Finally had sex with my sister. Mary

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I have been ubsessed with my younger sister mary since she was 13

It all started when my sister mary was around 13 or so she was the most amazing looking teen ever she has long brown hair full lips Nice tits but her best thing she has is my sister mary had a awesome picture perfect ass i was 15 at the time when I started 2 see her in a new way my god mary is so hot i was Staring at her ass all the time i would love 2 taste Her pussy and rub that ass i would jurk off thanking of fucking marys sweet pussy and how it would feel to shoot my cum in my sister and wondering what Her pussy tasted like sometimes i would jurk off in marys room i would shoot my cum on her bed and pillows to. lying in her bed i would shoot lot of my ball juce in her room one day i was telling my friend how i was thinking of the dirty thought i was having he sead i no she is hot as hell he said have you ever sniffed your sister marys panties ? Wow I didn’t even though about that. He said i smell And suck on my moms panties thats were the pussy discharge Is’you no. i said Wow russ your right your mom is hot 4 her age russ said mitch would you like a pair of my Moms dirty panties to jurk off with you get me marys panties i will give you my mothers its a deal russ so i went home mary was out playing i Went to her room and on the floor was my sister marrys panties i put the crotch of her panties to my nose oh my god i was smelling my first cunt i ever smelt and it was my hot sister marys pussy i took my cock out and started to jack off her pussy smelled so good and musty so i put the crotch in my mouth and sucked all marys pussy juce out of marys panteis it was the best feeling when i ejaculated my come shooting all over her bed this was something i was doing All most any chance I got. When Mary was 16 or so one night I sneaked in marys bed room when she was sleeping put my hand inside the covers and was rubbing mary hot ass i felt her pussy throw Her panties i slowly slide my hand inside marys undes and felt he cunt it was wet and i stuck my finger in marys hot tight pussy and started fingering her four a bit my cock was throbbing i jurked my cock with my free hand i pulled my finger Out of marys pussy and stick it in my mouth marys pussy tasted so good i came like a bull i did this many of times through the years. 2 cum one night I stuck my head in between her legs and lickd her pussy a Little bit i all so jurk off on marys ass when she was sleeping and rub some of my cum on her pessy i all so looked at her naked hot body in a peep hole in are celler you could. See in to the bathroom i would look at her naked body and jurk off thanking of how it would it fell to be fucking eating her out french kissing mary and to shoot my big load of my hot cum in my sister marys pussy hole well all got to come to a end she go married and moved on by this time i had a girlfriend and life gos on………now fore the good stuff of my story 10 years later Mary has 2 kids and a boyfriend and I was single at th time me and mary seen each other all the time party go out drinking or just hang out at her house and yes i all ways get a pair of marys dirty pantieas when I go i havent had a chance To get them. Tell she moved back around back from Texas so 8 years with Out any and man her Pussy stained panties smell and tasted as good as ever i would watch Porn and jerk off my throbbing cock as i smell and suck marys sweet Cunt juce out of marys gusset when i was going to cum i would swallowe marys pussy juce one night she told me her boyfriend was going out of town for a bowling tournament for for days and she wants go out drinking. Saturday night and mitch you can stay the night . Yes mary that would. Be fun so we went out drinking she got really we were going to take a cab home so i didn’t care we had fun she wanted to dance so we did. It from fast to slow her brest were together her arms around me she kissed me on the lips softly and said. I love you mitch i all most had a heartache i love you to mary i could feel my dick start to get hard we went back to her house kids were at there Dads house. mary was so wasted she was laughing mary had enough for the night i heip her to her bed she could hardly stand she started talking of her clothes mary good night sweet she said good night i went to the kitchen and got a beer drinking my beer i said oh my god oh my god ??? This is the chance of my life time she is gonna be past out cold my cock was twitching…about 25 minutes later i want to room opened the door and went to her bed oh my god she was completely naked i sat on her bed looking at the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life .i grabed her ass and started to feel her ass up oh it was so hot i spread. My sister Marys ass open and i could see her beautiful asshole i though i was going to cum right there . now i never ate a girls ass out before but this was my dream came true so i went for it oh my it was so fucking tasty. Marys ass puckerd as i stuck my tongue in my hot sister marys asshole in and out my tongue went. then i would suck on marys asshole ten minutes later i turned her over on her back oh yes her she is four the taking.i played and sucked with my sisters tits and moving up to he neck sucking on her all the way to her sweet lips French kissing sucking my hot sister marys tongue in my mouth this made me so fucking horny i could feel my precume leaking out of my rock hard 8 inch cock it was dripping all over marys legs.i got on my knees put my head of my cock into marys mouth and squeezed all my precum in my sister’s mouth and she swollowed it up that sent me over the point of no return seeing mary do that i was going to cum my balls tighten up my cock was twitching and there was no stopping it i grabed my cock and started shooting my hot cum all over my pretty sister marys face the first few ropes of semen hit her night stand the rest of my cum my sister mary was swollowing it up and down her throat that was i shoot my load and didn’t even get to marys pussy……???????but i am not done with my sister yet so i got down between marys legs and spread her leg opened man i could smell my sisters pussy and it smelled so fucking good i was heard is a rock again .i started eating my littel sisters pussy hole out oh my god i was in 7th heaven i sucked in marys sweet cunt hole for 30 minutes or so i had to fuck my sister now.i got on top of mary took my cock and pointed it to my sister’s pussy and pushed it he wet hot pussy of my sister mary oooooohhhh yyyyyaaaa oh sliding in marys pussy slow and easy until i hit my sisters servix i was balls deep in mary pussy i could feel marys cunt hole contracting on my cock its something i never felt before i just was staying still with my cock deep in marys pussy and it just. Keeps happening my cock would trop each time marys pussy would contract i was close to another orgasam so i started fuck my sisters pussy i kissed her mouth and sucked her tongue inside of mouth i was getting ready to shoot my cum in side of my sister mary oh yes oh ye oh mary om coming sis i must have shoot ten ropes of cum in my sister i could not believe how good it felt. And i was pumping marys cunt hole full ov my semen oh my i am going to cum agen and i did deep inside. Of mary ooooohhhh yyyyyyaaaa then i pulled my cock out of marys cum following pussy and kissed her good night and went bed ,,…………true story

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    Did you read part. 2 yet??????

  • Reply Sue ID:4loj3fy8j

    I love the story much it made me come so good

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    Hay mary can i fuck you like your brother does how old are you i am 15 and horny [email protected] if so

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    Its true i wish you didn’t use are real names tho…………

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    I can’t wait to hear part two of your story about your sister Mitch first story was good you have to slow down a little bit and did you know you weren’t going to last long having lusted for her for so long and how long did you actually last a minute two minutes three five tell us I used to let my brother eat me out never had sexual intercourse with him but I used to give him BJ’s and he would eat me out and we’d get each other off I’m horny just thinking about it fingering myself as I write this too you got to go got to come

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    I loved the story

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    It was like nothing i evre felt before in my life

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    Must have been felt good when you finally busted your nut in

    your sister after wanting her for so many years

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  • Reply Holly ID:55x32dm9k

    I’ve had sex with my, brother, dad, teacher, and a stranger through the years, started at 12 if anyone wants to hear about it.

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      Write up your story & share!

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      So thank you for getting a hold of me that was a lot of fun we will do it again is there any way I left my Cubs at with at your house

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      Yes you did I will send it to you did you steal my daughter’s panties lol I know she’s hot for 13 I don’t blame you if you did tell me what you did with them Mitch

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