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Emperor Domitian Of Rome (part 4)

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Domitian kept his promise , Senter’s wouldn’t be tortured , there Wives and Daughters would be, he was determined to find out who tried to kill him.

When Emperor Domitian finished interrogating the line of naked Senators wives and daughters he sent them back to there husbands with orders to remain naked and to watch closely to see what happens to Senators , their Wives and Children who became an enemy of The State
The seven Senators who’s wives and daughters had been taken to the cellars had been ordered to lay on the floor face down for questioning while a member of the Praetorian guard stood by them ,swords draw with orders to instantly kill anyone of the seven that moved.
Returning to his once faithful Consulate and the other men and there sons that were chained to the cross’s, he noticed that every Son had been sucked dry by his Mother and only one man still had his daughter slowly moving her head up and down her Fathers cock.
” Well ,well Augusta” said Domitian laughing , “it seems maybe your slut of a wife has not taught your daughter the art of pleasing a man, or is it that your daughter just likes having her fathers cock in her mouth and is in no hurry to taste the fruits of her labors”,
” It’s is my fault Emperor” said Augusta bravely, “I am unable to stay hard knowing my daughter is doing something I find sickening, and would not ask any mans daughter to do.
Domitian grabbed the girls hair and pulled her backwards off her Fathers cock, laying on her back he stood on her hair and ordered the Consulates wife to “put her mouth on the girls cunny lick her to a plesurable end”. The woman knelt there crying ,it had only been 15 minutes that she had emptied her sons little tadpoles int her belly ,now this devil wanted her to lick her own daughters cunny.
The huge tited wife of the Consulate lent forward ,put her head on the floor and cried, between sobs begging the Emperor to leave her and her family alone.
She never even heard Domitian order the guards to tie her daughter with her back to to her Fathers front on his X by her wrists and ankles, and it was not until she herself was being dragged and forced to kneel at her bound husband and daughters feet did she hear her son cry out and looking she suddenly realized what was going to happen to her son.
Domitian stood with a guard in front of the boy , the guard had a his sword under the boys flaccid penis holding it up with his dagger above it waiting for the word from Domitian to castraite the boy.
“No, No, No” screamed August’s wife, “I will do it, I will do it, please don’t hurt my son, don’t hurt him” she cried burying her face into the soft downy hair around her daughters cunt . Sshe pulled her face back from her daughters cunt lips . Poking her tongue out she started licking the girls slit from bottom to top again and again so The Emperor could see what she was doing.
Taking the dagger from the guard Domitian went and knelt between the woman’s legs, her hands now on her daughters buttocks she was pulling the girls body towards her so her cunny was against her mouth. ” Don’t move” said Domitrian softly ” or I will cut your tits off,” and he ran the blade gently down the woman’s back making her shiver and cry out into her daughters cunt.
She could feel his fingers touching her cunt lips and she gave a little aagghh as he pushed two of them into her cunt
Pulling her head backwards away from her daughters cunt The Emperor whispered ” ,tell you husband what I am doing to you and tell him how much your enjoying it” he said softly, the dagger blade now pointing at the side of her neck.
“Augusta” said his wife in a soft voice ,” The Emperor Domitian is fucking me with his fingers” she said trying to sound brave and fighting her feelings so as not to break down in tears again, ” it’s wonderful “she said closing her eyes as the tears ran down her face, and with that Domitian forced his hand up to his thumb into her cunt, befre pushing her face back into her daughters cunt. Withdrawing his hand from her hot hole, he wiped her juice off it with her hair, and standing up he adjusted his robes and turned to the guard standing next to him, ” bring me the two pregnant whores you took down to the cells, I need something to amuse me” he said laughing.
Sipping a goblet of wine Domitian watched as the two young pregnant women slowly made there way towards him. Both stil naked they wore collars around there necks and the two chains from there collars went down over there breast to leather wrist straps on there arms enabling them to hold there big milk field udders up as they walked naked towards him.
Two jailers followed the women carrying what looked like woodworkers saw horse’s, small four legged wooden contraption with a flat wooden top about 8 inches wide, the city builders would place wood on them to cut it.
Each one had a woolen fleece on the top and as the two women stood opened legged in front of The Emperor the jailors slid the contraptions between their legs and placed a metal bar between the womens feet, clipping it onto the leather ankles bracelets they were both wearing.
The Emperors own Physician arrived carrying a bottle of liquid, taking a towel he poured some of the liquid onto the towel and rubbed the women’s nipples and areolas, before applying more to the towel and very carefully rubbing there cunt lips with it, and then spending a little longer to apply a quantity to both women clitoris.
The women stood there looking at Domiitian for a minute, they were both embarrassed that he was looking at there cunnys and there big bellys , then suddenly one of the women let out a little cry, her niples felt all tingly and were getting hard, then a minute later they began to feel they were burning.
The chains from her coller allowed her to rub her niples, they were itching and burning at the same time, and rubbing them only seemed to make them burn more, but not touching them made her start to go crazy, trying to swing her breasts from side to side both women now felt the heat and itching not only in their niples but in there cunts as well.
Dropping onto the sheep skin covering ,Octavia the woman with the bigger belly let out a scream, the hundreds of tiny pins that had been pushed through the sheepskin stuck into her bottom and cunt lips, and she stood up screaming , by now pulling her niples so hard it looked like she would pull them off of her tits .
Withing five minutes both woman were in such agony from the combination of herbs and spices the Physician had mixed together, they were both rubbing there cunts up and down the sheep skin cover, the whole time denying to the guard that there husbands were traitors , and it took over fifteen minutes before the itching burning sensation began to wear off .
Both women laid on the there fat bellys there cunt lips and bottoms were ripped to pieces and bleeding ,crying and begging to be taken off the wooden horses.
Domitian got up and walked to the women, slapping one of them on the backside he said you have done well, I believe you , call your husbands over here and tell them to take you home, and he walked away to see what was happening with his Consulate and his Wife, Daughter and Son.


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