I’m moving to a new apartment

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When I was around 34 we me and my girlfriend and her daughter moved to another apartment not too far for where we live but it was a better apartment

We moved into the new apartment we lived in the metal for three floors six apartments we lived on a neighbor with her three daughters lived on the right a buddy of mine live downstairs from us and two mother and daughter lived on the basement apartment on the right of blonde and her husband lived on the top with a pilot above us which he was never home. I got to know everybody pretty good especially my next door neighbor Don she had three kids one 13 one 10 and one eight the oldest 13-year-old was a tomboy her name was Adrian she used to play with my girlfriend’s daughter. And sometimes spend the night she would sleep on the couch I would wait for her to fall asleep and rub her ass. And jeck off
I did the Southerner eight times she was a sound sleeper one time I got my hand inside her underwear and could feel her semi hairless p**** the little fuzzy hair is gone want to stick my finger in her and she jumped when I ripped my hand out of her pants she turned and looked I said you okay yeah I think I have bad dream I got up got to drink you want to bed so I got to know her mother pretty good she didn’t have much money and I have a good job at the time I used to get her cigarettes and every Wednesday my girlfriend and her daughter would go to a aerobics and exercise thing at the YMCA from 6:00 to 8:00 every time I would run and buy some beer and bring it to my neighbors Don’s house we’d sit around and drink nightcap watch out the window so when my girlfriend got home I’d sneak back to the apartment one night I was over there and me and her started making out kissing and groping each other this went on for four or five weeks I know about 8:00 I would have to go I did not want her to catch me over there cuz she was already suspicious then I got to be the winter time and weather was bad I didn’t work for I do some construction so about 10:00 I went over her kids were in school so was my girlfriend’s daughter she said come on in so I can then we had some coffee and talk and start making out all that led to a day of incredible sex I railed her as her as I could and she said she was on the birth control so I pulled out and shot all over her ass I said Dawn I’m going to come and I did six or seven ropes of sperm shot on her back and in the back of her hair we took a shower together and fucked in the shower too but after that day that was about it never did anything with her again that she wasn’t that great one night her daughter was staying over I think she looks like 14 at the time and we’re playing around and she grabbed my daughter’s crotch and then grabbed mine what are you doing I said oh nothing my daughter’s girlfriend said what are you a lesbian and I’m thinking about you grab my crotch too I was in the kitchen making some popcorn for the girls age command reached around and grab burrito hold my penis in whispered in my ear I want you I was stunned now by this time she had perky little boobs and her butt was shaped nicely I turned to her and said okay wait till later on till they go to bed I waited till they went to bed and I told her we have to go outside it was in the summer I took a sleeping bag out back laid it in a little patch of woods and stripped her naked I said are you sure you ready for this yes if you ever had sex age no but I want to so I’m not had to lay down now between your legs and started eating her sweet little p**** out it was so good and she came immediately and said I never had that happen to me before it felt like I was going to pee in your mouth I laughed and said that’s an orgasm you had honey and some juices did come out but it wasn’t pee then I got up and she wanted to give me a b j she didn’t know how to do it that well but looking at a young 14-year-old girl sucking on my cock really turned me on I said just suck on the head and check my shaft what she did I told her I was going to come and she looked up at me with scared eyes but never took my cock out of her mouth I shot a load in her mouth and she spit it out and said oh that tastes funny we both laughed I got between her legs and stuck my dick in her little tiny cunt hole and took her virginity
πŸ’πŸ’ Yep I popped little agents Jerry and didn’t stop when I hit broke her cherry I just buried my cock is deep and held it there as she moaned in pain and breathed real hard and said oh God it hurts I said just relax and about 2 minutes of kissing her neck and then French kissing her she was starting to ease up and her pussy loosen her grip on my hard cock I slowly started moving in here slowly and then out in and out fucking her at a very slow rhythm one thing I can say about age is she was the best kisser I ever had shifts before better than any girl I’ve ever kissed before her soft lips tongue I don’t know something about it I was getting close to having an orgasm and back then I thought I never had a virgin before I thought for the first time a girl couldn’t get pregnant I did not know so I blew my load of sperm deep inside your pussy hole and it was amazing her tight pussy clamping down on my cock and it felt like it was getting sucked into her hole and I came deep inside her one of the best orgasms I had .I kept on going and she had two or three orgasms as I unloaded one more load of cum in her and we went back into the apartment as I give her a kiss good night left her on the couch and went to bed myself mother and daughter I thought well that was pretty cool and I told her you can’t tell anybody I could get in trouble don’t worry I’ll keep I can keep a secret this happened maybe two more times during the next year me and my girlfriend broke up I moved out I moved into a place about three miles away and I was on the job in town and all of a sudden who comes right up on a bicycle down this gay driveway with Adrian my buddy Mark said hey somebody’s asking where you are and I heard some girl asking something I turned around and there was Adrian I give her a hug and said Hi how are you she’s so good and you so we talked for a while and I said are you still living in the apartment complex she said yes I thought they had moved she asked what time I got out and I told her and she said I’ll meet it a store next to my apartment I got to went to the store and she was there I put her bike in my van and ask her if she want to go to my apartment she reached over and started kissing me passionately I kissed her back the boy did I miss them lips so soft we went back to my apartment went upstairs and I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she kind of did how many times have you had sex during the last time me and you had sex she said twice we went into my bedroom I stripped her clothes off she had beautiful firm titties not big but like her mother’s actually her eyes kind of remind me of her mother took her pants off and there it wasn’t full bush I ate her out she sucked me off I ended up fucking the crap out of her just went on for a while until she did move to a town probably a half hour away from where I lived when she was 17 but I had sex probably 35 times with Adrian now she’s got to be in her thirties I wonder where she is I tried looking her up on Facebook but couldn’t find her but that was a nice time I had with her lego

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