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Camping With Carla

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Brother and Sister horny and alone in a tent.

Carla sat on her bed and thought about what she would wear to her first camping trip away with her boyfriend Scotty. She wanted to wear something sexy as she was a Virgin and was finally ready to have sex for the first time. It took her 3 weeks to get her father to agree to let her go and he still had no idea that she was going only with Scotty. He thought that her best friend Sarah was going on the trip with her.
Carla was 16 years old and ready to have sex. She was a gorgeous girl who had a lot of boys try to get in her pants before but she was waiting for the right boy to come along. She was very slim with a small bubble butt that the boys loved to “accidentally ” bump into at school. She had small but perky boobs and she loved to show them off in low cut shirts that her father hated her wearing. Carla truly was a sexy girl and she knew it, she could have had sex a long time ago but she wanted it to matter. Scotty respected her, he knew she wanted to wait and he was okay with that. She thought this camping trip was the perfect time to give him what he and all the boys in their class wanted.
Carla packed her bag and began to bring it down when her father called her downstairs.
“I decided that you cannot go camping.”
“What? I’m packed, ready to leave. Why?
“Just throw your bag in my truck, we are going camping as a family instead.”
“Who is we?” Carla asked with an attitude toward her father.
“You, me, Sally, and Mike.” Carla rolled her eyes at the idea. Sally was her father’s girlfriend, she liked her but she also knew that bringing her would mean that she had to spend most of the trip with her older brother Mike.
Mike was 19 years old. He had moved out of their fathers house 3 years ago when their parents got divorced. He wanted to live with their mom because he did not want to see her be alone. He always worried about her, Mike is a very kind hearted young man. Like his younger sister, he is very attractive. He is tall and athletic, a baseball player. And man did he look good in his uniform. Mike had many girlfriends and has had sex a few times even though he still claims to be a virgin.
Carla tried to argue with her father about going on this trip with them but he was not changing his mind. She went upstairs to call Scotty and her father threw her bag in the back of the truck.
By the time she got off the phone with Scotty, Sally and Mike were in the truck waiting for her with her father. She jumped in the back next to her brother and sighed as they pulled out of the driveway.
When they arrived at the campsite later that night Carla was pleased to find that she could slightly get a cell signal to text Scotty. She stayed in the truck as her father and brother put together the two tents.
“Dad, where’s my tent?” She hollered out the window.
“You and Mike are bunking together. That a problem?” She wanted to argue but there was not sense in doing so since they were already there.
That night after they had dinner and a bomb fire she went to the tent to discover it was a bit smaller than she had hoped. She put in her pj’s and laid down. Mike came crawling in shortly after. He laid down next to his sister and was confused by her choice of sleeping attire.
She was wearing a night gown, a sexy, lacey one. It barley covered her at all. Mike could not help to take a few glances at his very exposed, very sexy little sister.
“What are you wearing?” He asked as he laid down next to her, very close next to her.
“I packed for a weekend with Scotty.” She said and rolled over away from him, she backed into him slightly rubbing her ass checks along his dick. He could feel his dick jump to excitement in his boxes. He tried not to think about her laying there so exposed, so sexy. He couldn’t help his thoughts.
Carla begin to roll around in her sleep and rub her body against his. He rolled toward her back and let her cuddle closer to him. He could feel her ass checks on his dick and he became very aroused. She moved and he got a glimpse of her open crotch panties, he could see her pushy, which was shaved and very smooth. His dick was so hard that it began to pop out of his boxes. He turned away from her and slowly rubbed himself until he fell asleep.
The next morning he got up and tried to forget about his sexy sister’s pussy rubbing against his dick.
Later that day he found his sister crying in the truck
“You okay?”
“Do I fucking look okay?” She screamed at him.
“Whats wrong?”
“Scotty hooked up with some skank last night and broke up with me. He said he’d rather get laid.” Mike tried to comfort her but it wasn’t helping.
That night she went to bed early. Mike stayed up and sat by the fire for a little while. His father and Sally had went to bed so he decided he should too.
When he went into the tent his sister was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open. She was wearing another sexy, lacey outfit with open crotch panties. He could see her whole pussy out in the open. He immediately got an errection.
He tried to scoot her over but she started to wake up. He just laid down next to her and stared at her pussy. He began to jack himself off while looking at her pussy. He could not believe what he was doing. Carla was his baby sister, he should not be jacking off to her.
She shifted and rolled over onto him. Her leg going over his body, her pussy open and rubbing against his dick. When she rolled over one of her very perky breasts fell out of her top.
He was so horny now. He could not help himself. Mike began to feel his sister’s body. He touched her breast and it felt amazing. He began to rub and suck on her nipple until it became errect.
He slid his hand over her open panties and stuck a finger in her pussy. She was warm and wet. His dick was thrubbing, trying to gain access to her sweet, wet pussy. He wanted her and he wanted her bad. He began to slowly finger her pussy as he jacked himself off. She moved as he stuck his fingers in deeper and deeper. He was worried that she might wake up but her could not help himself.
Right as he was about to cut she woke up startled.
“What the fuck are you doing perv?” She questioned him. Embarrassed, Mike hurriedly stuffed his dick into his pants and began to profusely apologize.
Carla giggled at the sight of her brother’s still erect dick trying to poke out of his boxers. Without warning, Carla pulled out Mike’s dock and began rubbing and sucking it. Mike wanted her to keep going harder and deeper and faster. It felt so amazing to have her lips wrapped around his cock.
As she came up and down on his hard cock he remembered that this sexy girl sucking him off was his baby sister Carla. He tried to push her off him, telling her that it was not okay for them to do this.
“I can’t. You’re my sister. A virgin.”
“I was going to have sex this weekend anyway. If it can’t be Scotty it has to be someone ” She said as she disappeared behind her hair again, sucking her big brother’s big dick.
Mike just laid back and enjoyed the stimulation of his sister’s mouth on his cock. He could not control himself, he grabbed her hair and started pushing her head down further and faster on his dick. This was the best blow job that he had ever gotten and he’s had a lot of them.
Carla lifted her head off of his cock and slowly crawled up to Mike. She began to kiss him, she stuck her tounge in his mouth and they made out while Mike felt her breasts and ass.
She sat on his lap while kissing him. She could feel his dick pushing up onto her pussy lips, trying to get in. Carla slowly sat down on his dick allowing it to enter her vigin pussy. She sat all the way down that he could feel the wall of her womb.
Mike gasped as his dick made its way into his sister’s virgin pussy. The first dick that she had ever encountered. It was a different feeling to have inserted his large 9 inch penis into his baby sister’s virgin pussy.
Carla slowly began to move her body up and down on his dick. Then she went faster and faster. This was the most amazing pussy that Mike’s dick has ever entered.
Mike grabbed his sister and forcefully rolled her over and began rigorously fucking her pussy. She moaned loudly, so loud that Mike had to put his hand over her mouth. He did not want his father to wake up and find him balls deep in his virgin sisters pussy.
He loved fucking her. He ducked her harder and harder until he could not hold it in any longer. He tried to pull out because he had no idea if his sister was on the pill or not. As he began to pull out, Carla wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer and in deeper. At that moment they both came. Mike shot a large, hot load of his cum deep into his sister’s virgin womb. Again he tried to pull out of her but she clung her legs around him. He whispered “what if you get pregnant?” As he tried to get his dick from freeing his spern into his sister.
“Then I guess we will see each other more.” She made him lay on top of her to go to sleep, his dick still inside of her. Holding in every possible spern baby.
The next morning, Mike woke up still with his hard dick inside of her. He once again began to pound her no longer virgin pussy. He fucked her awake and came inside her again. They lay in position for about 20 minutes until Carla allowed him to crawl off of her. She sucked the last little bit of cum off his dick and whispered in his ear as she changed her clothes.
“Tonight let’s fuck on the picnic table while dad fucks Sally.”
Just the thought of that made Mike’s dick hard again. She kissed him, grabbed his dick one more time and left the tent to greet their father for breakfast.

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