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Emperor Domitian of Rome (part one)

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Domitian, the cruelest ,sickest Emperor Rome ever had.

How much was Domitian hated as the Emperor of Rome, even his own Mother and elder Sister who now crawled slowly behind him ,naked and totally humiliated on chains attached to iron collars around their necks had tried to murder and overthrow him .
Domitian moved from one senior member of the Senate and there family, to the next, whispering quietly to each Senator, convinced that the recent attempt on his life had originated from several members of the ten men he was now terrorising just by him being there alive and well. .
At the end of the line Emperor Domitian spoke to the Magister Militum , ” those I touch on the shoulder you will take with there family’s to the cells “, “the others you will dismiss, ordering them to return with their family’s at 6 in the evening tomorrow, I need to show the World I am not to be fooled with.
Domitian walked behind the line of Senators and there family’s, and touched four on the shoulders, it was not until he left the room they would learn if that was a good thing or a bad thing . Walking up the hallway to his quarters with his Mother and Sister crawling behind him, he could hear the women wailing and pleading as the guards took them away, he laughed out loud yanking the chains and making his Mother and Sister cry out in pain as their iron collars bit into there necks.
Sitting in his chair, with his Mother and Sister at his feet, he raised his foot and pushed it against his Mother forehead, tapping his crotch with his hand , he smiled as she got to her knees, slowly moving her hands up his legs she pulled his toga open before inserting his slowly growing cock into her mouth .
Aaaahh sighed Domitian as he laid his head back onto the pillow at the back of his chair, “Domitilla my dear Sister” he said, ” were going to play a little game ,”why don’t you lay on your back and slide your face under our dear Mothers cunnus and lick her to encourage her to make me cum, and if you make her cum before she makes me cum, then you can whip her , but if she makes me cum before you make her cum, then she is going to whip you .
Domitian got onto her back immediately ,sliding under her Mother’s kneeling body, she reached up and grabbed her hips ,pulling her cunnus down onto her mouth , she had seen a whipping the night before when her brother whipped a servant for dropping a glass, after two dozen strokes of the whip on her buttocks Domitian had the poor girl laid on her back on the table, the other servants grabbed her arms and pulled her legs apart , and he had ordered his Mother to whip her cunnus until she fainted or he would whip hers. The Emperor’s Mother put the poor girl out of her misery as quickly as she could although it took about a dozen stokes before the girls eyes rolled into the back of her head and she fainted.
A knock on the door, made The Emperor groan, “stop” he said pulling his Mothers head away from his cock by her hair. A slave stood by the door waiting for him to tell her to open it, when his Mother and Sister were sitting on cushions at his feet he waved to the girl and she opened the door allowing the Magister Militum into the room.
“Are they all locked up old friend” said Emperor Domitian, his friend of many years smiled and said “they are Domitian , we locked the husbands in cells on there own just far enough away from their wives and children to hear the the bitches crying and wailing, and there is a lot of that going on “he said laughing , “have you got plans for them for tomorrow evening” he asked ?
” Oh yes “said Domitian laughing ” by the time I have finished with them if there not already dead they will wish there were” he said laughing out loud, “I have the carpenters and blacksmiths arriving early tomorrow, come and meet me in the atrium , we will dine on wheat pancakes, honey and dates, and don’t Futuo your wife tonight, I have a gift for you at breakfast he said grinning at his friend.

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