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First time with futa babysitter

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underage Virgin girl x athletic futa babysitter

Meiko is 6’3 with abs and slight muscles and a long girthy cock about 8inches with full balls and small red patch the match her long red hair and olive colored eyes. Taylor was about 5’6 with a pair of perky b cup tits a smooth belly with a shaved tight snatch and a cute puckered asshole her hair went to the small of her back and it was a dusty tan color along with her crystal blue eyes.

Taylor pov

She rubbed her clit while the vibrator was at her entrance she moaned not knowing meiko was walking up the stairs she gripped her nipple and meiko busted in and froze they bith did until taylor covered up and meiko slammed the door gripping her hardon.

meiko had been watching the girl.since she brought was 14 but she bloomed now 16 she wanted nothing but to force her cock in the girls pussy. After an hour taylor came and slipped in bed with meiko seeing as it was dark she was naked and ready.

Meiko held her close her only in boxers and a sports bra “i want you to take my virginity” meiko kept rubbing her cock on her bare butt “you sure” she nodded and straddled meiko pulling her sports bra off licking meikos nipples while meiko toyed with her asshole and pussy occasionally pushing a finger in each.

A !minute later they were both naked and taylor was taking a.load on the face “why does it taste so yummy” taylor licked her finger and meiko Turned her around pushing the state tip in her ass “I’ve dreamed of this since you bloomed i wanted nothing but spew my nut in your holes” taylor cried att he stretch meiko moaned and kept going pounding.

“Ohh slow down i c-cant” “take it slut take this dick in your right ass bitch” her nut filled the girls ass pulling out and kept going in her cunt blood and cum dripped out while Taylor helplessly whimper and took it.

All night long.and in the morning they kiss in the shower while rubbing each other. “Taylor sweet im home” they froze


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