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Downstairs Patio

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I thought I could get away with it, and I was right, until I got caught.

My mom, and dad owned a restaurant, and they had managers for the dining room, chefs for the kitchen, but they still worked all weekend, then 3 more days a week. They split it up between them, so they never had the same day off, but mom mostly worked mornings, and dad mostly handled the Dinner rush.

Which is when they really made their money, they didn’t do breakfast during the week, but they opened up early for brunch on the weekends, so dad had to cook us breakfast. Mom mostly took care of the prep, ordering, deliveries, and stocking the walkins. That’s the refrigerator and freezer, they had to order enough food to last a week, so both were big enough to walk in, like a walk-in closet.

That left me, the oldest to watch my brother, and sister, after school. Especially on Fridays, because they both had to go in early to get ready for the weekends. That’s when they made most of their money. We had a nice house, big enough for a boy’s room, a girl’s room, and a master bedroom, but they had to set up little office down in the den. That had a patio door out to the back porch, but because it was almost a basement, instead of being up on a deck, it was down at the bottom of the hill, with a little wall sloped around it, and stairs up to the kitchen.

Daisy was the youngest, I was 7, or 8 years older, depending on whether I had my birthday yet, or she got her’s to catch up. So, we didn’t have much in common, being a little girl, and mostly into little girl stuff. My brother Eli and I were closer in age, but I was older, so I went to middle school, and hit puberty first. The thing is, I only really got the house to myself for about an hour before they got home, because their school was further away, and they had to make more stops before they got dropped off. I went right for the computer, to look up porn, and beat off before they got home from school.

I don’t know, but I think it was probably pretty normal, 13 year old stuff. Type in [Boobs] and hit Image Search, you’ll probably get something like where I started, but this was years ago, you understand. So, the search is probably a little different nowadays, I used Excite, and a lot of these galleries were on Tripod, or Angelfire sites. Even a close up of a woman in her bra was exciting enough for a while. Then, I started finding gallery sites, and learning more mature search terms, like [Shaved teen cum.]

It was only a couple years before the inevitable happened. I lost track of time, and Eli came around back to see if the patio door was unlocked. He knocked, I pulled my underwear up, and zipped my fly before I turned around, and let him in, but mom, and dad made no effort to make sure that you couldn’t see the computer screen from outside. Why would they? You pretty much had to climb down the stairs to even see in the back door. So, they didn’t have blinds, or curtains there, either.

“What was that gunk all over that girl?” I [x]ed it out, but I remember the picture pretty well, because that’s what he asked about.

“Well, what are you doing out there in the first place, and where’s your sister?”

“Oh yeah.” He ran upstairs to unlock the front door, and let her in. He lost the key again, but meanwhile, I buttoned up my pants, and buckled my belt, while I cleared the History, and stuff. So, mom, and dad didn’t find out that I was looking at porno pictures 5 years too young.

Yeah, they asked you on some of them, if you’re at least 18, and I clicked [Yes], or at least [Ok] but I knew I shouldn’t have been doing it. Elija was only 10, so he really didn’t need to see a picture of a girl with her shaved snatch in one corner, and a fresh load all over her chest. I knew all about Facials, and even Creampies, but to me the best image to finish off with was pretty much that. It fitted all the hot spots in, [Shaved] because it’s easier to see her pussy without pubes in the way, [Teen] because I was one too, but barely. They didn’t always [cum] on her tits, but if they pulled out, and beat off on her tummy, at least it was all in the same shot.

Of course, it was galleries, so they went through the whole thing. Usually starting off with her clothes on, or at least in her underwear. Sometimes she got started on her own, other times he walked in on her changing, and others she was taking a shower. So, he just had to open up the door, and get in with her, naked, and wet.

I went up before Elija came down, but he kept his voice down, and asked me the obvious question. “Were you playing with yourself down there?”

“Yeah, but don’t tell mom, and dad.” He giggled, and shook his head, but then Daisey went down for her nap (She was in Kindergarten, so I’m sure they got naptime there, but also she came home, and took a nap to wait for mom, or dad to get home.)

So, then, Eli told me to show him where the naked pictures were on the computer, and he knew about the Internet, but he wasn’t really using it yet. I hadn’t even heard of Rule #34 yet, just some of the boys said that you could find pictures of boobs on the internet.

So, I took him downstairs, and showed him my favorite gallery site, which was DirtyDaughter.net, at the time. They updated a lot, that’s the part that I liked, but they didn’t have thumbnails. They had descriptions, like [Naughty Schoolgirl earns an A] You clicked on that, and the link took you to another site, with the galleries. So, Dirtydaughter was a gateway site, but the best one I could find, so far.

I let him pick, whatever he wanted to see, and I don’t remember what exactly he clicked on, but something like [Teens get naughty after school,] or [Schoolgirl…] Something something. There was homework involved, she had it spread out on her bed, so she could lay out with her legs in the air, on her elbows.

The boy came in, and pulled her skirt up to show the back of her panties, she turned over, and he had his dick out. She put it in her mouth, and unbuttoned her top. Fake boobs, then they were standing up, her bra was unhooked, and he got a handful. A nipple in her mouth, and then she got on the bed naked with her legs spread wide open. He went down on her, then climbed on to stick his dick in. Finally, he pulled out, and shot it all over her tummy.

She wasn’t shaved for once, but it was neatly trimmed. So you could still see everything, and she was a natural blonde. I forget if they mentioned that in the description before he clicked on it, but I wasn’t really paying attention. “What’s all that stuff, coming out of his dingus?”

So, we did a little sex education, “That’s sperm, which can get her pregnant, if it gets in her pussy. So, that’s why he was careful to pull out, and aimed it away from her pussy.”

He pointed, and poked the screen. “That’s her pussy.” He looked back to see me nodding. “So that’s where the baby comes out, if she’s pregnant, too?”

I guess, he was a toddler when Daisy was born, but he still remembers mom being pregnant, and maybe telling us we’re getting a little sister. At the very least, she went to the hospital, and came back with a baby, no longer pregnant. She had to do a lot of exercises, to get the skin back to normal, but she never really got rid of the stretch marks. So, she wore 1 piece bathing suits, instead of bikinis.

It never really occurred to me, that mom, and dad did that before. Of course, to have kids, but they’re my mom and dad. Old to me, and they had gross stuff, like stretch marks, and a gut. They must have been young once, but even after mom had me, and Eli, they had sex again, when I was too little to realize it.

I saw Mature porn, with older ladies, but not like grandmas, or anything. I saw links to [Grandma loves her grandson very much.] but I didn’t clink on it. There was daddy daughter stuff, of course. The site was called Dirty Daughter, so they had lots of links to pretend incest, but that’s not what I wanted to beat off to.

I didn’t whip it out in front of my brother, neither. I should have finished earlier, but I was enjoying the pictures, and I must have been pretty close. If I was onto the money shot, but then I had to be a big brother, and watch the kids.


A little later, I turned 14, but I hadn’t started high school yet, it must’ve been late spring, and a friday, because I got home from school, and went right down to pull one off, before they got home again. Only this time, the girl next door was on the back porch, looking in the patio door.

I just had my pants unzipped, I hadn’t even turned the computer on yet, so I cracked the door, and asked, “What are you doing out there?”

When it was obvious, she had one arm up her top, and the other one down the front of her skort. I thought it was a skirt, because I hadn’t seen the shorts it was sewn to, but it didn’t take long to find out. She giggled, “You gonna play with yourself looking at boys and girls doing it, on the computer?”

“Why, you want to watch?”

“Yeah, I never got to watch you do it before.” She looked down at the front of my pants.

“How old are you?” Emily, I knew her name, but that was about it.

“Eleven, but you’re only thirteen, and how long have you been playing with yourself?”

“Well, I’m fourteen.”

“Happy birthday.” She missed it by at least a couple months.

“Thanks, but I don’t remember. Maybe a couple years, but I certainly wasn’t only eleven.”

“Well, Elijah’s only eleven, and you let him do it, last year.” She nodded, “So, he wasn’t even eleven yet.”

“It wasn’t last year, and did he tell you that? Who else did he tell?”

“No one?” She shook her head, “Honest, and I won’t tell on you neither, I promise.” She finally pulled her hand out of her shirt, to cross her heart. “Your’s is much bigger, I bet.” I didn’t even ask, but she stopped pushing her knuckles out, under her skirt. She didn’t take her hand out of there, though. “It’s okay, I’ve got boobies.” Finally, her waistband snapped back over her tummy. “Well, I’m starting to,” but she pulled her shirt up. “You wanna see?”

She had a training bra on, but she pushed it up, to play with her, little. Well, nipple, but it wasn’t little, like a little girl nipple. The same color as the rest of her, it was a little darker, pink, and stretched sideways, so it was shaped more like an eye. When she said she was starting to get breasts, she ment she Just started, so they were barely little gumdrops, but I didn’t care. “Uh,” she twisted pulling at her training bra, “Can you help me out of this? I can take it off myself, but it’s a lot quicker if you help.”

“Yeah,” I pulled her hand, “You better come in, if you’re going to take that off.” I looked around, then pulled my head in, and shut the door. I didn’t see anyone, the only yard where you could really see in at all was down the hill, and I hoped that ment that nobody saw her, coming in my yard. Then I did the math, and if she’s 11, then that means she’s the same age as Eli, which means she should be riding the same bus, which hasn’t gotten home yet. “Uh,” I looked back at the mantlepiece, and the clock.

“I showed you mine, so it’s only fair.” She touched my crotch, and giggled, but I can’t believe I’m about to expose myself, to an 11 year old girl. It was so wrong, and dirty, all I could think about is her father. Getting mad when he found out, so I jerked my pants open, and whipped it out quick.

She giggled “It is big, and hairy.” She nodded, “You want to stick it in my mouth?” She opened wide and pointed.

“Uh, Jeeze.” I just grabbed her shoulder, and tried to keep my eyes cracked, long enough to see the first shot or two hit her chest. “HhuhHhuh!”

She giggled, and grabbed my hips, and then I felt her mouth, but it was too late. I was already cumming, and she swallowed it as fast as it came out.

“Mh, it is yummy!” She wiped it up, and licked her fingers, while I picked up her bra.

“Huh here, uh.” Still panting, and looking back at the clock. “You better put this on, and. Go.” I shook my head, but she already had her skort unsnapped, and the zipper down on her hip. So I could see her panties. “Uh.”

“You want to see mine?” She stuck her thumb in, and pulled it around the front, to hold it out.

“Huh, yeah.” I stuck my hand down there, and felt her. “Your pussy is so hot!”

“You can stick your finger in there. Oh.”

Then the bus drove past. Thank God their bus drove past our house, and they took a little while to walk back from the corner. They never drop them off, or pick them up right out front, but sometimes they dropped them off at the other street, and kept going. Or, they made the block, and then dropped them off on the corner past the house, but without driving past the house, to give me fair warning. It really depended on the bus driver, and I didn’t know who they had that day, because I didn’t ride the bus with them. I had my own bus, from the middle school.

“Later, I better go, before Eli comes looking for me.” She took her bra, and grabbed her top off the back step. There’s a step up from the patio door, then the porch, and then the steps to the back yard, and the kitchen door. She stopped to pinch the snap, and zip up the side, before she said “See you later,” and climbed up pulling her shirt on. She took her training bra with her, but then, I had to look around. Pull my damn pants up, and locked the door to see if there was any evidence to clean up.

Not really, she ate all of it, and I didn’t even turn the computer on. Let alone start searching for something to look at. I didn’t have to, but I just molested the little girl next door, and sure she wanted me to, but damnit. I’m a teenager, and she’s closer to Eli’s age, but. She said before he comes looking for her.

Come to think of it, he had been just letting Daisy in the door, and running off to play with his friend. I didn’t ask them who this “Friend” was, he’d been spending so much time with lately. Well, it turns out that Emily was only ten, and he’d been sneaking her in the yard when he could, to show her dirty images on the computer.

They’d been playing sex, but he was still shooting blanks, and he told her. Well, pretty much everything I told him. That stuff is sperm, and you have to keep it out of there, or the girl will get pregnant, so they shoot it on her face, body, or butt instead, but he can’t get her pregnant, because he’s still shooting blanks, so they’d been fucking until he did.

A long story short, my little brother got laid, before, and years younger than I even got half a blowjob, and my hand in her panties, but I didn’t really molest her. She even told me I could stick a finger in if I wanted, but I didn’t go that far.

He did, though. Even farther than that, he stuck his dick in there, before I even said one word to her.

Well, she said she was eleven, but I didn’t really believe that.

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