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Max and the dogs

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When Max was 9 he was left home alone for the first time with his little shitzu, Prince, and his husky mix, Jack. Max sat on the couch playing a random game on his iPad, completely naked, before he noticed his dog looking up at him. Max stood, putting his feet on the ground before he was about to pick him up. Max picked up prince and noticed his hard cock was out. “Why do you have that out?” Je asked before Prince started to hump the air. Max touched his cock ever so slightly before Prince started to hump against his hand. As if put into a trance Max didn’t move his hand. He liked the way this looked and felt on his hand. Max only moved his hand once the dog came on his hand. He looked at the white liquid in awe before he licked it. His eyes widened and he licked the rest of it up. Prince panted as Max put him down. He wanted more.. he needed more. He looked around for his other dog before getting on the floor with him. He started to rub his belly, slowly moving down to his hidden cock. He started to touch the skin around it, hoping it would come out. It did in fact slowly come out. It was much bigger than Prince’s. Max smiled. “Good Boy..” he whispered before Jack started to hump Max’s hand. Jack was more aggressive than Prince. He got up before pushing Max down. He sniffed Max’s cock before he started to lick it. Max bit his lip. “Good Boy..”

To be continued..

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