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Keep it in the family Pt.1

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Jack’s youngest daughter, 11 year old Hannah, and him spend a weekend alone.

Jack smiled when his daughter got in the car. “You ready?” He asked. Hannah grinned and nodded. “Mmhm!” She smiled. Jack smiled as he drove down the road. “Now, this weekend is something I’ve done with all your sisters when they were 15.. but I know you’re old enough.” He smiled. She grinned. “Okay daddy!” She said, looking out the window. Jack smiled before putting his hand on her thigh as he drove. Once they got home, Jack walked inside with her before taking her to her room. He pulled off his shirt before gently grabbing her shirt. “Hold still.” He smiled before pulling her shirt off slowly. He looked over her body and smiled before reaching down and rubbing her clit. “My teacher said not to let strangers touch me there..” she said softly. “Daddy’s not a stranger.” Jack whispered. “And I just want to make you feel so good.” He smiled. “Now, take all your clothes off.” He told her before she took everything off. He followed and stripped before picking her up and putting her on the bed. He gently fingered her and smiled. “You’re so much more beautiful than your Sisters..” he whispered. She let out a small moan before Jack kissed her gently. “You like that?” He asked. She nodded as he fingered her faster. “Damn right you do.. you only want daddy to do this don’t you?” He asked. She nodded quickly and let out another moan.

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    keep going don’t stop

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