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Daddys lil sissy 2

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It’s been a few weeks since what my dad done to me.

We dont talk about it but I havent dressed up since.

Although I hate to admit as much as I was hurt by this it was the best thing I’ve ever experienced and every time I think about it I get so horny. I’ve done a lot of things to get revenge tho my favourites being pissing in his ice teas and cumming on his bed sheets surprisingly he hasn’t noticed.

It’s a friday night and my dad is sitting on the couch watching tv. I fall onto the couch next to him and I see there’s a lot of cans of beer beside him. I relize I can use this to get fucked so instead of wasting any time here I get up and bring a beer to him before practically sprinting up stairs in excitement and straight to my closet.

I look in the back to find a box off my pretty clothes I decided on a white cropped turtle neck and mini skirt. I pull out my tights ( pantie hoes) and cut a hole out the crotch bit and slid them on.

I look at myself in the mirror and I can feel myself get hard. I leave the room excited but as I start walking down the stairs I feel anxious… I keep going anyways I get to the bottom


“What the fuck do you want?” He says without turning around

I walk to the couch and sit beside him

“N.nothing I was just seeing if you’re awake”

He stays silent for a bit but then turns to me

“What the fuck are you doing sissy”

“I.i..I just wanted to dress up and feel pretty again”  just as I’m finished talking he slaps me

“Go get out of that right now”

“B..but I.. I.. thought you like it”

He doesn’t answer me he just grabs me by the hair and drags me to the ground

” listen to me boy go get changed. Now”

I run to my room and start sobbing. I cry for a while before getting up and go to get out off these clothes before a wave of rage hits me so instead I walk into my dads room I lift my skirt up and start stroking my dick while standing over his bed I cum over his bed but it’s not enough. I go into our shared bathroom and get two vibrating toothbrushes I go back in and get on all four on his bed I shove them both in my ass dry and turn them on while I jack off again and before I know it I’ve cum again, so powerful I pass out.

I wake up tied to the bed with a pillow under me raising my butt up. It takes me a minute to fully wake up and relize me ass is on fire and I can taste cum and my pretty clothes has changed to a black fillie bra and lace panties and black thigh high socks which where all stained in white

How did this happen I’m not that deep off a sleeper as I’m thinking I hear the door

“Hey Alice” my dad says counting money


“Yeah that’s what they call you”


He looks up confused

“You forgot that you already woke up?

“I did?”

He laughs

“Yes you did it was about 2 to 3 hours ago”

“How did I sleep so long what happened. What did you do”

He checks his watch and mumbles

“Yeah I have time”

“Time? Time for what”

He pulls down his trousers and climbs on me

“Well you where a gross stupid whore so I decided to put you in your place so I drugged you and rented you’re ass out to people”

He runs his cock up and down my ass it feels so sore

“Why would you do that” i cry  but I feel sick to my stomach

“Because you don’t get to disrespect me in my own fucking house” he slaps my dick

I practically scream it was so sore

“You think that’s sore” he laughs as he rams his cock in my sore ass  I go to scream but he covers my mouth and continues to ram me before pulling out and moving closer to my face before jerking off onto my eyes and hair  he stays still for a second before rubbing his balls all over my face

“God you’ve got a fun night ahead of you”

He wasn’t wrong I did have fun there was at like 8 more guys that

The first 4 guys just fucked my ass it was painful but I loved it the next to fucked my ass and my mouth. The next guy was a lil weird he didn’t fuck me he just played with my dick for a bit before jerking off over my face and then he licked both his cum and left over cum from the other guys and spat it in my mouth then left it was super fucking werid. The last guy sat on my cock and rode me till he came all over my body.

By the end I was so sore and filled with cum. My dad comes back and it’s nearly 1 or 2 in the morning I’m tired and sore he just looks at me and says

“Aww and were not even done yet”

Let me know if you want a part three

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