Me my dogs and something else

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My name is Emma I have 2 big dogs my first dog is a German Shepherd his name is Max I also have a golden retriever his name is Goldy (yes I know not very clever but it’s my dog). I have f cup breasts, long black hair and a nice round ass. I also live right inside of a uninhabited forest a big forest trees for days.

My phone where going away I forget where but I know that they where gone for a month or two. I said goodbye to my parents they said to me no party’s even though I wasn’t a big party person when my parents left I got on the couch and watched a movie forget what movie it was but Max came over to me and he was tapping me with his paw which means that his food dish is empty so I go out food in it and I didn’t decide to wear panties today because I was home alone but apparently my vigina was showing threw my short hole and Max took advantage of that. Max stuck his nose right in my vigina lips and started licking I pushed him away but I kinda didn’t want to because it felt so good. I ignored what just happened and decided to go take a nap, I had a dream of Max taking me making me his bitch it made me wet. When I woke I saw Max laying next to me I looked at his crotch and say his sheath so I layed on my back and pulled my shorts down to show Max he looked at me and started licking me. It was amazing feeling his rough tounge against my pussy was the best feeling I had an orgasm building up and it just burst out I came everywhere.

I saw that Max was starting to get hard so I moved to the floor and went on my hands and knees Max mounted me and he rammed his cock right inside of my pussy I was in pain yes but it was soon taken over by pleasure feeling his hot dick sliding in me back and forth feeling his heart beat as he continued to pound my wet hot vigina. Max continued to fuck me for about 10 minutes then I felt something big bang against my opening it was his knot he speed up and pushed his knot right in me I thought I couldn’t fit anymore of him in me but then I realized that I had an entire womb available for him and that’s when he entered it I felt his cum explode in my womb walls covered in his cum I felt him fill me up more that half way. We stayed connected for 30 minutes so really it was 30 minutes of pure pleasure feeling his cum slosh, swim and live inside of me literally and physical. When his knot deflated some of his cum gushed out of me with a small mix of my blood I saw Goldy sitting there him too is hard as a rock I let him mount me aswell and he was bigger than max but not by too much but he started pounding me harder than Max I was thinking that he was trying to impregnate me with his pups but that can’t happen sadly. When Goldy was pounding me with all his might I was feeling his penis tip hit and enter my womb I felt Max’s cum getting pushed and sloshing everywhere in me I had so much orgasms then I felt his knot enter me and when this happens I felt his penis tip hit the back wall of my womb and he was like a fire hose in me his cum went right into my fallopian tubes his cum and Max’s cum mixing together was awesome. His knot took around the same time as Max’s but then I felt a third dog on me don’t get me wrong more animal cum in me the better I am but I looked back and saw a big black Wolf I also saw my backdoor was wide open because Max after he dumped his load in me he went out side and a wolf wondered in and here we are. The big wolf was ready to fuck me and I was scared but also happy to have more sex. His cock slid in me he was much bigger than my dogs and he was like a jackhammer we had sex for more than 30 minutes and I felt his knot slip in. His knot was also much bigger than my dogs I looked down and saw a big bulge of his knot and the cum in my womb I felt his dick enter my womb and it was try to push the back wall of it out more stretching it you may say then he too exploded in me gushing his fluids in me his throbbing cock oozing cum. His knot took close to an hour to deflate but when he pulled out he didn’t really want to leave so I let him stay and I texted my parents that I got myself a new dog they said that they where happy for me. A few days go by I was still fucking my dogs and black (that’s what I named my wolf) my parents texted me that i can have the house because I was over 18 and I had a full time job and a car. So after awhile I started fully sleeping with black in bed he would fuck me and we’d sleep like that him still inside of me laying on top of me and I just enjoy everything after that in the morning I saw that my womb bulge was getting big so I lay down and let Max and Goldy fuck me and Black too and I got a role of duct tape and sealed my vigina and just push and rub my bulge feeling all of there hot cum swim in me is the best feeling.

That was my experiences with my dogs and my Black I still have sex with them and when I was writing this I am getting my pussy destroyed by Black. I highly recommend having sex with your dog’s you will enjoy it I promise you.

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    I have already. Now we are all bitches for dogs.
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    I want to be fucked by a dog and be his bitch, your story got me so wet…

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    This was written by a man with no clue at all

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    That was so hott would love to hear more from you