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Conversion Van

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I had this friend, Harriet, and she was more sexually experienced then me. Which isn’t saying much… #CFNM

I had boyfriends, and I was willing, but a big problem back then was finding a place to go. None of them had cars, but Hetty had a driver license. So, I talked to her at school, and she got an idea.

“I can get a date, easy.” She said, and I just wondered how she made it look so easy. I guess, the boys talked too, and she got a bit of a reputation for “Putting out.” Being a “Sure thing,” so I agreed to her picking us up from school.

Dustin was just a guy, really. Not all that special, other than being interested in me, but when you’ve got hot pants, that was enough. Really cute, though. The boys called him “Pretty Boy,” as if that was something to be ashamed of. We’d only been on 1 other date before, and he got to second base in the movie theater, but he insisted on an Action movie.

He said that the loud scenes, like car chases, and stuff were “The perfect time to make out.” Since they were loud, and most people would be distracted, watching the big screen, instead of us. I thought that was fairly clever, but I forget what one we went to not watch.

I tried to unzip his pants, and fish it out, but he stopped me, and blew it in his pants. Which just left me horny, but wanting more than just feeling it in the dark, through his underwear. Finally, she pulled up after Detention let out.

Dustin was a bit of a “Bad boy.” He smoked, and got caught with cigarettes in his locker, but I let a bad word slip out in class. So, that’s where we met. I had an extra sharp pencil from art class, in the zipper pocket of my backpack. Usually, I had to sharpen it again, from rolling around in there, but for some reason, this time it stayed sharp enough to stab my finger.

“Ow, shit!” Everyone laughed, and the teacher wrote me a slip. To get a bandaid from the office, but I had to stay after in detention, and being the only girl. I thought about acting up, more often. Actually, just to get the attention from all the boys in detention, even if I wasn’t the only girl.

Dustin was just the only one that actually came up to me, after we got out, and offered to walk me home. Then, he asked me if I wanted to go catch a movie, and I guess you know the rest. Action movie, car chase, and a little groping in the dark, before he blew it in his pants.

He did walk me home, and I had plenty to think about. Desperately fiddling off, until I could fall asleep. So then, the next day, I told Hetty how close I got. Since she was the best friend to talk to about this sort of thing. She had plenty of time to go home, and borrow the Conversion Van.

Now, this is like a motorhome, inside. On the outside, it just looks like an extra tall van, with a plastic boat turned over on top. It’s not really a boat, but it kinda looks like a boat hull, turned over for a roof. It’s even got this tiny kitchenette thing on 1 side, behind the driver seat, but it’s actually more like a bar. Just a sink, and a hot-plate to cook on, next to it.

No bathroom, and the seats are on the sides. So, you can put a table up, and eat at it like a booth. Or, put it down with a cushion across the middle to make it into a bed. So, if not the perfect place to have sex, for the first time, it would do.

It was raining, but I saw it right away. Even before she honked the horn, and flashed the lights. “Come on.” I pulled Dustin’s hand.

“Where we going?” He followed me, and didn’t let go, but I honestly didn’t know.

“It’s a surprise.” The little pin-hole, from the hard lead of my art pencil healed up, without even a scab. I didn’t have a bandaid on it any more, but I felt it, pressed into his palm, while Hetty went back, and opened up the side doors.

These swung open, instead of sliding, so we could get in. Across from the little cabinet with the sink, and the hot plate. The seats were up, but the table was stowed away behind the passenger side one. “Get in.”

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I asked her, but while she got the van from home, she also changed. I had to turn Dustin’s head away from her, bending down to sit down in the driver’s seat. In her tight mini-skirt, and low cut top. So, her bra showed in the sides, through the arm holes, and that was pretty tight too. So, it showed some cleavage down the neck, and high heels to stretch her legs out, starting up the car.

“I couldn’t get one on such short notice.” She shrugged, and pulled out, while I looked Dustin in the eyes, and tilted my head over, to get my nose out of the way. Closed my eyes, and wished he was a better kisser. Honestly, I’d been out with better kissers before, but he was mister right here. Right now, and I was getting too horny to care.


Carrie (ffm Bisexual)

^That’s my middle name, but some of my old friends still call me “Hetty.” I changed it, when I started growing pubes, and shaving it. So, the girls would stop calling me “Hairy Carrie” in gym class.

Oh hah ha. Very funny. So anyway, I didn’t have to go far, because Central High Athletic Park was right across the street. I just had to drive around the corner, to the side entrance, where they had a loading dock, and a roof hanging over so they could unload sports equipment in the rain.

Being a smoker, I figured Dustin would like having a place to smoke, dry, and outside, because he can’t smoke in here. Stupid habit bye the way. “Oh, look at me, I’m willing to risk Cancer to look cool!” Especially in school, it’s just something to get in trouble for, but it worked out.

He’s lucky that she likes Bad Boys, and Smokers. She just happened to be in Detention that day, so right place, right time, I guess. Not “Mister Right,” he’s a teenager, and horny. She’s a teenager, and horny, so they wound up on a date.

A super boring sounding date, honestly. I didn’t roll my eyes, but seriously? That’s what she got so worked up about? Okay, I shouldn’t judge but if you ask me, a boy that can’t even get it out of his pants before he blows it isn’t a keeper.

Finally, I stopped the engine, and pulled the Parking Brake. So, I could reach over to the glove box, and get out the string of rubbers. “Huh!” This time, she managed to get it out of his fly. “Okay, wrap it up.”

“Huh?’ He shook his head, “We just got here.” I giggled, and ripped off a rubber to throw it over, toward them. It fluttered like a leaf, but he got it. “Oh, hahaha.” Bent over to pick it up, wile Cagney pulled out her top. already unbuttoned, she pulled it over her head, so I looked around.

Wishing my dad had sprung for the Captain Chairs, that turned around to face the back, when you parked. “Huh!” I didn’t want to just stand there, so “You mind?” I walked back beside the kitchenette, and waved at the other seat. Across from them. “I feel like a third wheel here, but if you want to be left alone.”

Cagney stopped at her bra, and thought about it, but Dustin made up his mind, right away. “Oh, no. You can stay.” Cagney looked Jealous, again, and I’m not risking our friendship, over him.


“Oh, no. If you want to stay, I’m not going to put you out in the rain, when this is your van, and I really appreciate all you’ve done.”

“Let me help you with that.” Dustin felt up her back, and tried to 1 hand her bra strap. Even without a shirt over it, she had to turn away, and he had to watch what he was doing, with both hands. It’s not padlocked.

“You ever done this before?” I rolled my eyes, “Don’t get all bent out of shape, there’s no boys here, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all virgins before, and I can talk you through it.”

He made a face, but stopped shaking his head, and nodded.

“Oh,” Cagney turned his head, again, and his eyes went right back to her chest. “I’m so glad I’m going to be your first, too.” They kissed, so I could roll my eyes.

Look, 2 virgins is just awkward. Normally, if nobody knows what to do, and how to do it, it doesn’t even get done the first time. For her, teenage boys are easy. Show them a little boob, and they’re probably going to be satisfied, but their first attempt was so disappointing.

I care about her, especially for the first time, she’s one of those girls that wants it to be special. Something to remember, instead of just the first in a long line of forgettable boys, and disappointments.

I had to laugh, “Are you, juggling? They’re not bowling pins, you don’t have to juggle them, just enjoy the way they feel in your hands, and pay more attention to kissing.” I hate that, when a boy gets his hands on your rack, and his mouth goes numb. So, he can’t pay attention to 3 things at once, and he just plays with your boobs. Like they’re some sort of toys, instead of living things, for her pleasure.

The rubbers are just plain old rubbers, not ribbed for her pleasure. Oh yeah, and the camper van? That’s for mom, and dad to go “Camping,” while I stay home and watch the little kids. That’s why there’s rubbers in the glove box, and a nice selection of sex toys in the OHC. “Huh!” I got up to check the batteries on the Vibrator, while they continued to. Figure it out, I guess.

Wouldn’t you know it, they’re dead, and there’s even some rust leaking around the base, so it looks, and smells like dried blood, or The Blob. “Uh!” Sexy!

I put it back, and got out the flexible double header. My mom is bisexual, and pretty honest about their sex life. Since I turned 16, got on birth control, and so on, and so forth… So, she’s got 2 double dongs, a long skinny flexible one, and the big one. That ones thicker, and stiffer, but this one’s got a small head, and a bigger end, like a floppy erotic baseball bat.

“Uh, Hetty?”

“Yes?” I turned around.

“How do you,” she held up her hand, and pumped it in front of her mouth, sticking her tongue in and out of her cheek, to mime a blowjob.

“Huh, I’m glad you asked.” I sat back, across from them, and popped the smaller cock head in my mouth, to suck on it.

“Yeah.” He ran his hand up the back of her neck, and patted her head. “That’s a good girl.”

“Ooloolh!” She didn’t even pay attention to me sucking it, to get it wet. She’s a natural, and I even found myself opening my mouth. To swirl it around with my tongue. Ironically following her lead after she asked me to demonstrate but then I looked up.

Dustin looked up at me, right in the eyes, and then his slowly drooped down. Rolled up, and his head leaned back against the window. “Oh, huh!” He grinned, and Cagney bobbed her head up and down. Slurping with each rubbery thrust. “Oh, Carrie.” He patted her head.

“Uh, you fucking idiot!” He blinked, and shook his head, but Cagney wiped her mouth, and punched his shoulder.

“You blew it again!” Sure enough, the tip was white, and drooping. His load rolling down as it went soft, wrinkling, and shriveling up, satisfied.

“I’m sorry, Cagney. I’m so sorry.” I put the dong down on the seat, and went to hold her, when he pulled his pants up.

“Uh, what do I do with this?” I just waved at the sink, when he pulled off the rubber to tuck it in. Zip it up, so I turned back to Cagney.

“Huh, he’s young, so I hope he can get it up again. Just as quickly as he blew it.” He went out the door, pulling the pack out of his pocket, topless.

“Huh, well.” She grinned. “It wasn’t bad, for my first blowjob.”

“Yeah, you did great.” I patted her back, and she looked over, at the other seat.

The double dong, rolled back to the crack between the cushions. “You want to use that, on me?”

“Yeah,” I went and got it, while she got her pants, and underwear down. And Dustin leaned over to put his hand up. Shade his eyes, and the reflection on the window from the lights over the door to the equipment shed.

That’s what they call it, even though it’s more like a garage. Concrete, and cinder blocks, with a big metal roof. They call it the equipment shed when they send you over to roll out the soccer goals for PE.

“Maybe he’ll get it up quicker if you take your clothes off.” She looked down. “Huh, I know, you’re so much sexier than me.”

“Oh, no.” Sluttier maybe, but he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. He’s just not boyfriend material, he’s just a dick, and balls with a boy attached.

I reached over, to pop open the window. Let the breath fog drip down, and let some fresh air in. Not to mention let him hear us talk about him.

“He’s probably going to last longer the second time around. He just had to take the edge off. Take a break, so he can pay more attention to your needs, when he’s done with his smoke break.”

Not my first threesome. He nodded, and put it out. Went back to the doors, and cracked one, to look in.

“Cagney? I’m sorry, I said the wrong name. Can you forgive me?”

“Huh, I don’t know, can you get it up for me? Keep your clothes on.”

“Yeah, I’m going to go back up front.” This isn’t about me, this is for Cagney, and I have serious doubts that this can be salvaged. As a good first time, if she’s willing to go on trying, fine, but he already fucking ruined it.

She’s too fucking good for him, honestly. He wants a slut, and while that’s nothing I was ever ashamed of, I don’t want my sluttishness to cock-block for my best friend.

“Huh, yeah. Like that. Huh!” I flipped the sun visor down, and tilted it, so I had a mirror to look back. “Uh, huh. Uh! Huh.” She grunted, and sighed. Humping his nose, with her neatly trimmed pubes, and at least he was clever enough to make it up to her.

The blowjob, and saying my name, when he came. At least he doesn’t have to worry about another slip of the tongue, with it buried in her slot.

I closed my eyes, and licked my lips. Trying to imagine what he did, with his tongue to amke her moan that loud. “Ohhhh, HUH! Ooooh, HUH!” Hard to believe she could gasp in enough air to moan like that. “Don’t stop.”

“Uh, Carrie?” I shook my head. “I’m sorry, but.” He turned to show me. “You got another rubber?” Cagney looked wrecked. She stopped running her fingers through her hair, panting breathlessly, and wiped a little sweat off her chest, with a shiver. Washboarding her nipples with her fingers, so they popped back up, hard.

“Yeah,” I ripped the other 2 apart, tossed one over my shoulder, and threw the other one back on the dashboard.

“I hope she’s right, that you can hold it longer the second time around.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” He nodded, “Huh!” Hunching when he pinched the tip. “It always lasts longer after the first cum.”

“Good,” she felt down his skinny hips, and pulled him in, between the legs. Scooted out on the bench seat, so she was practically hanging off. She put her feet up on the seat across from her.

“Uh, if I may. It usually works better if he lays down. So you can sit on it, and control the penetration the first time.”

“Good idea,” so they switched places. Thank God they got over on the other bench, behind me. So, I could adjust the mirror, and see her snatch split open. His hands feel up to her chest, and I have to admit, he’s a fast learner.

“Oh, John.” She looked down, and grinned. Evily. “Huh, you’re so big, and hard inside of me, John.”

I don’t know if she ment, a particular boy named John, or just a random imaginary one, but she proved her point. “I’m going to fuck you, John.”

“Huh, yeah, fuck me.”


“Yeah, fuck me harder!”

“Uh huh!” I just closed my eyes, again. Felt the seat rocking, with their honestly impressive humping, with more than a little jealousy. Honestly, she wasn’t fishing for compliments, and I wasn’t just flattering her to make her feel better.

She is, gorgeous, with such a perfect body. Not one of those grossly exaggerated playboy bunny bodies, she’s young, but not too skinny. She has hips, and a waist, but not so much that she looks like she’s wearing a corset stark naked. Perky tits, not so small that you’re left wanting more, but I just had her in my arm. To comfort her, and they were right there.

Topless, and I could have ruined it by groping, and fondling her. I’ve got my own tits to play with. “Oh, ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck. Oh god. Fuck, huh! Yeah, yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah.”

She just collapsed, holding onto his shoulders, with her head turned to one side, and shook with the throes of extacy. “Hhuh!” She looked up, and kissed his neck. “Snh!” Wiped her hair out of her face, and grinned with such a beautiful expression of satisfaction on her face, that it broke my heart.

She’s straight, and of course, I wanted to satisfy her like that, but I thought I’d never have the chance. I knew, that would make things weird, and I’d rather stay with her as a friend, than lose her just for a quick mistake, made out of lust. But I lusted after her, for years now, and I think I even loved her, but I kept that to myself.

Decided to be happy, that she was happy, and satisfied, even if it was with somebody else. Try not to judge him too harshly, yeah he made some mistakes, but he learned from them right away. She punished him for it, calling him “John,” and he almost got her off with just his tongue.

I have to admit that, I’m a little impressed. He picked that up pretty quickly, and watching her swirl the head around with her tongue. I didn’t teach her that, and I know. I’m such a control freak, I wanted to play miss sex-ed teacher, and show them everything, but sometimes, it just comes naturally.

You might think that, when you’re nervous, and you don’t know what to do, you’ll somehow fuck it up, but honestly, it’s sex. 2 naked bodies together, and so natural that they know what to do, even if your mind doesn’t, consciously. Instinct takes over, and it just happens.

I suppose, losing my virginity when I was eleven, and doing it with middle school boys the first couple years, I just assumed that Dustin would be just as worthless, and clumbsy as 12, and 13 year olds. “Uh! I better take you home.” I moved over to the driver’s seat. Flipped up the glove compartment, and the sun visor to stow them. “Where do you live, Dustin?”

“Oh, you know Bluestone?”

“Yeah, I know where that’s at.” A fairly swanky neighborhood nearby. You would think that living in such a nice house, his parents could afford a spare car for him to drive, but I guess not.

“You don’t want to smoke, after sex?”

“No, I’m good.”

“Huh!” She rubbed his chest, through his shirt, and I forced my eyes back to the road. “Well, maybe we can share one, when we get there.”

“Uh, I kinda have to do homework, when I get back. My mom would kill me if she smelled smoke on me, and.”

“Sh,” She moved her fingers, and shut up his excuses with a kiss, but this thing is hard enough to handle when it’s dry, and there’s a turn coming up. At least traffic died down, and it’s not up to Rush Hour yet, but it should start, any minute now. I need to get home, so I can take care of myself. With the dildos in the back, mom’ll understand, when I explained what happened.

She’s pretty cool about stuff like that. I wonder if she’s had a similar problem. Growing up bi, when it wasn’t cool for girls to be bisexual, and having to watch her straight friends with boys. I know she had this one boyfriend, in College. The first one she came out to as bisexual.

“Up here, left right up here, on Greentree circle.”

I nodded, and signaled at the light. Pretty typical story, really. As soon as he heard his girlfriend was bisexual, he wanted a threesome with her, and one of her friends. She lost a friend, and a boyfriend in the process, because the reality is. 2 women just makes a man feel inadequate.

We’re multi-orgasmic, your not. We can go at it all night, and you guys can’t. So, at some point, he has to step out for a smoke break, leaving you alone with a bi-curious friend to tell you that was fun, but I’m straight. “Snh!”

It’s heartbreaking, and when bi-curiosity turns into straight certain, it ruins the whole relationship. Turns your best friend into that girl, you tried to sleep with that one time, and just a reminder of how uncomfortable that made her feel. I don’t want that, for Cagney. I love her.

“This is fine.” I pulled up. “You can just take it back around to Goldenrod Avenue.”

“I know.” I figure, it’s one of those neighborhoods with 1 main road, and circles around it.

“Thanks.” She just patted his hand, and let him go. Without even a kiss. Tucked the cigarette behind her ear, and got up next to me. Fully clothed, and pulling the seatbelt between her bra cups.



“Uhm. I think I’m gay.” Well, she did over-act it a lot, but I don’t think she faked that orgasm.

“Oh!” I nodded, but that’s the best news, I ever heard.

“Yeah, he was all right, for a pretty boy, but.”

“He is pretty damned pretty.”

“His body’s all wrong, and I liked his dick, but the rest of it, just. Not sexy, at all.”

“Well, he is pretty skinny.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t have any, roundness to it? None of them do, they’ve got no hips, their nipples are in the wrong place, they’re too flat chested, and boxy, and.” She shook her head. “Huh, too bad girls don’t have dicks.” She looked back. “Well,” she giggled.

“Yeah, we don’t come with one, but we can get our hands on them.”

“Your mom’s bisexual, huh?”

“Yeah,” I took a deep breath, thrilling at the chance to finally come out, clear the air, and already relieved that I don’t have to worry about her being scared, that I might like her, sexually. “Me too.”

“I thought so.” She reached out, took my hand off the arm rest, and just held it.

“Huh!” She laughed to herself. “I feel so stupid, chasing what I didn’t want for months, but I guess, I just wanted to fit in, and be normal? You think I should start being called Lacy now? Maybe I can get some lacy underwear to match.”

“Yeah,” I squeezed her hand, “I’d like that.” I had to focus, on driving one handed, in the rain, with this top-heavy van, and wet drum breaks to squeal up to every turn, but there was no way I was letting go.

Ever, now that I know. I never have to let her go…



Note: 1 bad experience is not enough to make up your mind, and sexuality isn’t like Gay/Bi/Straight. Gay and Straight are the extremes, but Bisexual is more of a grey area, in between. At the very least, if you like blowjobs, you don’t have to give them up, just because the first guy you dated was a lousy kisser.

Or because you’re a guy, and “Not gay.” Okay, well a little bi, and enjoying blowjobs is not gay. It doesn’t even make you all that bi. Honestly, these labels are just things we chose, to make talking about it simpler. For convenience, “Hand me that,” and point.

Apple, orange, nectarine? That’s why we have names for apples, oranges, and nectarines. So, we don’t have to say “That red thing.” Another viable option is liking the Dick, but not the asshole attached to it. She’s just young, and inexperienced.

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