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Family secrets

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Jamie was 5’6 with abs and a thick long 8inch cock with curly short hair and B cups tits and a hidden pussy under her balls her sister riley was 4’11 with a slightly flat chest and a shaved pussy that was virgin and tight shes innocent with her hair in pink tails there dad is 6’2 muscular with curly hair and a stubbed mustache and a 10in thick cock and hairy body.

jamie pov

“jamiee daddy wants you” riley called out only in cotton panties and a short shirt with a frog “im coming” her soft cock was shown in her short tight shirts with a sports bra and like always she sat on her dad’s lap blushing feeling his cock she was bisexual.

He kisses her neck “i was wondering while Riley sleeps did you wanna sleep with me until i fix the heater in your room” his cock was hard and poking her hidden pussy “ye-yes daddy” he kisses her lips sloppily while she kissed back there father daughter kisses she pulled away and went to her dads room.bending up stripping her cock was hard as her dad stripped.

“Good girl we’ll be warmed naked and close” she got in and he pulled her close as they spoon his mushrooms tip phishing up her balls as his cock got wet from.her wetness.

“Oh daddy my pussy is cold” he gripped her boobs and pushed in the tight snatch of his 17 year old daughter.

The wetness and slapping and there moans while they kissed were heard. “Daddy loves you so much i cant wait to marry you and see your huge milky tits and swollen belly” she screamed “don’t wait daddy breed me and marry me i wanna be yours daddy” they grunted as cum shot on her stomach and he filled her womb all she could feel was warmness and his seeds invading her egg (lets just say kids from incest don’t have defects)

She cockwarmed him as they kissed she smiled ” i cant wait to get pregnant for you daddy” she smiled as his stubbke tickled her cheek “me to daddy’s gonna put so many babys in you now go to sleep while i make riley a women.

See Riley couldn’t develop until a mans cock popped her cherry and painted her walls.

Her nakedly stod and creeped and slipped her clothes off latching his mouth on her smooth pussy “oh daddy that feels nice” he kept licking and sucking while she could moan and dream of taking jamie and daddys cock everyday.

“I have to pee daddy”she whimpered squirting he licked it up and stood up “on tour knees daddy’s gonna fuck that little mouth” she opened her mouth instantly knowing after a while of fucking her face and hair was painted with seed

She was laid back and and his cock tore into her while he kissed her “daddys making you a women shhh” she cried until the pain stop he fucked her filling her with cum.all night and when she woke up her pussy had small hairs and her boobs were slightly bigger also jamie slamming into her.

9 months later jamie had her fathers child after there wedding and riley had double ds a thick thighs and a tight cunt that Jamie gladly spilled her seed in.

Getting her pregnant with her girl

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  • Reply F.B.G.M.

    so is jamie female, shemale or a hermaphrodite

    • Psiberzerker

      It’s better to leave that up to you. “Futanari” are Japanese fantasy dick-girls. A kind of Hentai thing, so there’s no real-world equivalent. Whatever turns you on, you can think of them as that.

    • Rygo

      yah, I do not understand this story too

  • Reply e85sergio

    awww i whanted riley to get fucked