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Emperor Domitian of Rome (Part2)

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The most evil Emperor Roman has ever had shows why he is a hated man.

Domitian,woke with a start,he lay on his back and slowly looked around the candle lit bedroom . Domitilla his sister lay sleeping next to him, but as his eyes became accustomed to the low light in the room he could see his naked Mother standing talking to one of the slaves by the window.
Shouting at the top of his voice the guards outside his room came rushing in, pointing at his Mother he was screaming ” she is planning, she is planing again to kill me arrest her “.
Swords drawn the guards surrounded his Mother, the girl slave lay on the floor crying ” don’t kill me don’t kill me” she pleaded as Domitian ordered the girl to be dragged to where he was. Taking a sword from one of the guards he held the tip to the crying girls throat. “Whats was my Mother saying to you” he asked the frightened girl ?
“She, she ,she, wanted to know where I was from ” babled the girl in a sobbing voice, “why did she want to know that” Domitian demanded slowly twisting the tip of the sword on the girls throat .” I don’t know” said the girl crying even more ,” don’t kill me master please don’t kill me, I did nothing wrong” she tried to say through her sobs.
Walking over to his Mother he ordered the guards to move back, pointing the sword at her stomach he told his Mother to drop to her knees. “What were you talking about” he screamed at his Mother, she tried to smile and said, ” nothing Domitian, nothing, I could not sleep ,I was hot and the girl was awake looking out of the window” . ” I was asking her if she missed her home, nothing more”.
“Liar, Liar” he shouted at his Mother, “leave me this sword and go” he said to the guards, “stay awake I might need you to remove a body after this weapon has done it’s work”, he said looking into his Mothers eyes. She turned her head away to look in the direction of the crying girl and sighed , “just kill me Domitian” she said softly, “just kill me now please”.
The Emperor sat in his chair naked, his eyes closed ,breathing softly and almost asleep, his sister knelt on the floor sucking his semi hard cock , a line of six naked women slaves stood silently waiting for there turn to lick his Mother Flavia’s pussy to a climax.
Chained to a low table Flavia sounded as if she was slowly reaching her third climax in the last forty five minutes, the girl kneeling on the floor between Flavia’s thighs was licking her clitoris as hard as she could, she had watched the girl in front of her fail to bring Flavia to a climax before Domitian got bored watching her, shouting at her to get up he removed the whip from the hook on the wall , ordering the girl to lay along his Mothers belly he struck the crying girls buttocks until she fainted slowly falling off Flavia’s stomach onto the floor.
Domitian gently pushed his sisters head away , his cock slipped out of her mouth , standing up slowly he walked towards his bed, his sister got off the floor and went and laid next to him,” roll over “he said and she rolled onto her side facing away from him. She felt his middle finger going into her cunt, he pushed it in her as far as he could and she gave out a little sigh before they both fell asleep.
Emperor Domitian rolled over onto his back and grabbed his hard cock in his hand , the sun shone in the window lighting up the room, he looked at the line of women and realized they were still waiting to do oral sex on his Mother. Climbing out of bed he walked over to where she lay still chained to the table, her eyes were closed and a slaves head was bobbing up and down ,her mouth on his Mother’s cunt.
Pulling the slaves mouth off his Mother by her hair he looked at the wet patch on the table between his Mothers legs, her swollen cunt lips were bright red and he smiled to himself as he slapped her cunt with the flat of his hand. She opened her eyes and let out a little cry. Leaning down he took her lips between his fingers and thumbs of each hand and pulled them apart. Tears flowed from his Mothers eyes running down to her ears and dripping onto the table.
“Sore are you” he said looking at here menacingly, she nodded her head yes, then watched him start to climb onto the table. Kneeling between her legs he began to slap her cunt with his cock.
She mouthed something but no words seemed to come out, but that changed when she felt his cock begining to go between her cunt lips, and she let out a scream of agony when he pushed it hard into her belly and started fucking her hard.
Her screams and begging excited him, he didn’t last more than a few minutes before spurting his hot sperm into her sore cunny, and although the pain had eased since he took it out of her cunt the agony as his salty sperm draining out of her cunt and touching her raw red lips made her scream anew.
After he had been bathed Domitian headed for the main room of the palace, his old friend the Magister Militum was already seated at a table in the corner. Carpenters, backsmiths, and laborers were working everywhere, Domitian smiled as he sat down grabbing a handful of dates and bread he said ” I promised you something special didn’t this morning”, and looking across the room he held his arm up to signal to the centurians standing at the other end of the room.
The Magister Militum watched in amazement as Augustus one of the two Consuls , the highest ranking officers in the Senate was led on a chain across the room, followed by his wife and two teenage daughters who were chained together with iron collars around there necks.
Standing in silence by the table , Augusts and his family heard The Emperor say, “last night I ordered all the gates to the city to be closed, I expected to find a few members of the senate trying to leave the city before they were accused of treason, but I did not expect to find Augusta my once loyal consulate and his family heading for parts unknown”.
“Don’t worry Augusta” he said smiling at the Consulate,” I am not going have you or any of the other senators who betrayed me tortured, you will be able to go home to you house as soon as I find out who was involved in the plot against me”. “No he said smiling at the Consulates wife, it’s your wife and children who are going to be torchered, so consider yourself lucky, it’s there crys we will here echoing along the corridors of my palace not yours” and, he stood up taking a few steps towards the Consulates wife he grabbed hold of her big breasts and pulled her towards him, look at these he said squeezing them hard and making her scream ,” maybe I will hang this bitch up by her tits for a while” he said as he let out a laugh.
“Take them away “said Domitian, “there giving me pains in my chest” .


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