Drug addicted husband who didn’t care

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I just had to get out of there that minute, I knew if I stayed what would happen next time

This all happened last year 5 months before the first lockdown with this virus, my name is Cassandra and I’m 26, I walked out on my husband, I had no choice really as he’d become a monster since he lost his job and got into drugs and very bad company, not just talking them but distributing them too, he became verbally abusive and gave his so called friends cart blanch around the house, I ended up really terrified but it all came to a head one night when I had a shower, went to my bedroom for a lay down and was suddenly awakened by one of his rancid black friends standing over with his cock out stroking himself, I jumped up literally screaming like hell telling him to get out, he did laughing his head off, I knew then I had to go there and then, I had a feeling if I stayed the next time I would be raped, I dressed as quickly as I could grabbed my bag and car keys and I ran downstairs, I noticed my husband slouched in the chair as I went past he didn’t gave a damn as to what had just happened.
It was all in total contrast to 3 years earlier when we got married, obtained a mortgage and a home, then because of a drink driving offence, he lost his job and self respect, and me, everything had gone down the toilet and our home ended up looking like a tip.

As I drove away from the house my mind was in overdrive, ok what do I do now? Mum is a single parent and now she is in a nursing home with cancer so the only other alternative was my brothers place in Derby, he is recently out of the RAF where he worked on aeroplanes but now works for rolls royce there, it’s over a 2 hour drive up there but figured it was the best thing to do as there was no where else to go and I couldn’t go back home, not now.
Everything flashed through my mind, my job the house the mortgage and what very nearly happened, I thought damn it all just get away as quick as I could and I’ll sort it out later if I can, all I had was what I had with me and the clothes on my back, about half way up I suddenly thought god what if he has a girlfriend! I knew he wasn’t married but me turning up out of the blue if their is a girlfriend there! I decided to press on as I had no choice but I had to stop about half way as the shock hit me and I dissolved into a mess, shaking and crying, I recovered myself got myself a coffee at an all night cafe and continued, I got to my brothers place a couple of hours later but he there was no one in so I parked the car and waited.

It was just after 9 in the morning, I had fallen asleep and was woken up by a tapping on the window, it was my brother wondering what I was doing there! I got out of the car and we went in and I told him everything and apologised for ending up on his doorstep but I had nowhere else to go, don’t be silly he said, he said I looked shattered and could do with some sleep, I was more worried about him so I asked if he had a girlfriend and he said he was in-between girlfriends at the moment! Well that was one thing he wouldn’t have to explain to another girl!
I couldn’t really sleep cause my mind was racing, I asked if I could use his phone cause I needed to call work and explain why I wasn’t there, after telling them what happened they seemed to understand and asked me to call back the following day with a view to
relocating me, Mathew, my brother said I could stay for as long as I needed to, his house wasn’t big, just two bedrooms and one bed, he said I could use it and he would sleep on the couch but I had things to do so I told him to go to bed while I tried to sort out my life and we could talk later on, I would go to bed when he started his shift, I didn’t have many calls to make but they were important ones, I also need some clothes and there was no way I was ever going back there to get them!

Ok now you know how I ended up at my brothers house, I started taking the necessary steps to getting my life back, after a long chat with my boss he agreed to relocate me in Derby and made the arrangements, next get a solicitor to start divorce proceedings and hand the house back to the bank, then contact the police in case I was reported missing! And get some more clothes especially underwear!
Mathew did suggest going back there with him on his day off to get my things but I was to frightened and god knows what we would have found, no it was better I started from scratch instead of anything tainted from there, and with that I started to rebuild my life.

Things were going really well, me and Mathew were working but a huge bomb shell was just around the corner, our mum had succumbed to her cancer which meant we had to go back to London to sort things out, at least it didn’t come as a surprise cause we both expected it, I had just started sleeping properly again but I found myself thinking one day I’m going to be on my own or Mathew is going to get a girlfriend and I’ll have to leave but on the way back from the funeral we talked and he said well at least she gave us each other so we are not alone and it was very comforting to hear.
One day on leaving work I stepped of the curd heading to my car twisting my ankle and hurting my back trying to stay upright (bloody stiletto heels) by the time I got home my lower back was killing me but my ankle was ok!
Why don’t you have a soak in a hot bath Mathew said it might relieve it, yea that sounded good so off I went after tea, it did do some good just laying there but it still hurt, I put on a dressing gown and went downstairs, How is your back, still a bit sore I said but at least I can walk now! Tell you what cassy, (his nickname for me!) why don’t I give you a massage with just a touch of warm baby oil and see what that does, ok I said your on, never had one before so it should be enjoyable.

I lay facedown on his bed with just my panties on and a towel underneath me, it hurt when he started but soon it felt so wonderful I was in heaven, his hands were so strong and big they just about covered my whole back, he went all the way to the waistband of my panties before stopping and working his way back up, I could have stayed there all night with him doing that but eventually he lightly tapped my bottom and said ok that’s it, I’m finished, how do you feel, absolutely wonderful I said, very little pain now, you can do it again if you want too! I sat up on his bed, I really didn’t mean to expose my breast to him but I didn’t make anything of it, you really have grown up haven’t you Cass, yes I said but it doesn’t stop me doing this! His look lingered for a few seconds before saying, I’ll go and make us a coffee, see you downstairs in a mo.
I had found it a huge turn on but I couldn’t really tell Mathew that! And especially since I hadn’t had sex for getting on a year by this point! This had been the closest a man had been to me during that time!
While we drank our coffee he said you should sleep better tonight, and if you want I’ll give you another one sometime, I’ll have to keep hurting my back more often I said and we both laughed.

We would go out together, have a laugh, he really brought me out of my shell back into the land of the living, considering what happened no wonder I ended up in one, he was the only man I trusted but I was getting better, then one day we came in from work, it was bitterly cold too and the heating had packed up, oh great I thought at least it’s a bit warmer in anyway, he followed me in an hour later and asked why the heating wasn’t on as it was really cold out, I said there was a problem with it and it won’t switch on so I thought I would leave it and maybe the engineer of the family could look at it! Wish I could he said but I’m not qualified for this, better get a heating guy in to sort it out, he came, he saw, he said there was so much wrong with it I’m surprised it hasn’t gone before this! It need so many parts it’s uneconomical to fix it, so a new combi heater it is then, then the whole country was hit by the first lockdown with this pandemic!

That night was really cold too, and the heating guy said it could take a while to get a new combi boiler too cause of what was happening so we would just have to wait.
Going to bed that night was no fun either, after all the nice weather we had it had to pick right now to break down, I ended up awake most of the night cause I couldn’t sleep freezing my arse off!
Getting up cold in the morning was never my idea of fun but I appreciated a hot cup of coffee after boiling some water in the kettle to have a wash! He said he woke up chilled too but there was nothing he could do about it but wait, after a week of this I was getting sick of it!!!!!!!!!
Then one night  I got tired of trying to stay warm and thought of a different idea. I pulled on a pair of panties and a t-shirt (I normally slept nude), and knocked on Mathews door, he was still awake and shouted come in, I opened his door and crept inside. In the faint light from the window, I could see Matt covered almost completely by his blankets, he asked me what was up as I stood there shivering,  I can’t sleep cause I’m freezing my arse off, Can I… well, can I sleep with you so that we can both stay warm, he hesitated a little and said since it was cold ok then but first I’ll put something on, he moved over and I climbed in beside him.
At first it still felt cold, but after only a couple minutes I warmed up and was soon feeling nice and toasty! We lay back to back and I fell asleep, I was surprised in the morning to find him cuddled into my back, I looked at my watch and it was only 05.30 so I snuggled back onto him and went back to sleep waking up a couple of hours later to find he had put his arm around me but was still fast asleep, I moved his arm as gently as I could and got up, I left him in bed and went and got dressed, I must admit waking up like that after so long of being alone made me feel really nice, ok I know he’s my brother and shouldn’t be thinking like that but it was the first time in a long time I felt really protected and secure, he got up half an hour later, said good morning cassy did you sleep any better cause I know I did, I said I slept great and woke up with his arm around me! Oh he said I’m really sorry Cass I didn’t mean to do that, not to worry I said I woke up feeling better than I had for a long time and felt secure in his arms, I kissed him on the cheek gave him a hug and went off to work! What I didn’t tell him was I felt his cock on my bum and it wasn’t soft!!!!!!!!!! In a strange kind of way I actually enjoyed it but it wasn’t a big deal, just two people trying to keep warm.

I had a great big smile on my face all day because of that! I wondered if Mathew had too! That day it hammered down with rain just like it been doing for the last two days, on getting back home we decided to order some food in, I said it was lovely last night with the heating being off finally being warm, the room I’m in is small but really cold, he smiled and said he usually uses it for storage so he wouldn’t know! But he knew what I meant cause his room was really cold too, I was really nervous when I suggested we should do it until the new boiler was installed, after all there was no point in being frozen was there? And we did have to go to work so it would benefit both of us, Yes that sounds like a good idea he said, but we will have to wear something ok, well usually I sleep nude Mathew , I always have, Oh yes I know he said! Errrm how would you know that I asked? He explained when I first arrived I couldn’t really settle, it sounded like a war was going on in my room with me tossing and turning, he said he came in a couple of times to find everything on the floor and me naked on the bed asleep! I covered you up to stop you catching your death and left, I really didn’t know what to say! You mean you’ve seen me stark naked Mathew, yes I have but I’ve seen lots of naked girls and your the first I’ve covered up and left he said! I didn’t really want to say anything in case you freaked out! I thought for a couple of seconds and said oh well in that case I’ll have to see you then won’t I to even things up!

Soon it was bedtime and I began to enjoy it again, he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth then went in then I went to brush my teeth, I got into a tea shirt and a pair of knickers and I thought I’m sick of this, well Mathew if you’ve seen me naked then I have nothing to hide from you do I, I took off the tea shirt and knickers and put a dressing gown on, his! And went into the bedroom, I turned off the light and before his eyes could get used to the dark I dropped the dressing gown on the floor and climbed into bed! Ah that’s better I said, my comfortable, I cuddled into his back, he was lovely and warm and wearing track suit bottoms, Mathew I said, you don’t have to wear those if you don’t want to you know, he said he usually didn’t but this isn’t usual! Well that was true! I know I said but I’m not wearing anything tonight, I got sick of coming to bed dressed, you mean your naked Cass? Well yes I am since you’ve already seen me I thought the hell I’ll sleep as I always do, it’s more comfortable for me, so if you like you can take those off it must be uncomfortable for you, he went silent for what seemed ages and said well if you don’t mind then but I was only thinking of you, go on take them off, I promise not to peek at you! After another few seconds he sat on the edge of the bed and removed them, then lay on his back, doesn’t that feel better I said and he nodded it did, He started to drift off but feeling his naked body next to me, it was over a year since I felt that and it was having a wonderful effect on me, and he hadn’t been with a girl since I showed up and god knows how long before that, I literally couldn’t help myself, I let my hand slide under the blanket and drifted slowly
down my brother’s chest and stomach until I reached the top of his leg, swallowing a little I moved it to the top of his thigh and stopped, a surge of excitement shot through me at what I was doing and about to do, Jesus I thought I gone to far now, I closed my eyes moved my hand up and cupped his very hairy balls in my hand as he lay there apparently asleep, I moved my hand up a little more putting my thumb under his cock so I had a hold of him.

I was enjoying this immensely very gently feeling him up, all of a sudden he said, Cassy, what are you doing! I just froze! But I was too far gone, I thought you were asleep I said, no I just wanted to see how far you would go! So why didn’t you stop me then? Well I Was going to but then you grabbed me, do you want me to stop now then? He took ages to answer but I knew he didn’t, I slowly resumed touching him, his cock started to get erect really quickly, I put my hand round his cock and slowly started to wank him, thank you Mathew for letting me do this for you, he didn’t reply he just enjoyed it, his cock by now was rock hard, I would stop briefly, play with his balls then start again, Cassy you know we really shouldn’t, Shhhhh I said, you just enjoy it Mathew, it’s been a while for you hasn’t it, his cock started to sort of pulse in my hand, a few seconds later he let go, I felt every squirt as his cock pumped out it’s cum onto his stomach and chest, I waited until his cock stopped jerking and went and got a towel, I mopped up all the cum with it and lay down, did you enjoy that, yes very much thank you but it’s my turn now.
I lay on my back and just waited for him, my heart was racing when he reached over and stroked my breasts, squeezing them gently and teasing my nipples which had become very hard! He gently pulled at them with his teeth sucking them,  I sighed a slight groan off approval. as I let him take control of me, his hands caressing my body as he kissed it working his way down.
 I nearly jumped as his fingers ran through my hairy pussy which by now was very wet, his fingers felt their way between my legs, I helped him by opening them slightly, his finger played with my pussy lips then he slid a finger into me, almost instinctively I opened my legs wide for him, his tongue started licking me, expertly licking my juices from my soaking wet box. rubbing my clit with his fingers too, he pushed his tongue deep inside, I could feel a massive orgasm building up as he tongued and fingered me, Mathew I said, OMG Mathew I’m going to cum, I pressed his head into my pussy as my orgasm ripped through me, he kept his tongue inside me the whole time, I heard him swallowing some of my cum too.

After he was finished he lay down beside me, I cuddled into him reaching down to stroke his cock and balls, to my surprise he was still rock hard!
I started to wank him slowly again, Thank you Mathew I think we both needed that after so long, he looked at me in the dim light and said yes I think we did, he started to produce a lot of pre cum again, I have an idea I said and I sat up, what are you going to do Cassy, Shhhhhhh, hold on and I’ll show you I said, I climbed over the top of him and squatted over his cock, with one hand I took it and rubbed the tip of it on my pussy lips with his pre cum, without a further word I lowered myself down onto him, my pussy was soaked with my cum and he slid in without any resistance, all I heard from Mathew was a sigh as our pubic hairs touch one another, I can’t describe how it felt after so long (a little over a year for me) I slid up and down on his manhood experiencing the full length of his cock as my pussy tightened around him, I lowered myself onto my knees as he started to slowly push in and out of me by himself with me pushing back, my pussy tightened in orgasm as I came down it’s length and onto his balls, I played with my clit making my self have little squirts on his cock! A first for me as I’m not really a squirter.
After I don’t know, 10 minutes or so Mathew said, Cassy you have to get off, I’m going to cum, not on your Nellie I thought! We have gone this far, no it’s ok Mathew, I have the pill in my bag, I want you to cum inside me, I wasn’t lying to him I really did have it, albeit a year old so it had still better work!
A few more minutes later he said, I’m I’m, I sat down on him sinking his whole cock inside me, I felt his cock pumping away inside me, squirt after squirt of cum making me cum again in the process.

I leaned over him and gave him his first kiss on the lips! After what he’d done before I could smell my pussy on him and he tasted good, I stayed there for a couple of minutes before uncoupling ourselves, wait there sweetheart, I went down on cock, he was covered in both of us and I licked his whole shaft clean for him, his cum was a little salty but tasted nice to me.
We stayed awake most of the night playing and Cumming!
In the morning I got to see Mathews naked body for the first time, he opened his eyes and said good morning, stay there I have something to show, I went to my bag and produced the morning after pill, see I told you I had it, Oh I never doubted you he said with a gleam in his eye, come on sleepy head we can’t stay in bed all day I’ll make us some coffee.

The next night I gave him a blow job, rolling my tongue around the end of his cock and stroking his balls, again he produced a lot of pre cum before he suddenly erupted in my mouth, his hot sperm squirted into my mouth in regular bursts, he came so much some of it escaped running down my chin! I was over the top of him with his tongue inside me too, we made love properly after that but after he came in me he had an unusual request, he asked me to go back over the top of him so he could lick me out! I asked if he was sure and he said he’d never done it before but would like to try! Well if your sure I at least I can suck your cock clean too, I’ve never really felt anything like it! I was transported to another level in our relationship as his tongue slid around inside my cum filled pussy and lapped at my clit bringing me off again! I have never known a man to do that before, but I liked it, He asked me to take of my pubic hair too! Which I did pronto!

Needless to say we have been having sex every night since then! (Even after the new boiler was fitted!) we have become more than brother and sister to one another now, a couple of months ago though I got it into my head, though god knows how that he was just using me for sex!!!!!!! I got myself into a real state over it and I couldn’t stop crying, but he reassured me in no uncertain terms that I was his responsibility for as long as I wanted it to be, he also reminded me I started it! but was pleased I did.

After all I went through I found the one person that maybe I should have been with all the long, it was a horrible journey of uncertainty though, that was something I could have done without, what with my ex, then this virus, government furloughs! At least we have each other now and our jobs, although we are thinking about moving to somewhere else cause everyone here knows here I’m his sister (but not what we are doing!) and I want to have at least one baby and we have discussed it, he said what if the little pill fails one day and you wind up pregnant? Well I guess we become parents don’t we I said, now I know he has no objection to it the day will come when he cums inside my very unprotected pussy! But that will be planned or at least as planned as we can make it.

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  • Reply Logan ID:7qdpuyy49d

    This one really hits home with me honey, had a friend who forces his wife to have sex with his drug dealing buddy’s she didn’t have the courage to leave but I’m pleased you did, sounds like you’ve found the right man for you even if is your brother, stick with him, he’ll love and protect you like no other guy will.

  • Reply chad ID:38pxfqgg8rj

    Nothing worse than when a partner turns bad like that, you did right girl you got out, I agree with the previous comment what a brilliant build up, very well written, wishing the two of you a long life together and the best of luck.

    • Puffypussy ID:23sv1mthi

      Loved this story. Turned me on that your siblings. I am very wet now. Nipples are hard and poking out.

  • Reply Jimmy ID:fx7wlf6ib

    Okay that did it. I orgasmed when the sister lowered herself onto her brother’s hard cock. Your story had a great build up. Something you don’t see here very often.