Me and my mom

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Hi to all my readers I’m new here and I want to tell you a true story about me and my mom and how I seduced her.

First let me tell you about my mom she’s your average working Indian mom but with a nice ass fair in color about 5 feet in height now to the story.

Yes I got the hots for my mom by watching incest porn and reading stories but the only difference was that i really wanted to fuck my mom even if it did cost us our relationship. We live alone in a two bedroom house and it was a Friday she had taken off from work to spend some family time with me and I was over excited because I could put my plan into action.

Friday afternoon is were it all started…. I started complementing her hugging her like every 30mins yes she did get suspicious and asked why was I doing all of this and my reply was simple I said….

Me:because I feel you are the best mom

Mom:you so sweet sometimes honey

Me:looks like you going to have to get used of it mom

Mom:no problem jus you know I love you when u so sweet

Just in case you get confused my mom calls me jus for short

So as the the night went on we talked about normal things like her work and my school while watching a movie nothing more happened that night we just hugged and went to sleep.

Next day (Saturday)
I had a plan to hug my mom from the back with a hard on and see her reaction now this seems like a big step but why not try it.

Me:morning mom (I walk behind her hugging her)

Mom:morning sweetie looks like someone is living up to his word and showing me love.

I was so confused when my mom said that because I didn’t know weather she felt my hard on and was teasting me or just responding to the hug

My second step was made on the spot after I ate my breakfast which was to walk up to her with my hard on which will be adjusted to poke her in the leg.

Me:mom here’s my plate you can wash it while you doing the dishes.

Mom:no problem sweetie

Me:mom why are you smiling at me like that.

Mom:ohhh nothing sweetie just thinking myself.

Now with confidence I knew my mom felt my hard on and had nothing to say about its was more like she liked it so its time to take things further.
It was around 2 in the afternoon my next plan set into action.

We was watching a movie and I asked my mom if I could lay down on her lap and she said it was fine while watching the movie I decided to turn my head towards her pussy.

Me: mom something smells nice over here.

Mom:ohh and what is that. That you are smelling sweetie.

Me:look down mom and you will see.

Now I got My nose so close to her pussy it almost touching it. But still fear, scaryness all those emotions playing in my head while waiting for my mom to look down.

Mom:sweetie why are you smelling my pussy.

Me: sorry mom it was just smelling so sweet I had to.

By the time my mom could say anything I shoved my face in her pussy and started licking it through the metrial.

Mom:hmmmm no sweetie we should not do this its wrong.

Me:mom but you smiled when my dick was rubbing against your leg.

Mom:I know sweetie I was just…..

Me:you know you what this mom just let it happen.

Mom:ok my boy but no one can know about this.

Me:it’s out sexual secret mom.

I started kissing her from head to toe ripping her cloths off and mine. She slowly started licking my body leading to my dick and I must say that she gave the best blow job I ever had.

Me:mom I need to fuck you now.

Mom :go ahead mommy wants that dick in her now.

I started of slow pushing my dick deep into her pussy slowly increasing my speed. My mom moaning and slowly getting louder as I keep up the speed. I could tell that we were both reaching our climax.

Me:mom can I cum in your pussy.

Mom:yes baby cum in me.

Me:you won’t get pregnant mom.

Mom:even if I do there no problem with it baby.

After that night of sex like every 2hours I found out the truth that my mom wanted children a girl and boy to be exact to teach them about incest and that they can fuck as well and freely…

The end hope your enjoy like and comment for the next one. PLEASE MIND ANY MISSED OUT WORDS OR INCORRECT SPELLING

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