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Sometimes, you use them to find exactly what you like online, but sometimes, they have power IRL.

I was just walking behind the bus stop, when I heard “…Dick Pics?” So, I stopped, and saw 2 girls. Through the clear plastic back walls, with schedules between them.

“Uh,” one of them shrugged, “You can just type in [Big Dick] and find like a million of them. Sure enough, she had her phone out. So, I stood where I could look between the schedule, and the map, but it looked like I was reading the schedule.

The brunette giggled, “Look at this one, it’s crooked!”

After a moment, her blonde friend spoke up. “Um, how come when I put in [Straight Dick] it took me to a gay site?”

“I don’t know.” The brunette looked over, but not far enough to see her eyes. Just her nose peek out from behind her hair, but I wish I could get her number. If she liked looking at dick pics so much on the internet, it wouldn’t be Unsolicited. That should be a crime, just like flashing them in public. “I guess gay guys want to look at straight boys beating off.”

“Huh.” The blond nodded, slowly. “Me too.”

The brunette laughed. “You found a good one!” I moved over, to the map, and traced the line, as if I was navigating. Instead of trying to get a look at the blonde’s phone, which the brunette turned to look over her shoulder.

“Huh, yeah.” She turned it back. “It’s like he’s looking right at me.” Almost as if she was jealous of him, looking at her friend instead.

Just a regular stroker. Sitting back, and pulling it hard, but looking at the camera. Held out in the selfy position, so I assume he was just trying to keep his face, and crotch in view. I guessed, I wasn’t really looking at his face, and I barely looked at the tiny screen in her hand. Her tiny pale hand, holding it out, as if to take a selfy, but she brushed her hair back with her other hand, and pulled at her shoulder. “Huh, how do you speed it up?”

“Well, you can skip ahead.” The brunette took her phone. “He’s probably going to do it faster, for the big finish.” The blonde’s neck was red hot, and even the side of her cheek looked like it had blush on it, but then the bus pulled up at the light. “Oh, there’s our bus.” They put their phones away, digging change out of their purses, and got on when it pulled up.

So, I got on with them, “Uh, I’ve only got a $5.00.”

“Sorry, can’t make change.” The bus driver shrugged, but I heard dirty giggles from the back. So, I folded up the bill, and stuffed it in the machine. The doors closed, and the driver asked, “You need a transfer?”

“No, I’m all right.” The girls didn’t ask for one, so I assumed they weren’t going far, but sitting all the way in the back, I could see their faces. Their flat chests, and I hesitated, but. I just spent $5.00 for this ride, I should just hit the button, on a pole to leave out the back, but now.

I’m following little girls. I don’t know, maybe about 10, but prepubescent. Certainly not even in middle school, and I feel creepy. So, I know it looks creepy, trying to look like I’m looking around for a place to sit. The girls sat right under the camera, in the corner. So, it can’t see the dirty pictures they’re looking at on the phone, getting so hot, and giggling.

Like virgins, I mean. Surely, a grown women, who’ve had sex multiple times, aren’t titillated so easily by dick pics. Why I never really got into sending them, what’s the point? As the brunette pointed out, anyone with a phone could just type [Big Dick] in, and even though you can’t say if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. We’re not talking about a whole lot of variety there.

It’s mostly about what he does with his big dick, and to who, anyway. I’m sure you’ve looked up porn, if you found this site, but I don’t think that it’s just [BigDick.gif.] It’s usually Babysitter loves daddy’s Big Dick, or something like that. Tiny tits teenie takes a big dick for the first time.

“Omh!” The brunette looked up, at my crotch, and covered her mouth, but she didn’t say anything. Until I turned around, and slid over to the other corner. The Blonde was still holding her phone, but then the brunette leaned over, to whisper something, too quiet to hear over the engine.

Of course, it was rock hard, and stuck down my pantleg. I wore boxers, because I don’t have to worry about embarrassing erections, getting stuck in my pant-leg. I’m not a teenager any more, now I have a little more self control than that.

“I’m gonna go touch it.” The brunette said out loud, then looked back at her blonde friend. Who just nodded, and shut her mouth, so the brave one came over, and put her hand right in my lap.

I would have been just fine, listening to them giggle, and talk about porn, but she wanted to go even further. Just invading their privacy, and following them was bad enough, but I had my foot up. Against the side of the bus, so she had to reach over my thigh to touch it through my pantleg. Just barely, with her fingertips, she pushed it down, then she giggled, and went back, to hushed whispers to her friend. Nodding back and forth, but I looked around, and the bus wasn’t empty.

Other than the driver, and the 3 of us, there was a little old lady, shaking her head. Her back to us, but I think the guy stretched out across the side seats was homeless. Asleep, but the blue hair was the one I was worried about. She heard the giggles, and shook her head, apparently annoyed by their youth?

I don’t know, I’m not that old, and I’m never going to be a little old lady, but all she had to do was turn back, and look over her shoulder. And see what? 2 little girls laughing, and joking? Some guy sitting in the corner, minding his own business until the blonde got up.

“Huh!” Bracing herself, and stepping around her friend’s knees, she looked scared, but she came right over. “Can I touch it too?”

“Huh, keep your voice down.” I took the chance to move it out of my pantleg, which is an awkward operation under the best of circumstances, but what could it hurt? I thought. I pulled my untucked shirt out, and she poked it. That’s it, she just pointed, and jabbed it with her finger, then went back holding in giggles with both hands.

“Huh!” Now, I think I got it. That poke, it was such a childish thing to do, and I felt my hardon slowly shrink back. Shrivel up, a little ashamed of myself, for getting the wrong idea.

They’re little girls, schoolgirls, but I guess I watched a little too much porn, over the years. You want to think that, there’s oversexed teenage girls everywhere, and they’d do anything for your big hard cock, because that’s the fantasy. They’re just actresses, and no matter how young they look, they’re 18, but I forgot.

Honestly, what it was like when I was that age. Even before I got hair on my nuts. Panties, and what girls had in them were more of a fascination than really sexual. I wasn’t really sexual, I was just curious. Why girls didn’t have urinals in their bathrooms, and my cousin. She was nice enough to tell me, when I asked.

We didn’t play doctor, but the first pussy I saw, she was a little younger than me, so she didn’t have any hair on it either. I don’t know, somewhere between 1st grade, and 6th grade. We just peed in front of each other, she stood up with her underwear, and fixed it under her dress. That was it, I knew how girls peed, because I saw one, and that satisfied my curiosity for years until I discovered the porn stash, and started beating off to magazines.

Nowadays, I guess every kid has a smart phone, and it enables the clever pedophiles to get around the law. If they can find little kids online, to expose themselves to, but not me. I’m not like that, and I hated how it felt. To do anything like that, even though I didn’t do anything they didn’t want. Honestly, I didn’t do anything to them, I let them touch me, but now, I’m starting to think that it wasn’t sexual at all.

Despite the way the blonde one lit up. I forgot, or ignored that, but honestly, I saw her get hot under the collar, watching that teenager slowly masturbate to the camera, and fantasizing that he was looking at her. Which isn’t any excuse for what I did, even what I’d already done was more than enough to lock me up, and register me as a sex offender when I got out.

Why do they get out? I mean, why do they lock up drug addicts, for life, and then just give sexual predators the bare minimum, and let them out? It’s not like putting their names, and records on some government website makes them any less than what they are. Sexual predators don’t get any better, they don’t stop re-offending, maybe it makes them hesitate, but a few years in a penitentiary just makes them wait.

If anything, a real pedophile is already patient. It’s the, whatchamacall it. Oh, come on, Harv. It’s not like watching SVU, to look at Detective Olivia Benson, makes you any kind of expert on rapists, but what did Skoda, and Wong call them? Not the Preferential ones, the impulsive ones, that just see a victim, and pounce on the opportunity like a hungry leopard.

“Harv vy.” ~Big Bad Harv. I’m starting to sympathize with, people you don’t want to sympathize with. That blue haired lady, so annoyed by their childish giggles, she can’t stop shaking her head. I could sympathize with her, for a moment there, or at least I’d like to think so.

She’s as alien to me as those little girls, I was never a little girl myself, and I guess my cousin. She just wanted to see a boy pissing as much as I wanted to see where her pee came out.

“Come on.” The brunette stood up, and offered her hand. To the blonde, that rolled her eyes, and put her phone away, but they got up.

“Um.” The brunette bit her lip, but didn’t come over, any closer. “You got a phone?” Between the seats, she almost fell back when the bus started braking, and grabbed onto the backs of the seats.

“Let me give you my number.” The blonde offered, “It’s 867, 53, 09. Got it?”

“Yeah,” I tapped it into the number pad, and turned it around to show them. The bus swayed, and I looked out to see the mall, pan into view. Pulling into the parking lot, I didn’t ride the bus system often. I have a car, but not a very reliable one, so it spent some time in the shop. I wasn’t really paying attention to the map either, but I remember that.

There’s basically 2 bus stations, the big one downtown, but also. All of the bus lines got to the mall, by the loop.

“So, you can send us that picture you’re talking about.” The brunette winked, and turned around, when we pulled up.

“Yeah, from that old movie.” The blonde added a dirty giggle, but the old lady was too busy collecting her bags to even shake her head.

“Last stop, everyone out.” The bus driver unbuckled his belt, and came back. “All right, wake up.” She clapped her hands. “This isn’t a hotel, so get off, unless you want to sleep it off in the drunk tank.”

Evicting the bum from the benches blocked the back door, so I had to watch the girls, skirts swishing, and hair swinging away from their faces when they looked back. Bright eyed, rosy cheeked, and giggling. Dirty little giggles, I couldn’t hear, but I looked down at my phone. Adjusted the boner growing in my shorts again, and said. “I’ll just wait.”

“Come on.” The bus driver put her arm under his shoulder. “Let’s go, I’ve got a few minutes to call the shelter. How’d you like a bed to sleep on, and a shower?”

“Huh!” Finally, I could get out. Imagining his fat, smelly hairy ass stripping off his filthy clothes in a homeless shelter, on purpose. The purpose being to keep my dick soft enough to dangle back down, so I could walk, comfortably. Not limp, so anybody looking across the parking lot might. Get the right idea, or at least run up to ask me if I was okay?

No, I’m fucking paranoid, because I just followed a couple little schoolgirls, eavesdropped on them looking at porn, and let them touch my dick. Practically agreed to sext them, and send them dick pics, but if I didn’t do something about it, my balls felt like they would explode.

So, I headed for the parking deck. Not for the first time, in fact. I remember Christmas shopping, and seeing the packs of middle school girls, shopping together. “Hhuhuh!” It’s contagious, their childish laughter, and immaturity. “Hahaha!” It rubbed off on me, and I felt like a kid again. That’s so cliche’ it’s funny, but I’m practically giggling, remembering their dirty giggles.

[B. L. O. N D. I. E.] “Color me your color baby.” [Save] “Color me your car.” [Msg] I found a corner, with a van in it, and took a piss before it got hard again. Of all the things to feel again, the blue balls had to be one of the worst, but compared to waking up, and not being able to piss. Not even understanding what’s wrong, and then figuring out the best way to get rid of it.


[UR 18, too?]


“Cover me with kisses, darling?” I forget the rest of it, except the chorus. Of course. “I know who you are.” I just kept humming the rest.

[Well, I don’t know if I believe you, but you can prove it. Show me you have some hair on your balls, at least.]

“Hhuh!” I’m pretty sure that’s the brunette, doing the talking. She’s obviously sexted before, and she got the legal lie out of the way, first. UR 18, too? That at least implies that she’s an 18 year old.

[Maybe you can send me a picture, too. To prove you’re actually 18]

[Well.] She sent one, obviously a stock photo of a woman in a car. Black hair, striking blue eyes, and a plunging neckline to display her cleavage. [Actually 19, but over 18 is old enough.]

“Yeah,” I pushed my fly down, to scoop my balls out, and held them up. I can’t see the screen at this angle, so I had to fumble for the camera icon at the bottom, and it took several tries to get my balls in the photo.

[How’s this?]

She just sent back a picture, another selfy, from the gallery. The woman holding her top open on 1 side, to reveal her bra.

“Uh.” It’s not working. It’s not like I ever had any trouble before, and she is beautiful. Exotic, but now I’m on that roller coaster, going up, and down. From rock hard to limp, and it’s more than a little annoying.

[I showed you more, so now it’s your turn.]

[I need a minute, someone’s coming…]

[Someone better be cumming, but take your time.]

“Huh!” I lied, but, whenever I did this before. In the stairwell, the corner behind the portables, and between cars, of course. It wasn’t exciting, it was fucking terrifying. The thought that someone would catch me with my pants down, but it was better than trying to do it at home.

The idea of a stranger catching me at it, calling me a pervert, and even getting arrested for indecent exposure wasn’t always enough. When you’re that young, and horny, at least I risked it, to get off. “Huh!”

I stuck my thumb on top, to bend it down, hold it out, and switched sides, to the other camera. The one in the front, so the screen was up, and I could hold it close. Get the whole dick across the whole screen, and hold it still. Carefully tapping the icon with my thumb.

[Send] I went right back to stroking it, slowly to keep it hard, while she was [Typing…]

[You know, it’s kinda nice to see a normal sized one.
You know, most of the guys online are big.
Too big, let’s be honest.]

“Hhuhuh!” Especially when you’re a little girl, and a virgin. Still tight, and not even the first few sprouts of blonde pubes.

[Keep talking. Talk dirty to me.]

[I want your cum.
I want your cum all over my face, especially.]

Blondie. “Huh, huh!” Smiling, and looking up. “Huh huh huh!”

[I know that I can’t have it, but that just makes me want it even more.]

“Hhuh! Huh uh! Fuck! Huh! Huh huh huhHhuhuh!” I opened my eyes, but I couldn’t see what she wrote. It buzzed in there somewhere, to tell me that I got another message, but now it was going soft. “Fuck!” I wiped it off, enough to see the camera icon, and tapped it. “Come on.” Soft, I tried to pull it hard again, even knowing that it was futile. Too late, but I did manage to squeeze another drop out, and the last few dribbles rolled down my knuckles.

So, I hoped that was good enough, to satisfy them. I was a little surprised that the spatter didn’t interfere with the touch screen, but it scrolled up when I wiped it off. I scrolled back down the picture, to see.

“Hm,” not bad. I’m not one to judge, cum shots, but even shooting blind, I have to admit, it came out pretty good.


“Huh!” She liked it. Good, I’m so relieved, not just from the slowly fading orgasm. That was a great one, I can’t remember the last time I came so hard, and so much, but I had to have been a teenager.

“Huh!” it was, honestly, the most exciting sex, I ever had. Which is funny, to think about, looking around the front of the van. Nobody came, well, nobody else. “Whew!” That was a relief too, but, walking back towards the bus stops. I have to pick up my car, but now it occurs to me.

Now that I have a chance to think about it as porn. A performance, and it’s not just the exhibitionism of it. I definitely got that, but then I felt, submissive? I don’t think she was dominating me, intentionally. She didn’t say anything like that, she didn’t even make fun of my dick. Isn’t that like the first thing, a dominatrix goes for?

She called it average, and it’s funny to think that. Well, the way that she said it, that it was nice, to see an average dick for a change, and I felt a little proud of my average sized dick. I never bothered to measure it, I know it isn’t any 8″er, or porn star dick, but that was the point.

Then, I was so self conscious, and worried, that I’d ruined it. Gone soft, when they wanted to see dick picks. Hard dicks, [Big Dicks] they even said those key words out loud on the bus stop. I wonder what happens if you search for [Average dick] and hit image search.

You know what? Your average guy isn’t going to take a picture of it, and upload it with the words [Average dick.] I’d be willing to bet most girls don’t get on there, and search for average dick. I know that women don’t.

I suppose, that when you’re that young, and little even an average dick looks big. At least for Blondie, who was so innocent that she wasn’t even aware that you could search for dick picks, on her phone.

I felt better about it, then ashamed of it, then turned on the next time I remembered what I’d done. That first time.

[I’m hungry, I’m gonna get something to eat.] She sent.
[RU hungry to?]

[Sorry, I’m] Not interested? Busy? [Driving. Can I text you back?]

I just ran for the first bus, before I did anything stupid. At random, it wasn’t going anywhere near my car, and I had somewhere to be. I was late, hours late, because of this, but at least took me away from the Food Court, where two young horny girls were waiting.

I often wonder, what they have wanted me to do next, if I hadn’t. I found out, later of course. I had Blondie’s number, and I wanted to delete it from my phone, but I couldn’t.

They both had my number though, so they could sext me, whenever they wanted me to get hard for them again. Jerk off, and even finger my asshole with the cum, because that’s what they wanted. They probably could have even threatened me, reported me, and ordered me to do anything, to stay out of jail, but they didn’t have to.

I wanted to, just to make them happy. Just to satisfy their curiosity, and more. I also found a pride in my body I never had before, I felt sexy, when I never even considered the possibility, that I could be sexy to anyone. I’m just so ordinary, but it became addictive. Better than sex, and it ruined regular sex, with consenting adults for me, but I had no idea what I was getting into before it was too late. I was hooked, pussy whipped, and I loved it.

I finally found my fetish, when I least expected it. Long after I stopped even looking for it. I can’t tell you what it’s like. Being the on call male stripper for little girls, any time they want, wherever I happen to be, ready to drop whatever I’m doing, and find somewhere semi-private to do whatever they tell me to do to myself.

I just can’t suggest you do it yourself. You’re probably never going to get that chance, but if you do. Don’t.

It’s wrong.

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