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Me and my Friend

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I am female, 14, and this is a story about one night my friend slept over at my house. Me and my friend spent the night doing regular teenage girl things. Playing games, doing each others makeup, and watching Netflix. Around 2 am we decided we would go to sleep. My house isn’t that big, so we had to share a bed. My friend was wearing really short shorts and a tiny tank top. She looked so good. I could feel the wetness in my panties without even touching them directly. Before I sleep, I usually masturbate. Except this night I couldn’t because my friend was next to me. I laid there silently until it seemed like she was asleep. I slowly reached down and pulled down my pants. Then, I slowly pulled my panties down too. Being under the covers made it kind of hard to move around, but I began to rub my clit. That’s when I heard a noise… she was awake! “What are you doing” she said. I pretended to be asleep. I felt her pull down the covers, revealing my unshaved, wet pussy. That’s when I opened my eyes. “So you were awake, huh?” I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even know what to say. “If you were that horny, you should’ve just said so.” She crawled over to my side of the bed and put her face in front of my pussy. I could feel my legs trembling a little as she put her warm tongue on my pussy lips, giving them a lick. I had never experienced anything like that before, and never imagined that she would do such a dirty thing. After eating me out, she started to undress. Her boobs were much bigger than mine are. I noticed that her nipples had a slightly different color too. She looked so hot with and without clothes. “Now it’s my turn, I want to feel good too,” she said as she laid on her back. I rubbed her clit, then licked her pussy a little bit. Then, I licked my fingers and shoved them into her hole. I had seen where girls were able to have an orgasm from fingering, but I was never able to do it on myself. I started slow, gently moving them in and out of her pussy. giving her clit a lick every now and then. A few minutes later, I was ramming my fingers into her pussy. She definitely felt good, but she didn’t squirt all over my fingers like the girls in porn do. Instead, my fingers were coated in her juices. I want to have a lot of sleepovers with her, and maybe even with multiple girls. It’s just hard to find someone else who is as horny as you without feeling embarrassed.

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    HOT,HOT,HOT. I loved it. Keep it up.
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    Mmmmm… that’s really hot..and yes do check your emails…. And ah yes, if you want my snap is varunsodh2….

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    mmm baby im 15 whats ur email lets have fun

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      Id put $1000 on those nunbers being in the wrong order

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    I’m 15 guy and down for anything (mainly women) add me on Kik @burntmustard

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      Mainly 😏