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Emperor Domitian Of Rome (part 3)

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The Tyrants voices in his head, begin filling the Members of the Senate with fear as they watch their wives and sons and daughters get punished.

Emperor Domitian spent most of the morning supervising the building and decorating of the main room in his palace, the room where tonight his once trusted friends would be tried for treason, and where their family’s would be the main entertainment if what promised to be a night then sent fear through the Senate and anyone that has spoken out against him.
Returning to his bedroom he found his Mother and Sister laying on the floor where he had chained them four hours earlier . ” Domitian” said his Mother, ” I need to go” and she nodded towards the bathhouse, “I am getting cramps.”
Unchaining his Mother and Sister he led them to the room then ordered his Mother to get into the huge bath tub , squat down and pee. No sooner had she squatted down the a hot stream of pee began squirting from her cunt.
Domitian stood laughing watching his Mother empty her bladder, “well my dear Mother” he said when her stream finally began to run dry ,”you really did want to go didn’t you” ? Turning to his sister he said ” and you dear sister do you need to go as bad as our poor Mother did”. “Yes” said his sister Domitilla, ” then step into in the bath” he said smiling, “and you dear Mother, on your knees”.
Flavia knelt in what was left of her piss, taking his sisters hand he pulled her so her cunt was against his Mothers forehead, slapping her buttocks hard he order his sister to piss on his Mother, who managed to close her eyes and mouth before her daughters hot pee splashed onto her face.
Laughing Domitian backed away towards the door, the two women slaves standing there look on in fear,. ” Wash these whore’s and perfume them ” he said holding one of the womens chin in his hand “,then brig them bring them to my bed “, and with that he walked away while his sister spilled the last of her golden liquid on her Mothers face.
At 6 pm that evening Emperor Domitian walked into the palaces main room, the 20 or so invited Senators and their family’s had driven to number almost a hundred people, the room fell silent as they all bowed and remained bent at the waist until he told them to rise.
Domitian with his Mother and Sister on there leashes, crawling naked on the floor went to the back of the room , Augusta and the four other Senators who Domitian had convinced himself had organised his failed assassination attempt,wearing nothing more than a loin cloth were chained to large wooden crosses in the shape of an X. Next to each man their sons were chained in a similar fashion. They ranged from 13 to 16 years of age and were without exception white with fear, the crime there Fathers had been accused of had only one outcome, death, and a brutal death at that.
Domitian heard the murmurs coming from the previous silent crowd, turning he watched the five naked wives and there naked eldest daughters being led into the room on chains attached to there metal collars. Male slaves led the women and daughters to where there husbands and sons were chained to the cross. The male slaves positioned each wife and daughter on there knees in front of there husbands and sons, and once they were in position they removed the mens and boys loincloths.
Domitian stood behind his Consultes Augusta’s wife , and his hands went to her large breasts, squeezing them and pulling them he said ” how lucky your husband and sons are to have their cocks sucked by their Mothers and Daughters, letting go of her breasts he took hold of her hair, “ladies” he said in a loud voice” you have been told what to do, now do it” and he pushed her head towards her sons semi hard cock.
Slapping the back of her head he spat out the words ” suck it bitch, suck the seed out of your sons balls, and you cunt” he said turning to her daughter, “suck the seed that made your ugly ass out of your Fathers cock sack,” turning to the other four women and their daughters he laughed, “get on with it whores, it might just save you lives “.
Slowly Domitian walked down the line of cock sucking women, the Mothers had had no trouble in getting there sons hard, one or two of the Fathers appeared to remain flaccid,seemingly ashamed of having there daughters kneeling before them doing such a perverted act.
Domitian stood looking, looking at the men’s faces, he kept reciting the same sentence over and over “Names I want names”, his voice getting louder and louder the longer no one answered him..
” I need names of people in this room that tried to have me assassinated, he screamed” but the only sound to break the eerie silence was the wet sound of ten cocks being sucked hard, which was soon followed by the sound of the youngest boys high pitched aaggghhhh as his mother gently squeezing his nut sack, made his cock twitch ,and Domitian watched as the boys head began shaking from side to side and with a loud shout he emptied his first ever load of cum to leave his cock into his Mother’s mouth and down her throat.
Domitian went to her side ,pulling her by the hair off her sons cock he demanded she open her mouth to show him the fruits of her labor ,as she did so a large blob of the boys seed came out of her mouth dropping onto the floor. “Bitch you dirty fucking bitch ” Domitian said softly, looking into her eyes,” now swallow the rest and lick that up ” he said pointing at the blob of cum on the floor.
The woman looked at Domitian ,she opened her eyes wide running her tongue over her lips as if in defiance to him, he felt his cock jerk under his toga as she slowly lowered her mouth to the floor and started licking up her sons sperm, before finally looking up and smiling at him. At that second Domitian knew he wanted that woman, he wanted to fuck her till he had nothing left in his balls to give her.
“Whats your name whore” he said to her , ” Lucia master” she said softly ,and The Emperor realized she was offering herself to him . Her eyes sparkled ,she was offering herself to be his play thing, teasing him with her sexuality, ” you had better help your daughter finish your husband” he said horsley, “your daughter seems to be a useless cocksucker, perhaps a night in the soldiers barracks might improve her ability to please a man” he said , she smiled again, and said “yes master do you want me to go with her as well” and on her knees shuffled to gently kiss her daughters neck and whisper in her ear.
The girl let her Fathers cock slip out of her mouth and moved far enough away , then sat on the floor and watched her Mother put her husbands cock in her mouth and began to gently rock her head backwards and forwards taking the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down into her throat without once gagging.
Anger built up deep in Domitian’s breast, this woman was making a fool of him, what was supposed to be total humiliation, a form of punishment for the men he knew in his mind were traitors and was sure had tried to kill hm, she had turned into a game of Roman Checkers , and she had not just beaten him, she had crushed .
Moving to her side he bent down and she stopped moving her head up and down her husbands shaft, whispering in her ear he said ” no,I don’t want you to go to the barracks, with your daughter you my dear are going to go to the stables and bring happiness to all the stallions there, I hope you enjoy yourself and don’t drown in there seed”., and with that he left her side and went back to his throne.
Domitian sat and stared at the crowd in front of him, in his mind he could see everyone of his Senators, there wives, and children laughing at him, the more he looked at them the more they seemed to be laughing until full of rage he screamed into the air , that every women in the room should remove all there clothing and line up for questioning.
A few of the women started to remove there Pallas and Stola’s, but standing in only there Subligorias and Strophiums which only covered there butts, cunts and breasts they stopped undressing and some even started to get dressed again.
Filled with rage and anger Domitian screamed for the Praetorian Guard to draw there swords and to run them through any woman or girl child over the age of 15 that was not naked in one minute .
Sitting down on his throne, he laughed to himself as the members of the Praetorian guard with swords drawn began to mingle with the family’s Some women crying holding onto the their husbands a they quickly tried to remove their underclothes , those with daughters over 15 grabbed the girls hands and pushing through the crowd raced to line up against the wall.
Domitian stood looking at the line of women, “now” he said calmly ” when I ask you the name of your husband you will tell me, and you will also tell me if he was involved in the plot to kill me,
any woman I think who is lying will be punished is that understood ? ”
Standing in front of the first woman he watched as she broke down crying before he even asked her the question, no he wasn’t she said between sobs,” liar ” said The Emperor and he siganald for two members of the Praetorian Guard to drag the screaming woman and her crying daughter out of the room, as Domitian shook his head and moved on to the next woman in line.
By the time he got to the end of the line seven women, 4 with daughters, one older woman with no children and two pregnant women had been sent to the cells to await their fate ,they did not have long to wait.

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