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Trust Fun (mf Date)

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I saw the manager’s son break into the pool with a couple other boys.

Well, he didn’t exactly have to break in with keys to the gate, but I stepped out for a smoke, and while I was out on the balcony, I heard them let it slam. From the spring on the hinges, so it doesn’t get left open for some kid to wander in, and drown. I looked over the railing to see them run off under the patios to the stairs.

Okay, I guess I should tell you about the apartments where we live. They’re also a Hotel, but some of the rooms are available for rent long term. So my mom, and I were staying there month-to-month until she can save up for a better place. There’s a bunch of stuff with my dad, I really don’t want to go into, but the weird thing about the building is the ground floor rooms face the pool, while the up-stairs apartments, and suites have a walkway on the other side. So, we can have balconies in back, overlooking the pool.

So anyway, I was a little curious about what they were up to. So, I flicked off my butt, and climbed out over the railing, to lower myself down to the top of the fence. Right underneath the edge of the balcony, I could hang onto the bars to slide down, until I could stand on top of the fence, and climb down. We locked the patio door normally too, and closed the blinds over it. Since anybody that knew how could climb up, and look in on us, but I didn’t notice all the other lights that were on, around the building.

I just followed them to the stairway in the corner, and heard them banging around up there. So, I climbed up after them, and before I even got to the first landing, I heard the door upstairs bang open too. Not really trying to be quiet about it, I went around at the second floor, and then up to the second landing, back up to the door. Which they had propped open with a chunk of 2×4.

That led out to the roof of the club-house, and I heard creaking, then scraping on the gravel. I peeked out, but they were around the corner of this little ramp of roof that went up over the last flight of stairs. They had cigarettes too, but I brought my pack, and just smoked one, so I left it in my pocket, with my lighter.

They lit up, and kicked back, looking out over the edge of the roof, and then they started talking. “Look at that whore.”

Denny, the manager’s son said “I told you.” I recognized one of the boys from the pool earlier, by his shorts. He didn’t wear swim trunks, he just kicked off his shoes, and jumped in shirt and all. I didn’t talk to him, because he didn’t come up, and talk to me, but he pulled his shirt up, and started rubbing his crotch.

I thought about sneaking around behind them, but the rocks made that impossible, which they were probably counting on. Instead, I turned around, and inched my way sideways along the ledge I found, right under the door. I don’t know why it had a concrete ledge around it, maybe so that when it rains, the water doesn’t splash up, and leak under the door. Irregardless, I made it around the side of the little roof. Where I could climb up, and get a better look.

Now, when Denny said whore, he ment a real live Prostitute. I don’t guess this kind of place, a motel with suites, and month-to-month apartments upstairs. I shouldn’t have been a bit surprised that it was the perfect place to do that kind of business, but I had some stuff to work out. So, I wasn’t really paying all that much attention, and this wasn’t exactly “Paradise,” no matter what it said on the sign next to the neon palm tree.

“Huh!” I just put my hands up on the edge of the roof, and rested my chin. So, I didn’t have to worry about the shingles so much. Better the palm of my hand than my chin, and better my knuckles then the rough sandpapery shingles, I figured.

“Which one is she?” One of them asked.

“The blonde one.” Denny pointed with his cigarette, and then I saw his hand in his lap. It was dark, and so is he. I don’t know what kind of name Dennis is for a black guy, but he also spent a lot of time out in the sun. Swimming around the pool, and helping his dad out with cleaning up the trash. So he was dark too, or at least his arms were. “She ain’t a natural blonde, but you can’t see that from here, cause she shaves her.”

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“Relax, man. Just look at them.” The other boys shook their heads, and turned back to the action, across the pool. Eventually, I guess they just got comfortable enough to unzip their shorts, and look around before they whipped them out, but being white.

“Huh!” Real white in their pants. I guess they spent a lot of time in the sun too, but not nude. Oh yeah, and in the prostitute’s room, it looked like she had a couple over, for a 3 some. 1 guy, and 2 women, but at least they had toys to fuck each other. Okay, I’m not not bicurious. I’m old enough to look at porn, and I’ve not avoided much except the most violent, and scary stuff.

You know, Rule #34, but the tie me up whips and chains stuff hit a little too close to home for me to enjoy, other then as horror movies. Not that he ever tied me up, and tried to hurt me.

All right, my uncle. Dad didn’t know about it, but he was his brother. So, he should’ve and after it came out, it turns out that it wasn’t the first time, either. “I thought you gave that up,” yeah right. When their sister got too old to molest her. You bet he just gave that up, because that’s what pedophiles do, right?

The therapists call him a Preferential Offender. Some like them young, but others like something more specific? My uncle had a thing for incest, girls in his family, and his little sister wouldn’t speak to him any more. Let alone let him be alone with my cousins. So, he waited until I got all my adult teeth in to start hanging around. Took a couple years to get me used to the way he looked at me, and then he stopped when I hit puberty.

I had behavioral problems, and ended up at the councilors. Where we got to the bottom of why I was acting out, and I still wasn’t done dealing with it, but it broke up the family, and mom never forgave him for it. Neither of them, my dad for letting it happen. So they got a divorce, and we ended up here, because it was close enough for mom to walk to work, without a car to drive.

“Huh, snh!” I wiped my eyes, and got my cigarettes out, but the white guys finished first, and Denny tucked it back in his pants. I couldn’t tell whether or not he finished too, because it was dark, and honestly I was crying, but then I heard the boys snickering, and the door swing shut, right under my arms.

“Huh?” I looked down, because I heard the chunk of 2×4 hit the gravel too, I just couldn’t tell what it was until I saw it.

“Aw, damnit!”

I froze, and looked back up, but Denny just looked back, and slapped the back of one of the pool lounges, so it folded up with a loud smack. Looking back, there was nothing but night sky. That was the only reason I could think of that he didn’t look up and see me looking over the door. Other then my hair hanging down, and I guess I had my head down when the boys left, the door stop out to let the door shut.

Denny got pissed, and started folding up the loungers all loud. “Huh!” I just picked my cigarette up, from the side of my arm where it rolled down, and unfolded a book of matches. They had a box of them on the counter by the cash register in the office. So I didn’t have to buy lighters, and I could just pull them out of the staple. Strike the whole book on the back so they lit up, and waited for the sulfur to burn off.

“Hey, who’s up there?” I shook the hair out of my face, and held the tip up to inhale, and light it. “That you, Marcie?”

“Huh, yeah.” I just shook the book out, and threw it off to crawl back down.

“What you doing up there?”

“Just enjoying the show. I guess I could ask you the same thing, or just say that I saw the whole thing.”

“Wh,” He put his hand up, on his hair, and shook his head. Which made me laugh a little. “Well, you can’t just sneak around, spyin on people.”

“Like you?” I waved out over the pool, at the light still on in the suite across the way. Not an apartment, but a room with a big bed, a bathroom, and a little kitchen. Which made it a “Suite,” here.

“What DO you want?”

I jerked my arm back, and held the filter like a dagger. “Don’t touch me, I’ll burn you.”

“Hey hey hey!” He held his hands up. “Relax.”

“Just don’t try to grab me again, okay?”

“All right, all right. Just tell me what you want, and I’ll.” He looked back, at the door behind me.

I waved the cigarette over my shoulder. “You don’t have the key to that lock?”

“Yeah, on the inside. There aint no keyhole on the outside, in case someone gets up here.”

“Why not?” I shook my head, “They can just climb the stairs to get to the exact same place, without having to climb up on the roof, and break into the stairwell.”

“I don’t know.” He just picked up one of the pool-loungers, and drop kicked it off the roof. “Damnit!”

“Hey, hey. Calm down.” I hear the splash, and went around him. Way around him to lean over, and look down. “That’s like 9 feet, huh?”

“No, 2 storeys.”

“No, on the deep end, it’s only 9 feet?”

“Yeah, you think that’s deep enough if we jump?”

“I don’t know, 2 stories is like, uh.” 10’=3m “6 meters, but it’s 10 meters per second, so we’d hit the water at. Uh.”

“You some kinda math wiz?”

“No, oh no.” I laughed. “Huhah, I failed math actually, I’m surprised I remember that from Physical Science last year, but you got a piece of paper and a pencil I can work it out with?”

“Not on me.” He spread his hands.

“Huh.” I put my hands down, on the low wall, and braced myself to look over. At the balconies. “Well, I don’t want to risk jumping, but you think you could lower me down, to my balcony?” I moved over, crossing my hands back and forth to walk sideways, and steady myself. “Then you can throw me the keys.”

“Here.” The hey ring rang in the dark, and hit the gravel.

So, I lit another book of matches, and held them out to find it. “Well, you could’ve just handed them to me.”

“Well, you said throw them, and kinda gave me the indication that you didn’t want me nowhere near you.”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. You’re just mad, and loud, and I was a little scared, but we’re cool. Right?”

“Well, I guess that depends on if you want to tell my poppa, or blackmail me.”

“Oh, is that what you think?” I shook my head, but somehow that let me see a glint of metal, and find the key ring in the gravel. “No, I don’t want anything from you, huh. Honest, I was just enjoying the show. You know, I never seen a real live circle jerk before?”

“Well, it ain’t like that.”

“Like what? 3 boys isn’t enough to make a proper circle, or does there have to be a cookie to make it a circle jerk?”

“No, just like you said, just enjoying the show. Besides, it ain’t like she don’t take no pictures and make videos to put up on her Craigslist, or whatever.”

“They don’t use Craigslist for that no more.”

“What do they use?”

“I don’t know, they just put a stop to it on Craigslist. Why don’t you ask her what sites she uses, and does your dad know how she pays the rent?”

“Well no. She don’t actually pay rent, exactly.”

“Oh. She works it off.”

“No, she his girlfriend, or one of them. So yeah, he know how she makes money. Prob’ly.” He looked back over the side, so I stuck the keys in my pocket. “So, how you wanna do this?”

“Well,” I don’t really have much choice. “Just like I said, you lower me down to the balcony, so I can run around the stairs and let you in.”

“All right.” He held his hands out, and I tried to think about the drop as the more serious risk then letting this guy I barely know touch me.

“Hold on tight, and don’t let go until I tell you.”

“Relax, you can do this.” I nodded, and took a few deep breaths, told myself that if I start slipping, I can always try to jump, and hit the water, but that was ridiculous, and I knew it. Maybe with a run up, if I didn’t chicken out. I could clear the loungers, and get over the water before I dropped 20 feet. “You aint afraida heights?”

“No, but it’s too low. If it was the Empire State Building, then I’d know that I’d probably be killed instantly, but at this height, I’m more likely to break my legs, and end up in the hospital. If not my back, so I’m paralyzed, and have to spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair.”

Maybe we should’ve done this over by the gate, where he took the loungers so it’s just concrete, but too late now. I got to the bottom of the wall, and I had to let my feet dangle over the railing. “Just a little lower.”

“Uhn.” I looked up, and I could see his teeth, from him grunting through them, but he just bent down.

“A little lower,” so my head cleared, and I could look down to see my patio door. The blinds, and the lock left unlatched so I could get in, but I knew that I could reach the edge of the ceiling from the railing, because I used it to steady myself, and finally, my heel hit the railing. So I could put my feet down, and take the weight off my shoulders.

Shake his hand. “Let go,” then grab the edge quick, and shake my other hand free. “There, whew!” I considered hopping in, and sneaking through the house, but I’d just been here, and of course it was quicker just to climb down the fence again, so I did. Turned around to climb down the outside, and I laughed.

I actually laughed, harder than I had in a long time. “I did it! I’ll be right up.” Then I remembered to run along the doors, and up the stairs. “Shit!” I pulled the keys out, but I forgot to ask. “Which one?”

“What?” I could barely hear him through the door, and he’s a lot louder, so I just tried them all one bye one.

Until I got one in, and turned it to open up the door. “That was amazing!” I just jumped out, and grabbed him, hugged him until I realized what I was doing, so I let go.

“Huh,” he just patted me on the shoulder, and I shrugged it off, like it was nothing. “Yeah you did.”

It wasn’t nothing. I let him touch me, and my uncle’s hand on my shoulder. Usually, he did it the other way. From behind, and turned me around, but I shook my head.

“Huh,” I didn’t know what to say, so I just backed up, and tripped over the damned ledge to fall on my ass. “Ah, huh! Ow!”

“You okay?”

“Just my pride,” I dusted off my hands, “but thanks.”

“No problem.”

“Huh,” I crawled back, “I got it, thanks.” When he offered to help me up, but then we didn’t say anything. He pulled his keys out of the lock, and let the door close quietly, but then I let him catch up.

Walk down behind me, but he’s tall enough, without even being a couple steps behind me, but I guess I trusted him. Again, when only a few minutes before, I literally put the rest of my life in his hands, I didn’t have much choice then. This time, I trusted him not to touch me on the shoulder.

Turn me around, with his dick out. Of course he wouldn’t, why would he do that? Here, and now after that, when we’re just going down the stairs after our little adventure, but the dirty little secrets. Those didn’t bother me, neither. He didn’t say that.

“It’ll be our little secret,” and I sure wasn’t gonna.

“Huh, it’s a nice night, but. I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“What for?”

“Well, somebody has to fish the loungers out of the pool.” I stopped at the gate, and held onto it. I wanted him to take a hint, and kiss me. Even while another part of me was terrified of it, but he didn’t. He just got out his keys to unlock it, and didn’t say anything.

I was already practically hyperventilating, but while his back was turned, I pulled out my top, and took it off. Kicked my shoes off, and he took off his shoes.

It was dark, and so was he. If there was a moon, I didn’t see it, and the lights around the pool were turned off, but before he even started on his shirt, and pants. I slipped out of my skirt, and took a deep breath. Running, “WOOOAH!”

I hit the water, and came up laughing. Threw my head back to let the water catch my hair, and pull it out of my face. Opened my eyes right before he jumped over me, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts.


“Huh!” I turned around, treading water before he surfaced, and paddled around. Also treading water, but backing up.

“All right!” Then a light swung out. “What the fuck is actu’ly goin on out heah?”

“Uh, dad. Fuck, I.” he turned around, and sank down, but got his feet on the bottom, and steeped over, to stand up in front of me.

“Oh shit.” He held his hand up. “All right.” Backing up, “All right.” He pulled the door with his other hand, so the shadow swung back over the pool again. “You two have fun out there. All right?”

Dennis laughed, and then he snickered. “Kt kt kt kt.” He shook his head. “So, you do know how to swim, huh?”

“Yeah?” I splashed him, then kicked back, and splashed my feet at him, turning over, and crawling to the edge, of the deep end.

[9 Feet.] On the tile, under the rolled edge of concrete.

“Well, I just never seen you in the pool before, but. The old man is been bugging me, lately. To get out, find my own place, and.”

“So?” I turned around, holding onto the edge behind me to keep my head out of water, in my underwear. Okay, call it a trust exercise, but he passed with flying colors, and despite the cold water, I was starting to warm up to him. “Why haven’t you?”

“Well,” he kept backing up, further and further away from me. So his neck came higher out of the water. Then his shoulders, and his chest. “Free rent for one thing, and you know what? None of my friends know how to swim, cause they ain’t got no pool.” There wasn’t a lot of kids our.

Well, I don’t know about him, but I’m old enough to drop out of school, and start looking for work, nearbye. “Well, even if we did move out, you can always come back, and.”

“You said we?”

I just let go, and put my feet up, to kick off under water, and swim up to the surface. “Kah huh!” I took a deep breath of chlorine scented air, and tried to get my feet under me, but I had to tread water, closer to him. “Huh, yeah. I guess, we both have to leave home, and start living our own lives some time.”

“Right?” He stopped backing away, but his ribs were all the way out of the water, and this close, I could even see his shorts rippling under the surface.

“So, maybe it would be easier, if we started our own lives, together?”

“Yeah, all right. I like the way you’re thinking.”

“Huh!” I was far enough up the shallow end that I had to bend my knees, to keep my body under water. In nothing but my bra and panties. Soaking wet, I knew that they left little to the imagination, so I wasn’t ready. Not quite, yet.

“You don’t have any brothers do you?”

“No, just a sister, but she already left.” He shook his head. “Why?”

“No reason.” I took a deep breath, and stood up.

“How come I never seen you down here, if you like to swim so much?”

“Huh!” I shivered, and covered myself with my arms, but I wasn’t just cold. “I don’t have any swimsuits, that fit me.” Ever since I graduated from training bras, I just didn’t buy any.

“Why not? If you can’t afford it, I can get you something decent to swim in.”

“Huh, I’m afraid. I mean, I was afraid to show my body.”

“Why, you got scars or something?”

“Not on the outside.”

I turned away, to hide my face. Trusting him not to come up behind me, and touch me.

“So, you been through some shit.”

“Yeah. I been through some shit.”

“Well, let me guess. Somebody hurt you, and that somebody, he was man?”

“Yeah,” I don’t want to talk about it.

“A. Black man?”

“No, oh no. It has nothing to do with you being black. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression.”

“Then what is it, then?”

“I just have a lot of stuff to work out. Before I’m ready to be with another man.”

“All right.” He just turned, and walked off. To the stairs. He climbed out, and didn’t say anything, until he was halfway around to where he left his clothes, and shoes. “I’ll wait, then.” he said, “Good night.”

He just carried them back to the door, his dad had looked out, and fished his keys out of his pocket.

“Huh!” I just took a deep breath, and sank under water. Just until I had to come up for air, but you know what?

I didn’t even think about staying down there, until I died. Not now that I had someone to live for.

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