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Mommy’s Little Lezzy II

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#Covert Incest is abuse, but it’s just possible that a victim might fight back, for a Mutually abusive Relationship.

Dr. Mom (FF Pseudo Pedo)

“Huh!” I climbed up from between her legs, letting my hair down to drag over her taut midriff, and kiss her with her orgasm still fresh on my lips.

“Huh!” Breathlessly, she pushed me off. “Let me up.” Grabbed a cigarette out of my pack, the lighter, and my robe.

“You can smoke in here.” I grabbed one for me, and she held my lighter out for me.

“I need the air.” She belted it tight, but it still didn’t fit her. Loose around her shoulders, I watched her hips, and muscular buttocks play under the silk on her way out.

Barefoot, “Uh!” She picked on up to look at it, “What the fuck?”

“UH,” I got up, but she gagged, and ran for the bathroom. Putting the seat up, and retching loudly, I saw the mess my husband left in the hall. Right outside the door, he spread it around, so it was practically impossible to leave without stepping it it.

She coughed, and flushed the toilet, but she didn’t need me, or anyone to hold her hair. “I’m sorry, he’s supposed to be at work.”

“You called him.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know. Look, that’s our agreement. It’s only cheating if I don’t ask him first.”

“Uh!” She made a face, and gagged again. “That sick bastard.”

“I better clean that up.”

“So I can leave.” She grabbed her compression pants, and sports bra. Took my robe off to get dressed. Meanwhile, I wet a hand towel, to mop up the floor in the hall. “Huh!” She held her head in one hand, holding a sneaker in the other. “I should have known it was a bad idea. What’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing’s wrong, and you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

“I’m not blaming myself, and you should really talk to him about getting some therapy for his issues. What I ment was, I have rules too.” She put her foot down, with the laces untied, and held back a finger, “Never getting involved with a married woman, never sleeping with someone at work…”

“You’re not going to call the cops, and report him.”

“No, of course not, I just.” She finished tying her laces. “I fucked up, too. I’m more disappointed in myself, after the. Disgust, ing. Fucking marking his territory like a lion pissing around his pride, really?”

“Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean it like that.”

“I don’t fucking CARE!” She raised her voice, and pushed past me. “I can’t. I just can’t work with you again after this. Maybe you should hit up Denice, she’s bisexual.” She slammed the door, and ran off. Not even jogging, she ran like she had a rapist chasing her, just to get away.

“Huh! I know.” It’s not any secret, but Denice. She didn’t start Gymnastics before puberty, and delay it by keeping her bodyfat down to competition weight. So, instead of being petite, with big brown eyes, and a cute little nose, she looks.

“Huh, well?” More like me. She had tits, never got married, or pregnant, so her nipples are still tiny, dark, and hard, but after she became a Fitness Trainer. They started to sag, and I lost a lot of weight too, but my husband refuses to pay for a breast reduction. Just to flatten the skin out, so I can have a body more like that, again.

“Huh!” It’s my body, and I’m sure they can do something, to make the scars less noticeable. Maybe he is like that, a little. “If anything, I’d rather get you implants, so they can go back to being full, round, and perky again.”

I got old, and let myself go, now I’ve got stretch marks, and.

Twooweet TwooOO!

“The fuck?” Snapped out of my reverie, I went to knock. “Shar, are you, listening to,” I finally recognized the song, “Abba in there?”

“Half Past Twelve!”

“And I’m watching the Late Show, in my flat all alone. How I hate to spend the evening on my own…”

“Sorry, Susan.” She stopped calling me mom a couple years ago, and mommy years before that. “I’ll turn it down.”


Charmel (fG)

“Uh!” I know what she’s doing. My mother, she thinks it’s subtle, but after 3 whole years of her flirting with my friends.

Well, okay. That helped me a little. We’re bisexual, but she’s my mom, and you know. Old? So, none of my friends are old enough to really be interested, but this one. She probably doesn’t want me to say her name, but she had an uncle.

A creepy one, that used to look at her big sister like that, and then started looking at us like that, when we’re about 12. Starting to show, and it just sucks being stuck here. In between too young to care about sex, and love, but too young to do much about it?

Oh yeah, and she’s like. You know Tina Fey started getting boobs when she was, I don’t know. Less than 10, but that ment she stopped growing young, and now she looks like a child, with smile lines, and big boobs.

Well, my friend is still 12, but she’s been growing boobs for 2 years now, and I feel like I only just barely started, but I’m not jealous of her at all, since I’ve got her’s to play with.

So, I guess I should talk about that, my first time, with my first girl. I’m sure you’re just dying to get on with the girl-girl action, huh?

Well, her uncle stopped bye, and looked in on us. “Oh, who’s your friend?” Looked down at my tight top, and the bulges starting to show, but he didn’t touch me.

“Shar, this is my uncle I was telling you about.” The creepy one.

“Shar, well that’s an interesting name.” He leaned his arm up, in the doorway, so we couldn’t get out if I wanted to.

“It’s short for Charmel. With a C, but it’s French, so it’s pronounced Shar`məl.”

“Pretty name.” For a pretty girl, but he didn’t say that part out loud. He just pulled the doorknob, and left us alone, in her room. I giggled, and turned around, “He gonna go?” I mimed the jacking motion, and she rolled her eyes.

“Huh, probably. You shouldn’t encourage him like that.”

“Why not? He’s not bad looking for his age.” I heard a thump from the hall, and covered up a giggle. He’s still out there, listening! “Hmn, you’re not gay, or anything?”

“No, but he’s my uncle, and my dad’s brother, so.” She made a face. “Too much like my dad, and he’s hard enough to look in the eye now. I just wish he’d keep his eyes to himself.”

“Not his hands? You mean him.” I hooked my thumb over my shoulder, “Not your dad, right?”

“Of course not my dad, but they’ve got the exact same eyes, and doesn’t he know his own brother, well enough to keep him away from kids? He should have a Keep Away from Children sticker on his forehead, but. I don’t know.” She got a dirty little grin. “You’re not gay, at all, are you?”

“I don’t know,” I lied, “Maybe a little bicurious, you too?” She nodded, and pulled me over. I thought she was going to start kissing me, or something, but she just cupped her hand over my ear, and her face.

‘huh, you want to tease him?’

‘and make him jealous?’ I giggled, and kissed her neck. ‘huh, yeah. but if you wouldn’t mind returning the favor some time for me.’

‘what favor?’

‘huh, i think my mom likes you too.’

‘yeah, you think?’ she started rubbing my sides, and down to my hips, but she didn’t even go for my butt, at all.

“SMOOCH!” I kissed her loudly, listening for any sounds from the hallway, but I didn’t hear any doors closing.

“SMOOCH!” She kissed me back, just as loudly. So I turned around, and sat down on her bed.

“Huh, start on my legs.” I pulled her hands down to my lap. “Just feel my legs like this, huh! It makes me so hot, and wet.”

She held her finger up, over her lips, so I lay back, and moaned. “Hoh just like that. Your breasts are so hot, and perky!”

She held back giggles, and quietly turned the door knob. So he couldn’t hear it, but I listened to hear him fapping in the hall. “OH, GOD! Take my panties off.”

She swung it open so fast that it slammed against the corner, and laughed, pointing.

“Uh!” He pulled up his underwear, and tried to cover it, but then he just ran down the hall. Holding his pants up by the belt, I heard the buckle clinking, but bye the time I hopped down off the bed, he was already gone.


“I’m not a pedophile!” He yelled back.

“Well, I’m not your eye candy either. So stop trying to look up my skirts, and beating off in the bathroom!” He slammed the door, and ran out. I couldn’t stop laughing, and she stopped before me. “So, what should we do to your mom?”

“I don’t know, but. I’m too horny to even think about it now, so I better go.”

“No,” she stopped me, and felt up my pant legs. “Don’t go.” Across my crotch, then she picked out the zipper on my hip. “Huh, stay, and help me with my horniness, too.”

So, we made out, helping each other out of our clothes, and sure she was only a 26B bra size, but in 5th grade, that’s still plenty. At least to me, as soon as I got it unhooked, I pushed her back. So, she could slip it off, and rub the lines around her ribs.

“Huh, you like my breasts?”

“Yeah, huh.”

“Well, I like your legs.”

“Thanks.” I finished kicking off my shoes, and pulling my feet out of my pants. “You know, you could get legs like this, if you don’t mind doing a little aerobics?”

“Is that your secret?”

“It’s a start, but I can’t wait to get nice perky round tits like yours.” Mine are still little cones, and not even starting to go round on the bottom, but she can squeeze her’s together already, and she’s half a year younger than me. “Can I touch them?”

“Please.” She just held her chest up, and let me squeeze them together, but she started to feel my legs too. All the way at the top, so her finger slipped over the edge of my underpants on one side, then the other when she witched hands.

“Huh!” I sat down, “Come here,” and squeezed them apart with my thumbs, so there was a nice space between them to stick my face.

She got up on my lap, and held my head, turning it back and forth, her shoulders too, so her nipple slipped over my cheek, and I could lick it up, to kiss it, suck it. Then, she turned me the other way, and did it all again so I could get the other one.

“I’m really hot and wet now, so let me get out of these panties.”

She pushed me, so my head hit the wall. “Sorry,” she got down, and pulled me out by the hips, so my butt was hanging off the side of the bed, and she could slip them down my legs. I picked them up, and curled my nose.

“Huh, you want to lick me first?”

“No,” she wrinkled her nose, “You don’t mind if I just finger you a little, okay?”

“No, go right ahead.”

“I wouldn’t even know how to start, licking a pussy. I’m not a lesbian.” She took a deep breath, and sighed. “Huh, I don’t think, I’m even all that bisexual, but I’m still super horny, so. Huh, would you like to lick mine?”

“Sure, turn around, and sit on my face, so you can finger me.”

“Good idea.” The nice thing about that way, I found out pretty quickly is, her clit is in front, so I can lick down, instead of up. I would have liked to try 69ing, but just my luck. My first time was with a straight girl, but she’s been playing with herself long enough to know how to finger another girl. The only down side is that left her butt right in my face, so I couldn’t see anything else, so I had to close my eyes.

Feel up her legs, and across her tummy. Panting, and up her ribs. Her breasts, and try to find her nipples by feel. Not the best angle for that, either. All my fingers crowded in the middle just to get my thumbs on them. Rub them around, up and down.

Speaking of which, she still had her virginity. I just dug my tongue in as deep as it would go, until I ran into it.

“Huh!” She pushed up, off my face. “Leave that alone.” and stuck her fingers back down, now damp from my juices to spread them open, and stretch her clit tight, so I could see it. “Up here some moRH!” She hunched, so I had to chase it, find it again, and try to lick it a little more gently this time. “Huh, yeah. Just like that, only a little faster? Huh, yeah faster, a lot faster, I think I can even cum from this yeah. Lick that clit faster, huh yeah!”

I had to let go, and try to hold her still, so she’d stop humping off of it, but she really hunched hard every time I touched it, so I just started flicking it, as fast as I could to really flip her switch.

“Hhuh uhHhuhH! FGHM!”

“Ihnhm!” I licked my lips, and tasted our juices, mixed together from her fingers. Split her open with my nose, and closed my eyes to take a deep breath through it. A big long sniff to smell her orgasm, even while she was still quivering, twitching, and kissing at it with her sex, until I felt a little trickle on my lips.

“Guh!” I turned my head, as soon as I smelled urine, and wiped my face.

“Huh, she rolled over on her side. “Sorry, I think I peed a little, but that’s. So amazing, god you’re good at that.”

“Huh!” At least I didn’t get any in my mouth, or up my nose, but I wiped it off on her pillowcase while she tried to catch her breath. “Thanks, it’s okay. I can’t always hold it either, it just surprised me.”

“Where did you learn to do that with?”

“No one? I just practiced on myself.”

“No really, you can’t just learn to lick a pussy that good, that quick. It’s okay, I can keep a secret.”

“No, it’s the truth. You’re the first girl that ever let me do that, or even get close, but I thought about it, a lot.”

“Well, you’re a natural, and how did you ever bend over far enough to lick your own crotch?”

I had to laugh, “I never even got close,” which isn’t to say that I never tried. “You just lick your fingertip, and try to imagine it’s a tongue.”

“Oh, I’m going to have to try that, but would you mind, going and washing your face, so we can kiss?”

“Well,” I pushed her shoulder, and giggled. “You should have thought about that before you peed on it.”

“Well, it’s not just that, but also. You’ve got my sex juices all over your face, too.”

“Huh!” Straight girls. “Yeah.” Honestly, some of them are so disgusted by their own bodies, that they could even think for one moment that their sweet nectar is anything like piss, just because they come from the same place?

Nothing could be farther from the truth. “Huh, I guess I owe you an orgasm.”

“Oh no. I’m good, I can finger it out myself.” I dried my face, and turned her around, to kiss her. “Smooch. Especially after that, thanks. I know I’ll get hot, and wet every time I remember that, from now on.”

Well, it’s not always that easy, but, of course. You never forget your first.


^ I can go on…

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