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Fire Escape

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Dad took my computer away, and told me to “Stay in your room.”

It was bad enough being cooped up in the apartment all the time, but without my computer, what was I going to do? So, I got upset, and decided to go out anyway, but I couldn’t get over to the fire escape without inching sideways along the ledge. It was barely wide enough to get my feet on, and my toes hung off, but the fire-escape was past his bedroom window. So, I bent down to sit down on the sill.

He was in there, with the laptop on his chest, and shaking it with his arm. I couldn’t believe it, the big hypocrite. He was jacking off, looking at my girlfriend, when he took the computer away in the first place for sexting.

Nova (Yes, that’s her real name) turned 18 first, so she really liked LegalPorno.com. She got a subscription, and her mom was even cool with it, and everything. So, she sent me videos, from the paysite, which were all pretty much the same thing.

2, or 3 girls got started, dressed up sexy at first, but then they took each other’s clothes off quickly, and then started licking buttholes. A lot, on that site, there’s a whole lot of rimming, butt fucking, and double anal orgies, but then the toys came out, before the boys came in with their big hard cocks to fuck them in their loosened up buttholes, mostly.

Of course, there was all kinds of other things going on, in all the other videos, but the main feature seemed to be anal orgies with 2, or 3 girls and toys too. They must enema real good first, and I bet they even starved themselves, so there was nothing dirty in there to come out. Or, they just edit those parts out, and have a bunch of wet wipes handy, off camera.

I don’t know, but being 18. Nova gets to order stuff, like sex toys, and she got a new buttplug to play with. So that’s what she was doing when dad caught me sexting her. Now, he’s whacking off, watching her squat over it, and her lubed up butthole stretching tight, almost to the widest part to pop right in.

“Huh!” He must have run it back, because I already saw this part, and I knew what she did next. Turned over, so she could hold one leg up, and finger her pussy right in front of the camera, but dad pushed the laptop off his chest, and pumped it really fast. I just sat there, looking over my shoulder, mouth hanging wide open, and waiting for him to finish.

Soon enough, he slowed down, and pulled his shirt up. His cum came out on his belly, and he moaned loud enough to hear him through the window. I just closed my mouth, and shook my head. Hypocrite.

I guess he went off to take a shower or something, but he’s my dad. He’s old, a little fat, and he’s got a bald spot on the top of his head, I know like the back of my hand, because he’s my dad. I watched it growing from a cow lick, to where it is now, and it’s almost to his bangs, which he grew out, to comb back, and cover it.

Like that’s fooling anyone. All he had to do was take a hand mirror, and hole it up in front of the bathroom mirror to see what anybody else could. His bald spot, peeking out from under the tips of his bangs, slicked back until even those fell out.

“Uh,” finally I made it to the railing, to hold onto while I put my leg up, and climbed over to the fire escape. It’s only 10′ down, but if I fell, knowing my luck I’d probably twist both ankles, and then what would I do? Crawl around front, and up the stoop to ring up to the apartment so he could let me in?

The stairs down were tipped up, next to it with a big counter-weight. So, as soon as I stepped off it, it would swing right back up, and leave me stranded down there, to do what? All the stores in the neighborhood are closed, so instead, I took the ladder up to the top floor, and climbed over to get on the roof.

“Huh!” It was hot, and I was horny, too. Even before dad walked in on me, with one hand up under my dress, and a bra cup slipped off to squeeze my boob through the fabric. I fixed my bra, and put shoes on before I came out, but now the pebbles rolled under the soles, walking around, and watching where I stepped.

I could almost imagine it was a beach, even without the nearby traffic to imagine was the sound of waves. Washing back and forth over the round pebbles, instead of sand. It was too quiet, though. Which ruined the effect, but I was up there now. Still horny, and it was easy to imagine the guys coming in, on us.

Nova, and I. We never really got time to have sex, with each other. She didn’t come out to me, until after the quarantine, so we could get together. Find a private place to feel her body. Her hands feeling up mine, and rub our breasts together. Nipples brushing each other, kissing, and feeling down her naked sides. Her hips, and around to rub her butt. Squeeze her butt cheeks, but now the dress was in the way, and she was naked, of course.

Caught up to where we were when dad interrupted us, to take my computer off, and jerk it looking at My girlfriend. The movie she made for Me, I want to get back at him, somehow. For that, I know exactly how Nova would feel about it.

She’d laugh, when I told her what dad did, she’s already camming for men. Older men, mostly. Married men, with wives, and kids of their own, but when I turn 18, and all this blows over, I can join her. Break out the sex toys, and take off our clothes. Let her tongue lick out my asshole real good, only instead of the men coming in to fuck us in all our holes, they can watch.

His girlfriend, Carol though. Not my step-mother yet, technically. My real mom finally got sick of his shit, his wandering eyes, and flirting with the waitresses right in front of her. Even when they went out on a date with her, that was the last straw. He cheated on her too, but then they got divorced. So, telling mom now, when she’s remarried too, and he’s faithful to her, as far as she knows.

Of course, if he is sleeping around, he wouldn’t tell her. He’d try to hide it, but she hasn’t caught him cheating on her, yet. he would tell me right away if she did, but Carol, though. Even if she is a little more open to him, seeing other people, and even talks about the other women. What he finds sexy about them, and whether or not he prefers her ass, for instance.

That’s one thing, but taking away My computer, and jerking off to the video My girlfriend made for Me? “Huh!”

This isn’t helping the mood. I need an orgasm, at least, and god my undies are soaked. So, I took them off, and “Snh, huh!” I wonder what Nova’s pussy smells like. Right now, after a good butt pounding, and probably orgasm, after orgasm. She’s probably already in the shower, washing it off. The warm water soaking into her hair, and running down her back. Her buttocks, and she’s got such a nice ass.

I just love it, and the neat triangle of pubic hair she has up front. To pour soap in her hands, and scrub suds up in. The same way I do, when I take a shower, but he better save me some hot water, Dad. He better let me out, to take a shower, and if he gives me any shit, then I can tell him, I saw what he did. I knew exactly why he took my computer away, and there was porno right there.

Legal Porno, so he could have watched, some other teenagers, bending over, while another one got picked up, and the black guy got up behind her. To stick his big hard cock up her ass, and pump her full of 2 dicks. Back and forth, pulling one out while the other stabbed into her, and practically passing her back and forth.

SHOOP! “Uh?”

“Hey, what are you doing out there?”

“Huh!” I didn’t bring a mask, why would I? I didn’t expect anyone to see me here, and I wasn’t even planning on climbing up to the roof when I left.

“Move over.” Another boy, with another mask on crowded into the window. Over the low wall, right up to the window sill, only a couple feet away from the next building. There was barely even an alleyway between out building, and the one next door, but that one’s a 3 story, so the top floor looks out over the roof, and me. Holding my skirt up, with 2 fingers slipping out of my dripping snatch, and even a little juice running down my legs.

Sniffing my damp panties. “Huh, what’s it look like?” That gave me an idea, so I stretched them out. Covering my face, and turning them over, so I could look through the leg holes. “I’m horny as fuck.”

“Yeah, us too.” I tried to recognize them, with nothing but their eyes, and their hair too, but with masks over their noses, and mouths.

“Huh, well if you’re getting hard watching me play with myself, why don’t you pull them out, where I can see them?” Looking down, there’s not much of an alley between us. Only a couple feet, you could squeeze through sideways, but then the end of it is just a wall. So, it all looks like 1 building from the street, but also it’s full of broken glass. Beer bottles, used needles, and tiny glass vials from whatever the junkies shot up.

The boys, brothers I guessed. They looked at each other. “Don’t look at my dick.”

“Well, don’t look at mine neither, look at her.” The shorter one pointed out the window.

“Huh, yeah.” The sun dress was hot anyway, so I pulled it up. Careful not to dislodge the underwear, stretched over my chin, nose, and around the sides of my face. “Snh, huh!”

They’re lucky I’m bisexual, but once I took it off, they had their pants unzipped. Fishing around in there. “Drop your pants, and turn around. I want to see your asses too.” I turned around, and felt my damp sweaty neatly trimmed pubes. “Huh, you like my ass?”

“Yeah, take your bra off, and show us your titties, too.”

“Huh!” I held my bra up, in one hand, and reached back to pull down the strap with the other. Turned around to unhook it, but naked besides the slip-ons I slipped on, without socks. My bra, and my panties puled over my nose, like a mask. “Snh, huh!”

“Come on, don’t tease us.” Let’s just say that their dicks were, disappointing. Even the big one wasn’t exactly a porn star cock, but then, I guess I kinda set myself up for that. Looking at porno, when your average teenager isn’t going to be that well endowed, and his little brother.

I don’t know if he’s even a teenager yet, he sure isn’t that hairy, but it is hard, I guess. “Come here.” The teenage one leaned out, and held onto the side of the window. “Let me touch your titty.”

“Hhuh!” The little one was really pumping it, and I grinned. Safely behind the panty mask, when he glanced down. Only for a moment, but he looked right at his brother’s ass! “No, take off your shirt first.” I stepped back, teasing, and cradling one in my arm. Squeezing the other, and touching the nipple. Running it hard, then pinching it with my thumb. “Huh, yeah. Show me those muscles.”

The little one kept looking back, and forth. Between me, and his brother’s ass. Now that it didn’t have any shirt to hang over, and cover it, but I bet he was bisexual too. “Okay, good.” I stepped back up to the edge, my heart pounding, and let go of my titty. That’s what he called them, my titties. Tiny teen titties, with big hard pink puffy nipples, and a hot wet pussy. “Snh!” I could smell it, and he could barely reach far enough for his fingertips to brush it.


I dared hang out even further over the edge, so that he could almost grip it, and my nipple bulged out to touch his palm, before his grip slipped, and he almost fell.

“Huh! Hhuh!” I was close, and for some reason, my nipple practically struck electric sparks when it touched his palm.

“A little closer.” He tried again, and I leaned out, my head spinning with the vertigo. It felt like I was already falling, and the alley spun crazily in front of me, but then he practically pushed me. Flat, his fingers squeezed it hard, and it slipped out when I stood up straight. My knees up against the hard hot metal, bent over the top bricks.

I plunged my knuckles in and out, and slapped my pubes hard with the heel of my palm. “Huh! Huh! Uh UH! Fugh!” I had to hold onto the wall, and it was almost hot enough to burn my hand, but I didn’t care. “Hhuh! HuhHhHhuh! Fuck. Uh fuck. Uh huh!” I had to stop, and rub my still twitching twat to slick the juices up, and let the rest drip off my wet lips. “Huh!”

I heard them, fapping for all they were worth, and cracked my eyes. “SNH!” Took another breath of pussy scented air through my mask, and watched them. The teenager finished first, and it even shot out, far enough to clear the sill. Fall 2 stories down, and maybe even hit the wall of our building, I couldn’t tell from there.

“NGH! I’m cumming! I’m cumming too! Ah AH!”

“Boys!” They stopped, and covered up. “What the hell is going on in here, pull your damned pants up!”

“Sorry mom.” The little one was kinda loud, but I turned around, and grabbed my dress to sit on.

“Little faggots circle jerking out the window, get your belt.”

“Oh mom.”

“You want to play butt boy games with your little brother, I’ll teach you first bend over. Grab your ankles, and count. One.”

“One? Ah!”


“Two, Ow!” The loud swats, and I got over the giggles, as soon as she demanded the belt, to spank them. This wasn’t funny any more, but I pulled my dress on, before I got up.

“Stop, stop it, there not gay!” I cupped my hands around my mouth. “HEY LADY STOP! A minute.” Finally, the slaps of the belt stopped on 4, and I heard sobbing, but I couldn’t see anything. “I’m sorry, but it wasn’t gay. Not at all, I was just practicing a strip tease for them, and they were masturbating to me.”

“Who’s she?” She looked back from the window, and reached up.

“I don’t know mom. Just some girl out on the rood.” He sniffed. “Honest, we didn’t even look.”

“Huh, well you better tell me who you are, young lady.”

“Why, so you can call the cops on me for indecent exposure? Fuck you, lady.”


I just walked back to the ladder. “I should call the cops on you for child abuse, sadistic bitch.” At least I know where she lives, but I took my underwear off, when I got down to the fire escape, and pulled them on carefully over my shoes. Shook them out, just in case I got any grit in them, before I pulled them up.

“Huh! Hhihihn!” That was amazing, exciting, and I never felt so sexy in my whole entire life. I better get my computer back, somehow.

“Lynnette?” My dad hung out the window. “What the hell are you doing out there?” My window.

“Well, what are you doing in my room? Jerking off to my girlfriend again?”

“What? No.”

“Don’t give me that, bull crap. You’re so full of shit, I had to go right past your room on the ledge. So, I saw you, when there was legal porno right there you could have watched, instead of beating off in bed, looking at my girlfriend.”

“Well, I didn’t know you’re girlfriends.”

“Well, what did you think, she cams for just anybody? She’s not a cam whore, and she sure as shit didn’t make that video for you.”

“I’m sorry honey, but I didn’t even know you’re gay.”

“Oh,” I just came out to my dad. Well, kinda, but it’s probably better if he thinks we’re 100% gay, and not bisexual. Standing out on the fire escape, and yelling down the alley way. “Well, of course I am, I’m a big old lesbo dyke. How could you not know that about me, when you’ve known me my whole entire life?”

I only told him she’s not a cam whore, so he doesn’t go looking for her pay site. Or the paysite that pays her a little bit, for every guy that jerks off to her videos. I don’t care. In fact, I’m proud of my hot sexy girlfriend getting payed for being hot, and sexy online, but not for my dad. Fuck no, she can do it for anybody else’s husband, or father, but not mine.

“Well, you better come in, I’ll let you in my window.” He backed inside window, and went around through the hall. Opened up his window to reach out, and take my hand, while I climbed over, and stepped out on the ledge again. “Whatever makes you happy sweetheart. If you want Nova to come over.”

“Why so you can watch us get gay together?”

“No, I. I told you I was sorry for that.”

“Well, my girlfriend or no, you should be ashamed of yourself. For that, and you’re such a hypocrite. Taking away my computer for looking at my girlfriend, so you can jerk off looking at my girlfriend.”

“All right, enough all ready!” I grabbed my computer.

“Well, stop snooping around on my computer, and let me have a little privacy, okay?”

“Okay, fine. Just get out of my room.”

“Fine. I need a shower anyways.” I made it a bath, so I could msg Nova, and tell her what happened.

Sure enough, she laughed her ass off.

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