips around the base and bobbed my head on it so he felt my throat. He wasn’t huge so it was no problem. He said he was going to cum but I pulled away. He cooled down and I played more. He could take some sucking but as soon as I got it all in he would almost cum. At the end I used my tits on him and licked the tip. I asked if he wanted to cum on my face and tits. Next thing out of his mouth was he was about to cum again. I closed my eyes and looked down. He got cum all over my face and tits. Ever since then we took care of each other. Even now that we’re older and both married with kids if our own. Like I said, never had sex but close a few times. The closest was him being inside me fully. I don’t count one thrust as actual sex. It was during one of our sessions. He loved my boobs so he was on top sucking them rubbing his dick on my wet pussy. He said he was going to cum on me. Partially my fault, I lifted my hips so he had more surface and WHAM. Right in my pussy. For a second I almost let him but remembered he was about to cum. He was only in me for a few seconds and made his face like he was cumming. I pushed him out of me and he aimed it all over my pussy. I told him I couldn’t believe that just happened but how did it feel? He couldn’t even speak. I sucked his softening dick and said how delicious we taste together. Too bad we were related..

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  • Reply Sean ID:fx7ita5hlk

    Nice story! I’m 45 years old. My cousin Meisha and I slept together when we were both 11. Back when I was 14, I wanted to have sex with her after seeing her in her black and white polka dot bikini when we went swimming one summer. My cousin was hot back then, she was 14 and I was still 13 at the time. I really wanted to have sex with my cousin Meisha, especially rub my penis up against her pretty, silky smooth thigh.

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    Want it to happen to me and get fucked by a younger man

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