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Maddie and Her Uncle

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Maddie sat in the bathtub happily playing with a boat. She was only about 10 years old but she still needed to be watched when she took a bath. Her uncle was 17 almost 18 and he always had to watch her. He never thought anything of it until he was drying her off one night. He got on his knees to dry her off and got a good look at her pussy. It was so plum and pure he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. The next week he happily sat next to the bathtub and talked with her, the bathroom door locked. He helped her strip before putting her in the tub. He told her to stand so he could wash her body with the soap. When he got down to her little cunt he started to rub her little clit with the rag he was using. Her body moved slightly and she started to grind against his hand slightly. He stopped rubbing her clit before he pulled her out of the tub, still soapy. He made her sit on the toilet and started to rub her clit with his hand. “Does that feel good?” He asked before she nodded. “It’s like when I make myself feel good on the bed.” She smiled. He picked her up after drying her off and took her to her room. “Show me.” He told her. She grabbed a pillow and started to hump it. He bit his lip and started to jerk off. “Think you can do that on my hand?” He asked, sitting next to her. She stopped and put his hand between her legs before rubbing her clit against it. He jerked himself off faster before he came on her chest. He made her lay down before he started rubbing her cunt faster than she had humped his hand. Her breath quickened before she gasped loudly. He smirked, knowing he’d gotten her to her high.

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