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Cum on, Boys

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Bobby gets to tell his side of the story too, but he’s an unreliable narrator. #Bukkake

“Come on, guys, right this way.”

I grinned, and Neil grinned back. Nobody else got it, but Heather. She’d get it.

Along beside the sidewalk, it keep going up like a ramp, but there’s a gate, under the stoop next door, and at the end of that, another ramp.

When they heard about this cum slut, that could never get enough, well. The rumors about our homosexuality went right away.

“Heather?” The new guy couldn’t believe his luck. Only the tallest, skinniest, prettiest girl in the whole school. She doesn’t wear high heels, she doesn’t even need them, she’s like 5’9″ in 7th grade.

“Huh, why don’t you yell it louder, and tell the whole neighborhood? Close the door.” She also doesn’t take any shit from boys, because she’s taller than most of them, and she doesn’t just have long legs. So, she can just step back, and hit you, but you can’t hit her back. Not because she’s a girl, but because you can’t reach her. You can’t catch her, and she knows it.

We pulled the gate after us, but the neighbors never lock it. What’s the point, so nobody gets in their trashcans? You can just drive halfway around the block, and back town the alley to throw them in your car, or truck if you want to, the gate is pretty worthless, honestly. You can’t see in from the sidewalk, is all.

Now that I know to look, I can see the blinds move, all the way down at the corner. Heather’s room, and her little sister, peeking below the blinds. Yeah, I’ll see you in a couple years, when you’ve got tits, or something.

No, it’s not gay. Technically, it’s homosexual, but that doesn’t make you gay. I’m bisexual, and if you ask them, bisexual guys are gay. Bisexual chicks are straight, but if you think about it long enough, you realize that makes guys sexier than girls. If bisexual males, and females secretly prefer guys, then that’s pretty much unanimous, that guys are sexier.

Now, look at a naked woman, and a naked man. I rest my case: Straight boys don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, in middle school.

So, I got a boyfriend, first. Big deal, Neil was somebody I could talk to. Have over at my house, and lock the door in his room for a blowjob. Nice thing about blowjobs is, anyone can do it.

“It’s all right guys, don’t be shy.” She pulled the crate over, up side down to sit on, and pulled open her top. “Don’t look at them, look at me.” Squeezing her braless boobs, not together. they don’t quite cum together, but.

“Uh, huhHuh!” That didn’t take long!

“Ihihihnm!” She shook her shoulders. “You want to touch them? Come on.” I can’t even tell who’s hands she pulled over, but Neil and I put our shoulders together. To block the gate, until the first guy left.

First time, yeah, he’s totally been with a girl before. He had sex with lots of girls, that’s why he blew it the first time he saw real tits, naked in front of him.

“Huh, so hot.”

“Yeah, your tits are so fucking hot.” Smearing the jizz around, the problem is that you can’t get a handful of girlflesh, spank the monkey, and hold your pants up at the same time. Unless you’ve got 3 arms, and wouldn’t you know, none of them did.

“Well, let’s see who can hold it the longest.”

“What do I get, if I cum last?”

“In my mouth.”

“You’ll let me cum in your mouth?”

“No, I’ll suck you off, so you can cum in, oh!” She turned, and closed her eye. “Snh!” Shook her head, but smiled, and held her face up. Turned to get some more on the other side.

“Lmnh! Snh!” She licked her lips, and blinked.

Neil, and I pulled our shirts out, and pretended to keep a lookout. That’s right guys, we’re just going to stand back here, and keep a lookout, so you don’t get caught. Block the gate, then pull our shirts back up, to keep stroking it.

Looking at the guy’s asses, and you can barely see more than the bottom of their butt cheeks, with their shirts hanging down over them, but the best part is? They have no idea. Yeah, cumming on a straight guy’s ass, when they tell all those gay jokes. About the 2 Irish fags, Peter Fitzpatrick, and Patrick Fitzgerald?

“Nghm!” Neil couldn’t hold it, but he could hold his breath.

“Snh!” I closed my eyes, but I could smell the cum in the air. “Hn.” I cracked my eye, and looked over. Neil, was grinning, satisfied, and tucking it back in.

“Uh, Jeeze, uh.”

“Jizz, huh. Yummy cummy jizz huh!” I zipped up, before the second to last fixed up his pants, and turned around.

“Owh.” Heather covered her mouth, “Nhm!” Laughed, and wiped her cheeks. “Huh, it looks like we have a winner.” She giggled, felt around his hips, and pushed up the back of his shirt, almost dripping with Neil’s wad.

I’d prefer to cum right on their ass, but they might feel that. The truly hilarious part is, when they leave, they’ve got this fag flag hanging behind them, because only old men tuck in their shirts. Make us tuck in our shirts at school, so the first thing they do is pull them out.

Now, one of them is walking down the street, with my streaks running down his back, and Neil’s. His is going to just as soon as he blows his wad in Heather’s mouth, so spit out. So it runs down her chin, drips on her chest, and she can rub it all over leaving her boobs all shiny, and glistening with boy butter.

We didn’t make that part up. She’s a total cum slut, can’t get enough, and if you filled a pool with it, she’d dive right in to swim around in it.

Me, I like the way it looks. On anyone, in a girl’s hair, a guy’s face, or just running down the back of his shirt. Neil likes in the crack of his ass, running down his balls, and fingere up his pucker.

But Neil’s gay.



Narcissism is one of the few delusions that can over-rule your natural sexuality. Bobby isn’t gay, straight, nor even bisexual. He’s a narcissist, but they need something to reflect their self image, out there where they can see it. Narcissus fell in love with his reflection in a stream. Real estate swindlers turned politicians use the media.

Bobby likes to mark his territory, to claim his dominance over them. He just doesn’t piss on them. He’s just an unreliable narrative, because he lies, and changes all the details to reflect back on him.


Lisa (gg)

“Ew, gross.” Erin turned around, and made a face. “All those boys with their dingalings out, waving them in their face.”

“I know.”

“Why does she even do that?”

“I don’t know, it’s sexy?”

“No it’s not, it’s just gross.”

“Well, it’s sexy to her, but what’s sexy to you?”

“I don’t know,” she turned away from me, “Sex is just gross.” She crossed her arms, and legs.
“Perod.” She stopped, before she looked out the window again. At my sister, sitting on the bushel box. Naked, there’s even a picture of an upside down peach, right under her back. Olympia Orchards, if you’re interested. I don’t know who bought a whole bushel of peaches, then threw out the wooden box they came in, but we kept it.

“Well,” I pulled out the box. “There is another way.” From the DVD, it had pictures on the back.

“Huh!” Her eyes got real big, but she didn’t look away, and blood rushed to her face pretty quickly. She looked up, but I just turned it over.

[No Boys Allowed VII: 4 Hours of Nonstop Schoolgirl Action!]

“You want to watch a movie?”

“Oh, okay.” My parents both out to work, and my big sister out. Practicing for her career in porn, or as a back alley hooker. Depends on what breaks she gets, but I’m proud of her, I guess. Most girls don’t know what they want to be before they turn 13, but not stipping. It doesn’t pay enough, and besides. The guys don’t get to beat off on you in a strip club.

“Why don’t you chose the scene?” I handed her the remote, and pulled a cushion off the couch. To kneel on, so my knees didn’t get rubbed raw, pushing her skirt up her lap, and feeling under it, for her panties.

“Lisa, are you gay?”

“No, bisexual.”

“Oh, okay.” She looked back up, and turned her head, sideways. “You think, maybe I am?”

Pretty sure. “One way to find out, pick up your hips, so I can take these off.”

“Okay.” I looked back, just to see which scene she picked. I’d seen all of them, of course, but just out of curiosity. What kind of fake ass lesbian sex show does a 4th grade lesbian in denial want to watch?

2 girls, starting to masturbate in bed. 1 on the floor, but why the lights are on, that bright, for a sleepover. Well, so the audience can watch, of course. “You want to sleep over tonight?”

“Yeah.” She didn’t even look down.

So, I lifted her skirt, and pulled it over my head, like an old timey photographer. “Snh! Huh!” Yup, she’s horny. I love that smell, boys don’t really smell sexy until after. the smell of fresh jizz in the room. I like that too, but she spread her legs wide open, and scooted out.

“Guys, you’re not. Playing with yourselves. Are you?”

I remember the girls, in the bed. Rolling over, and turning away. Pulling their hands out for each other’s legs under the covers.

“No?” They didn’t lie, they were fingering each other.

“Huh,” the girl on the floor sat up. “Well I’m horny,” she whined.

“Well, why don’t you cum join us?” They pulled the covers back, and the music started. Tststststs. Bump bump. Ts bump. Ts bump…

“Huh!” She sighed, and started humping, in time to my tongue slipping up, and down. So, I took that as a signal to slip it down. Deeper.

“Oh, Heather.” She rubbed her skirt over my hair, and I shook my head. then she came in.

“Oh!” She crossed her legs, and I turned around on the floor. “Heather?” Pulling her skirt back down.

I liked my lips.

“Yeah, I live here too.” She shook her head. “Finally got some, huh?” Headed for the hall.

“Huh!” She leaned over to whisper. ‘your sister’s sexy.’

“Yeah,” I rolled my eyes, and sighed. “I know.” She just said her name, she called Me Heather? “Huh, never mind her.” I pushed her skirt back up, off her knees, and spread them again.

I know, I’ll probably look, something like her, in a couple years.

I just can’t wait that long…

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