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Daddy and dogs

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Home alone at last. I smiled and sat on my bed, crossing my legs as I started to look for a porno to watch. I stopped when I saw a beastiality one, I tapped on it and my jaw dropped as I watched it. I rubbed my clit slowly as I watched, slowly an urge grew in me. What if I could have this? I thought before getting up. I walked into the living room and saw my 53 pound mutt. I smiled at him before getting on the floor and rubbing his belly. He panted and wagged his tail. I smiled. “Good Boy.” I said, moving my hands to stroke his hidden cock. His cock immediately hardened in my hand. I continued to rub it until he was completely hard. I got on my hands and knees as he got up. I faced my face towards him and helped him find my hole. I moaned as he started thrusting quickly. Just then the front door opened and my dad walked in. He watched us for a second before pulling out his phone and filming. “Good Boy, Charlie.” He said, walking over to pet him. He sat down on the couch and took out his cock before he started to jerk off to the sight of us. I moaned and let him, the pleasure being too great for me to care. My dog soon came inside of me as I came too. A few minutes later, my dad came all over my face.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    Have you had any dogs since then?

  • Reply AAAA

    The dad thing at the end was terrible

  • Reply F.B.G.M.