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Top-O-the-Seas by Runa

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So there are some who choose to be a whore for there own pleasures while there are also some that choose it for others. This time it’s both.

(Hey guys the Pussy Gaper here. So Runa have so many good stories on female furries gaping their pussy and I love every bit of it. If you’re a female furry who enjoys gaping your pussy or want to try it out email me and let me know if you want to join my class. If you are not a furry, it’s okay because everyone is welcome in my gaping pussy class of sexual enlightenment. Anyway I should leave this to Runa so love you all and enjoy.)

Runa – This one’s pretty straight forward and extremely sexual and kinky beyond belief. Read the keywords to know what kind of extra hardcore stuff is in this story.

Matilda is a mare aboard the Storm of the Rift, a massive pirate ship captained by Ilorek and Valencia. Between the crew there is a mutual, socially polygamous bond wherein captains and crew alike are free and encouraged to fraternize.

This mare in particular has a very, very insatiable appetite, something that Ilorek hopes to enjoy very thoroughly, if he’ll be enough for her ravenous sexual appetite.

Only reading it will tell. (But seriously, read the keywords to see what lewd absurdities I included in this one.)

She grabbed a huge bag of salt and slung it over her shoulder, muscles rippling under her short, dark brown equine hair. Her mane flowed out behind her atop a white frilly nautical blouse, her horseshoes clopping on the deck and her loose-fitting skirt billowing in the sea breeze.

Matilda was hauling goods on the Storm of the Rift after completing a successful hunt for buried treasure down south in in the Ijumulian Archipelago. While half the crew was out trading gems and goods for coin and proper smoked meat, she, Ilorek, and a few others had stayed back to do some general maintenance on the ship, preparing it for their next departure.

It was a time of celebration, of joy, and a perfect time to stock up on non-perishables. Life on the high seas was a struggle of attrition, with the crew members constantly worried about running out of food, getting dehydrated, getting bored, or getting in a fight with other seafaring vessels. Up until recently, the Storm of the Rift – the pirate ship Matilda called home – was susceptible to pirate attacks as well as apprehension from the various royal navies of Ijimu, Koluma, Yelfrit, Saff’Rald, and Viokenic, all with their own ships scouring the Ijimulian ocean for pirates or other ‘scourge’.

Then, about a year ago, three flagship pirate vessels created the Nautical Liberation Force. The NLF was a unified band of pirate ships and fleets brought together to seek freedom from the oppression of the land-based navies of the nations surrounding the Ijimulian ocean. Matilda never thought such a unification could happen, since Pirates were notoriously notorious for violence and double crossing, but with the three flag ships that led the way, hundreds – perhaps thousands – of pirate and merchant vessels joined in the fight for freedom.

Matilda’s ship was one of those three vessels. The other two were the Spirit of Dalonia and Ademane’s Venomous Death. Captained by Ceylon/Leera and Olfrin/Luero, respectively. The Storm of the Rift was captained by Ilorek Rovairre and co-Captained by Valencia Freyens, two wonderful captains that Matilda looked up to. In time, she had gradually been promoted to place of boatswain, thanks to a combination of skill and the death of the ones before her, and now she was training to be quartermaster or captain of her own ship. With any luck, she might get her own vessel one day thanks to the tutelage of Captain Ilorek, hippogryph leader of the Storm of the Rift.

Of course, when Matilda thinks about tutelage from Captain Ilorek, she’s not thinking about learning how to raise the sails and pull the mooring line, unless those were euphemisms for sex. See, Ilorek was both a wonderful captain as well as a notorious horn dog. He and Valencia were mates, but both were gloriously promiscuous with each other, any crew member on their ship, and anyone they found mildly attractive on shore. It’s one of the things that made the two of them so famous and well liked among deck hands, crew, and folks who never left port.

Ilorek was well liked by all, so she knew how lucky she was to be serving on such a large and dangerous vessel. When out on the seas, few dared to shoot at a ship as large as the Storm of the Rift, which was a whopping hundred meters long and twenty meters high, one of the largest currently sailing the seas. Only the largest naval vessels dared pick a fight or attempt to plunder their booty. Above deck, she commanded a dozen key figures, which was odd for such a large ship. In fact, a ship that size should have been crewed by over fifty, yet Ilorek somehow managed to keep it down to around a dozen – no less than ten, no more than fifteen at any time – and still somehow managed to keep it afloat.

More booty for those who did participate, though. However, it also meant that only the best fighters, gunners, cooks, and crew were permitted aboard. Matilda was one of those great crew members who was able to do multiple things whenever the time came it was needed. When sailing, she was either crow’s Nest lookout and navigator or a deck general, commanding the others to keep them in line. When in combat she was an expert sword-artist as well as an accomplished rifle-mare and archer. She knew how to cook, she knew how to clean, and she was good at repairs if the situation called for it and the others couldn’t handle patching the ship up.

The only thing Matilda couldn’t do was use magic to help in long-range combat or to help fill the sails with wind. Luckily, Valencia and Ilorek were both powerful mages, so that wasn’t needed from her. One of the many reasons that Ilorek was captain alongside his mate. Not only was he equally skilled in combat and in captaining a ship, but he had seemingly never-ending magical ability to keep the ship afloat even in the direst of storms. Oh, and that whole sex thing; no matter how much Matilda admired him for his skill at the helm, she appreciated his passion between the sheets, more.

This was a truism that Matilda took for granted. As a larger woman – a mare – she had specific tastes and desires when it came to her men, and ‘having a huge cock’ was one of them. Ilorek fulfilled this requirement quite well, and when even his member wasn’t enough, he was one of the few willing to get creative in pleasuring his ladies.

Like a true gentleman, he felt it his responsibility to please his crew members and partners before himself, always. He was interested in males and females both, but on the high seas everyone was bisexual so it didn’t matter.

As she heaved another bag of salt over her shoulder to carry it back to the ship, she conjured up an image of Ilorek, standing at the helm with the wind whipping his mane and coat out behind him, feathered barrel chest puffed out against the billowing blouse that barely contained his masculinity. He was captain, but he could have been a model. At least in her eyes. He was part equine, after all.

“Hey, Matilda!” Krendius called out from the other end of the deck. He was the gunnery sergeant, and was tending to one of the cannons that were jutting out over the side of the ship.

She raised a finger to him as she walked towards the stairs that led below deck. “One minute, dear. Gotta drop this sand off.”

“Actually, could you grab me some jerky while you’re down there? That’s what I was going to ask!” He said, hurriedly.

“Yeah, for sure!” She said back, smiling. Her hooves clopped on the wood as she made her way down below deck. When she made it to the storage level, she grabbed a single strip of jerky to take up to him. Upon arriving at the cannon, she waited until he saw her and she tossed him the meat. “Shouldn’t you be getting something at port? Lots of food shacks and merchants and fresh fruit; probably better for you and less salty.”

He took a big bite and chewed. “Yeah, but this tastes so much better and I can eat it while working on the cannon here.” He tapped the metal barrel with a screwdriver to prove his point. “Besides, I like meat. You know that.”

She nodded. “Yeah, of course. Anyway, I have some more salt to pack aboard. Salt and spices for curing, yeah!” She pumped her fist and rolled her eyes. However, when she was about to leave the deck, she heard Ilorek’s voice call out from the stern of the ship.

“Matilda, could I borrow you for a few minutes?” He was waving from the top of the stairs that led to the hull, slowly walking down. Every step he took was like a portrait, with the wind appropriately whipping at is mane and chest plumage, the feathering of his wrists and ankles swaying gently over his big hands and dark-fleshed talons. Glorious image, though she was at least partially sure he was using his magic to make the breeze, since she wasn’t feeling much of anything at her back.

The mare stood up straight and offered a salute. “Yes, Captain.” She made her way up to him, then paused as she passed the ramp to the dock. “But shouldn’t I finish packing the goods first?” She knew what he had in mind, his code for deliciously lewd behaviour was to ask to ‘borrow’ her, since he’d be using her quite thoroughly.

“Nonsense. Come with me. Meet me in my chambers.” He waved her forward as he reached the bottom of the stairs. “I have a few things we need to discuss.”

She paused and squinted her eyes at him. That wasn’t something that he was known for saying, so now she was getting mixed signals. Still, she respected him enough that she did as she was told, following him into his quarters below the helm. The room was simple, with the bed under the windows on the stern end looking out over the wake of the boat when sailing. The room was dimly lit by a few dozen lanterns filled with powerful, magic fire, and the walls were lined with shelves and desks and dressers and chests for various clothes, personal food, booty, and sex toys.

Oh yes, Matilda knew all about the various sex toys this captain had in his chambers. For all she knew, he was leaving one in his ‘chambers’ at this moment. His kink and sense of experimentation knew few limits.

“What can I do for ya, captain?” She asked, gently shutting the door behind her.

Ilorek stepped over to one of the shelves and plucked out a bottle of rum from behind the tightly held rack. He mixed it in with some coconut juice and pineapple juice before tossing a few slices of uriel fruit in the wine glass with it. He mixed up two of the same drink and offered Matilda one. When she took it, he spoke. “Well, as I’m sure you know, recently our deck-lad Mikhail had a bit of a breakdown recently over me catching him with Valencia.”

“Yeah, I head about that. What’s up with him?” She asked as she took a sip.

“Well, he seemed to not realize the more intricate nature of the relationships on this vessel. He had a bit of a panic attack, but we were able to make things work.” He took another sip by putting his beak up next to the rim of the glass as he tipped it, his tongue darting out to drink. “I do hope you are still familiar with the rules of how this works, right?” He was being strikingly calm, reserved, and serious; odd for him.

She took another big gulp and nodded. “Yeah, When Val’s on board, we ask first for her to join us. Other than that, it’s fair game?”

“Precisely.” He said with a nod, throwing back the glass to gulp down the entire drink. “So, Val’s out trading and bartering in town. You got half an hour?”

After gulping down the rest of her drink and placing the glass on the desk, she grinned and stepped forward, her powerful hoof clopping on the wood of the floor. “For you, I have the rest of my life at sea.” She took her hat off and tossed it next to the glass, then shimmied out of her jacket, leaving it in a pile around her hooves. She wore only the loose-fitting blouse on her top and the simple skirt, no boots.

Ilorek leaned in close to her, his beak nuzzling at her face as he used his fingers to untie the blouse top. He was a full head taller than her, so he was able to crane his neck down to preen at her mane, raking the curved tip of it through her long flowing hair. While he did that, he grabbed at her blouse and pulled it up over her torso, leaving her naked from the waist up. “Glad to hear it, Mat.” He whispered into her ear as he gripped at her rump, forcing her back onto the bed.

She lipped at his neck, nibbling gently before falling back onto the soft bed, bracing herself with both hands. Her lips peeled up in a grin as she scooted back, lifting her knees up and resting her hooves on the edge of the bed, slyly pulling back her skirt to expose her sex. Her lips were already glistening moist, wet with anticipation and gaped out a bit; the dancing candle light reflected off the moistened flesh, giving the captain a glorious view.

“Not wearing your panties today, are we?” Ilorek mused as he took off his jacket, tossing it at the foot of the bed near hers. His member started to swell under his kilt, forming a clearly defined bulge prodding out towards her. “Have you stayed nice and loose for me? Val’s wonderful, but she’s real, real tight.”

Matilda grinned and nodded, shifting in place while pulling the edge of her skirt up to cover her belly, fully exposing herself. “I’ve tried a go at that woman, and sometimes I swear she could make diamonds in that there snatch of hers. Don’t worry, I have kept myself very, very loose for you.” She slid her hand down her inner thigh to prod at her plump, round mare pussy lips to peel away her flesh, exposing the permanently opened canal within. A flow of her juices gently escaped her pussy to trickle down over her rump and soak into the base of her tail, further enticing the captain to have his way with her.

He quickly undid his kilt before crouching down to one knee, roughly parting her legs and forcing his beak up between her thighs, rubbing the crest of it on her huge, meaty clit as his tongue prodded at her depths. His powerful hands grabbed at her rump, pulling her in closer as he forced his beak right into her, top and bottom halves parting her lips and plunging into her gaping cunt. A deep, rumbling churr of pleasure emanated from his chest as he bobbed his head and forced his tongue out, collecting as much of her juices as he possibly could to cover his beak and fill his maw.

A grunt escaped her lips as she curled her hoof a bit, pleasure building up in her as the captain had his way with her depths. She loved it when he dove right in, even if it was a touch painful thanks to the hook in his beak. Still, she grinded down against him, her meaty clit rubbing against the crest while she pinched it from either side, rubbing it in circles while also forcing it against him. With her other hand, she pried at her lips, ensuring her deep pink flesh remained exposed and gaped even against the girth of his beak.

Luckily for her, Ilorek was simply sampling a taste of her, and quickly pulled out while slipping his thumbs up between her thighs to keep her spread open and gaping. As she breathed, her torso shifted and squeezed, gaping cunt throbbing and contracting around his thumbs, only to spread open again to full capacity.

“I love it when you spread like this, Mat.” He said to her, lightly pecking and nipping at her clit. As he shifted back down, he leaned in close, the slit in his keen eyes widening a bit. “And I see you must be in heat, because I can see right into your womb.” He winked once, then slipped his fist into her, fingers balled up and forearm tensed firm. The sensation of every bit of him to his elbow made Matilda throe her head back and arch her spine, aggressively pushing back against him.

She could feel his fingertips uncurling inside her to prod at her cervix, easily penetrating into her depths before she glanced down over her body between her breasts, a noticeable bulge forming in her belly under the folded up skirt. She peeled it back again, folding it up neat above her pussy but below her belly button to touch fingers through her abdominal wall with Ilorek. She giggled a bit, then grunted as he balled his fist up again and rotated inside her, pumping gently.

Her clit winked, spewing some of her fluids down over his forearm, absolutely soaking the long feathered hair around his wrist as the juices slid back into her, the gape of her walls allowing the fluid to flow freely into her depths, lubricating her even more thoroughly.

“Aww, aren’t you in a bit of a mood today. Is it the heat? The long trip south? Tell me, Mat, what has you so hungry for me?” He pushed in deeper, fingers converging at one point to prod at her cervix, pressure being slowly applied to force himself in deeper. His cock was firm as could be, bobbing next to his raised leg as he knelt and dripping precum down to the floor boards and the rug that their bed rest on.

Weirdly enough, Matilda didn’t know how to answer his query, so she arched her spine and pushed down as hard as she could, mild discomfort be damned. A moment later, she felt a sudden and intense lurch as his fist burst into her uterus, her taut cervix clenching hard around his wrist. Her maw gaped open and she panted a bit, glancing down at him. “Is that answer enough?” She teased, using her pelvic muscles to clench down on his arm, vulva tightening around his elbow and clit tickling his elbow pit.

In response, he clenched his fist tight, the fingers coiling up inside her to have his hand form a ball. His forearm flexed against the clenching muscles of her cunt, and he rotated vigorously while also pumping in and out gently, the ball of his fist tugging on her cervix. His body was pumping a bit as his other hand was gently stroking his member, and he hissed gently as he paused to squeeze around the tip. He curled up the corner of his beak in a sly grin as he brought his precum-moistened hand between her thighs, using the thumb and forefinger to rub and pinch her clit.

“Now Captain, you don’t wanna overwhelm your crew.” She cautioned as she started gyrating against the fist that was buried as deep as it could go in her pussy, clit winking in his hand and a gentle spurt of her arousal soaking him again. “I might make a mess, and we don’t want Val coming home to smell the estrus scent of a mare on her bed.”

Ilorek chuckled a bit in response. “Oh, trust me, she won’t mind. If anything it’ll help more. And if you’re worried, don’t be; I’ll plug you up good.” He said with a wry affect as he curled his thumb up to caress between her lips, forcing its way in next to his arm against her anterior wall; he felt around until he felt the massive, swollen opening of her urethra, then jammed his thick thumb up past the knuckle, caressing her clit from inside her.

For Matilda, that was quite possibly the most intense pleasure she could feel. As her meaty equine clit grew hard, the internal part of it pressed heavy against her urethral passage, so caressing her from inside there was about as close as anyone could get. She’d been using toys and fingers and the cocks of smaller blokes to fill that hole since before she was a member aboard the Storm of the Rift, so this was cause for a full bodied moan and writhe, which she did with a vigor while biting her bottom lip and gyrating her hips against him.

“Good girl.” He cooed at her, curling his thumb up against her urethral g-spot while his other fingers squeezed her clit from either side, letting the bulge of flesh rest in the crook between digits. As he did that, he gave a forceful tug against her cervix, forearm flext and fist balled up to keep as firm as possible. She kicked at the air, nearly hitting him in the face, but he kept at her, the ‘knot’ of his fist yanking on her uterus until he felt it shift within her, his arm slowly retreating from her depths as his hand remained inside her womb.

Matilda knew what that meant, and the excitement mixed with the anticipation made her vocalizations squeeze into a bit of a squeak as she writhed and pedaled her hooves in the air above them both. The feeling of having her uterus tugged out would have been painful to any others, but over the years she had trained herself to get used to it, and actually came to love the dull, deep pain of it. Just then, as his knuckles dragged over her G-spot, she felt herself squirt, only to have his thumb plug her up and dam her fluids from escaping.

“Oh, you weren’t lying when you said you’d make a mess, were you?” He mused as he stood up next to the bed. Only his wrist and hand were still inside her, so he gave one final tug as he pulled his thumb out of her, letting her flood the room with her fluids.

She let out a long, wailing cry as her pussy folded outwards, the cervix hanging out of her lips like a wrinkled mass of flesh, prolapsed and a solid ten centimeters outside; her urethra burst her gooey yellow fluids all over the place, splashing against Ilorek’s cock and legs, soaking the fur around his ankles. For a brisk moment, her shy demeanour came out as she folded her arms over her chest, covering her breasts while her thighs closed to hide her prolapsed cunt and gaping urethra.

But Ilorek was having none of that. He leaned in close and forced her legs apart, his gooey messy hands nearly sliding off her knees as he did so, before leaning in and resting his cock up on her belly. “Now now, Matilda, we agreed that your bashful nature stays back in your homeland. You know I love your cunt, inside or out.” He winked and bucked his hips, gently gliding the underside of his shaft up and down over her clit, his hand reaching around underneath his shaft to squeeze and caress up and down the vaginal prolapse, tugging it like it were a cock.

Matilda slowly relaxed her legs as she closed her eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the sensations of having him stroke her folded out pussy, his balls gently nudging against her flesh every time he bucked forward. She winked her clit with a pelvic twitch that partially tugged her pussy back inside, but then she relaxed and let it stay out. The position of her outward turned vaginal flesh actually angled her urethra outward, so she slipped a hand under his cock and started to finger herself in there, slipping one, then two fingers inside while angling her wrist to aim for her bladder.

“I see what you want, dear. Hold on, I’ve got you.” Ilorek hissed as he pulled back, letting the mess of her pussy smear fluids all up and down his length. He helped her with her urethral opening by forcing a finger in next to hers, pulling down to gape her wide, followed by a much larger finger. His cock.

She paused a moment, a touch worried. “I’m really not sure that’ll fit yet.” She cautioned, still doing her best to caress and massage her depths with her fingers.

He hook his head. “Don’t worry, I got this.” With that, a teal mist emanated from his fingertips to get absorbed into her flesh. The barbs that lined his equine cock tip remained prodding and throbbing against her flesh as he pushed it down, rubbing it against her gaping cervix as his other hand kept at her urethra. His other hand wrapped around her prolapsed cunt, aiming the tip at his cock tip, which he was able to slip into her with ease, using her flesh as a pleasure toy, masturbating with it.

Seconds later, she felt her urethra get softer, more malleable to the touch. By simply parting her fingers, she was able to spread herself open wide enough that her opening could swallow his cock tip. The sudden and intense burgeoning of her confidence made her pull her fingers from her piss hole to grab his cock, pulling it from her floppy womb, fingers around his girth to guide him into her at the right angle as she started grinding against him.

The captain took the hint and took control, leaning into her and letting go of her body. He laid his hands on the bed on either side of her hips, holding her in place as he stared down at her, slowly forcing his length into her urethra, the tip eventually popping into bladder. The final lurch had her flesh swallow him past the median ring – the thick bulge half-way down an equine’s cock parting between the velvety sheath and the more sensitive length of it – with a pop. Her sagging cunt pressed and smeared fluids against his ball sack, and that just made him more eager.

Matilda groaned a bit, wrapping her legs around Ilorek’s waist, ankles entwined in a lock to hold him in place as she pushed up against him. She wanted every inch of him inside her, and to have his cock fill her bladder with seed; the sensation of pissing cum was weird and sensual for her, and she loved it. Her clit winked against him, squeezing his shaft tight with enough pressure to nearly force it out of her, and would have if not for how immensely stiff he was.

She could feel the throbbing in his veins as they pumped blood up and down his member, a sensation she could feel in her taut flesh that held him tight, accented by the occasional muscular pulsing as his flare expanded inside her. The gentle shifting of his member sliding in and out a few inches at a time was splendid, but it was even better thanks to the tightness of her urethral canal and the snug fit of his flare expanding inside her.

“Hope you’re ready.” Ilorek hissed at her as he pulled most of the way out, the bulge of his flare tugging at her bladder until it jerked its way into her urethra, eventually coming to rest just inside her. Had she squeezed at that moment, he would have been forced out of her in a glorious, juicy mess, but he quickly flexed his muscles and forced his way back into her with one aggressive motion. His cock tip plunged into her depths, popping into her bladder and expanding again as his barbs tickled her flesh from within, making her feel like she was ready to explode.

The pleasure of girth and texture inside her was nearly too much. The force of horse cock pressing up against her G-spot from inside her urethra was an ecstasy she wasn’t nearly familiar enough with, and the added freedom and relaxation that came with having her cunt inside out and dangling down onto her tail base was the fleshy icing on the cake. Her eyes were rolling back in her skull, her fingers were balling into a fist as she grasped at Ilorek’s chest feathers, and her legs were as tight as they would go around his waist, keeping him inside her as deep as he would go. Though she loved to be pumped into time and time again, the pressure of having him resting inside her was good enough for now.

But not for long. Mere seconds after bursting into her bladder a second time, Ilorek started a series of brisk but strong thrusts that had his shaft sliding in and out of her while his flare slammed against the back side of her bladder and yanked at her urethra from within. He clicked his beak as he reached down and grabbed her mane, yanking her hair back, his other hand sliding around her waist to cradle the small of her back. She was gasping and grinding against him, so it was hard for him to keep control of her as he lifted her up off the bed, hand on neck and back.

In response, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close, barely noticing when he bit down hard on her shoulder and base of her neck. He was standing, with her thighs on his waist as he fucked her hard and deep, cunt hanging out and drooling fluids beneath them until he spun around and landed on his back on the bed, passionately thrusting into her a few more times as he hugged her close. When he let her go, he pushed her up, so that she’d ride him cowgirl style, outward cunt sagging onto his velvety ball sack, the cervix out and kissing his twin orbs every time he bucked up into her.

“Think you can hold on much longer, captain?” She asked, flicking his beak with her fingertip. She cradled his chin a bit before sitting straight up, leaning her back on his raised thighs and hands on her knees; her entire form shifted in place until she was on her hooves, squatting down over him with legs spread wide and skirt draping over her soaking wet pussy lips. Before he could say or do anything, she started bouncing up and down on his cock, squeezing as hard as she could to feel every texture on his cock thrusting in and out of her.

He let her have her way, and quickly grabbed at her ankles, arching his back and craning his neck while he let her pleasure him. The constant tugging of his fully engorged flare in her bladder combined with the tightness of her passage combined to quickly bring him to climax. He clamped his beak shut, started bucking his hips violently against every bobbing motion she made, and quickly started to make erratic thrusts as his member throbbed and spewed stream after stream of thick, gooey horse cum into her bladder. His eyes rolled back as the pleasure hit its peak, staying there for what felt like a few minutes as he curled his toes and grunted loudly. Then, after his pleasure started to descend from the summit, he relaxed, taking in a long, deep breath as he released his muscle tension in every region of his body.

Despite him calming down, his load shooting into her time and time again, she kept bouncing on him, his shaft slipping in and out of her repeatedly. However, the tightness of her canal mixed with the slowly deflating member of his meant that, the moment his flare had grown soft, the pressure of her bladder and the copious seed inside it forced his cock out of her with a gooey, slimy mess all over his crotch.

Surprising her, he cradled her haunches and urged her forward, making her shimmy up his form until her prolapsed cunt and gaping urethra were resting just over his beak. “What sort of captain would I be if I didn’t tend to my crew?” He asked, gently raising his head a bit so his tongue could lap between her folds, around her prolapse, and up into her urethra.

The comfort of having his beak right there allowed Matilda to relax, so she took in a long, deep breath and let her nethers go loose, resulting in a glorious mess of cum and fluids busting out her urethra to smother his face, some of it going down his maw. He tried to lick it all up, but didn’t even come close to getting it all. Once he gave up, he shifted down towards the prolapsed pussy, using his beak and tongue to prod at it until it went back inside her; once it was mostly in, it seemed to suck itself back up, quickly righting itself inside her.

Matilda’s gaping pussy remained open in front of him, with the glistening reflections of the dancing candlelight shining on her juicy mare folds, but not letting him see inside. He gave one final compassionate lick followed by an affectionate nuzzle, then gently pushed her off him, allowing him to slip out from under her.

Once the two were parted and he quickly took a towel to his beak, he leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear. “We’ll have to do that again. You busy later today?” His hot breath tickled her short hairs and ragged mane, to the point where she started to lean back into him. However, he quickly pulled away, leaving her to flop on the bed with legs spread and skirt draped over her nether regions, her body occasionally succumbing to gentle convulsions of pleasure.

While she was still twitching thanks to the deep pleasure she’d been given, Ilorek was off by his dresser, putting on a red, black, and gold jacket. He was stepping into his kilt when he turned back to look at her, seeing that she’d managed to roll onto her belly with tail up under her skirt, hooves curled up over her thighs and chin on her hands.

“We could go again right now, if you want.” She said, calves swinging front to back like an eager school girl. The gentle tingles of pleasure were still coursing up and down her spine, and her equine instincts told her that now that she’d been bred, she had to keep going, get all she could in her!

Ilorek leaned in close, cradling her chin in his palm while staring her in the eyes. The two shared an intimate glance for only a few seconds before he leaned in to preen at her cheek, trailing his beak to the back of her neck where the mane went down her spine. He whispered in her ear. “I’d love to, but we do have to have that stuff on deck before Val and the trading crew come back. You get that done before they return and I’ll do anything you want me to do to that ruined cunt of yours.” With that, he gave her chin a scritch and tightened his kilt, stepping away to head out.

Captain had important captaining stuff to do on deck.

When he left, Matilda managed to shakily get to her feet, slowly getting dressed in between somewhat nervous bouts of taking a towel to the mess that the two of them had left on the bed sheets and floor. No matter how much Ilorek assured her it was fine, she couldn’t shake that sense of nervousness around Valencia. That little bat bitch Val was scary when she wanted to be.

When Matilda made her way out of the captain’s cabin, she stretched her arms up high and yawned heavily. She was properly satisfied and happy to finally have had a go with the captain. The last trip she was left on her own, so it was nice to have some companionship while docked. Without hesitation or direction, she immediately returned to the cargo that was waiting for her on deck, picking up more bags of salt to take into the cargo hold.

The Storm of the Rift was built with four and a half levels, with the main deck leading into the captain’s cabin at the stern and the secondary cabin at the bow as the top level, each with a platform with guns on top aiming forward and back for self defense. The deck was lined with six cannons on either side, with six more on either side the next level down, which was the weapons deck, where much of the gunpowder, weapons, swords, and other ammunition resided. the third and fourth levels – the lowest ones – were for food storage and barracks.

With the ship being propelled at least partially by magic and many of the crew members taking multiple roles, every single crew member got their own bedroom, storage, and personal space. She was taking the salt bags to the lowest level, where all the spices and dried goods went. While the ship may have been massive, it was quite homely and perfect for the dozen or more crew members that were aboard at any time, and the food stores could go in the cargo hold or the personal rooms since there was space to spare. Though life at sea was stressful, when not in combat or under duress of the weather, it was more like a vacation. Furthermore, the constant flow of treasure, gold, and booty was a perfect incentive to not leave.

Life was good, especially aboard the Storm of the Rift, so she was happy to do all the work she could, even if that included dozens or even hundreds of trips up and down three flights of stairs and a ramp to get more salt, spices, and cargo. As a mare, she was naturally quite strong so she didn’t mind it one bit, her endurance was well beyond that of most others. However, she was quite pleased when Captain Ilorek started helping her out, alongside the dragoness Olympia.

“Thought you could use a few extra legs.” Ilorek said, tossing a bag of salt over one shoulder, with a bag of dried chili flakes over the other side. “You’ve been doing this for hours and it’s about noon now; Val and the others will be back soon.”

Olympia grabbed a sack of flour as well as a few other baked goods, walking up the ramp after Ilorek. “And if Pariah is going to be cooking for us, I definitely want to enjoy some baked goods. Salt, Baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugars, you know. Awesome stuff, and I’ll teach him a few things about a Uriel Strudel.” Her long tongue slurped at her lips as she fantasized.

Baked goods. That was certainly something worth looking forward to. Matilda was equine, so meats weren’t really her thing. Some jerky here and there was great to chew on for the flavor and the nutrients it provided, but it wasn’t good food to sustain her. She liked oats and flour and greens and fruit and vegetables. Many of which didn’t keep very long while sailing on the open seas. She thought about all the delicious food she was going to enjoy over the next few weeks when she stumbled a bit on the edge of the deck, only to clop forth a few steps and regain her balance. When she was sure she was fine and not going to fall, she quickly made her way back down the steps to drop off the load of what she was carrying.

The three of them all worked together to put the goods in the cargo hold, distributing jerky to each of the cabins equally. Jerky was a deeply sought-after commodity on a ship. It never went bad, tasted great, and could be stored in high volumes. Great to just chew on or to eat for the concentrated nutrients, and meaty, so it was great for pretty much everyone on deck. Everyone but her and Pluvian. Still, she didn’t act like she didn’t appreciate it. Though a little bit cliché, apples and carrots both lasted on the ship for weeks before they started to go bad; at that point, they would be carved up and sliced into baked goods with whatever other ingredients they had on deck.

Pariah was a skilled cook, and could turn any veggies or fruits into a good meal for anyone on board.

The day went by pretty quickly, since the three of them were soon joined by Krendius after the fox fixed the cannon he was working on. Once the chores were all done, the four of them rounded each other up to go to the wharf, where they all decided to have a drink and lunch.

Matilda ordered first, eager to have something other than jerky of any kind. “I’ll take a hearty vegetable burrito, with a whole apple pie on the side.” She demanded, eager to have something with carrots and potatoes and corn and other veggies all charred and glazed in a crisp crunch taco. She wanted something not meat, she’d get plenty of that on board when they set sail.

Krendius nodded in approval, then seriously considered buying himself the same thing; that is, until he remembered he was a fox and loved some shredded, pulled poultry on his tacos. “I’ll have the chicken tacos, southern seasoning – spicy please – and lots of cheese.” He tossed the waiter a gold coin, which was probably worth more than the waiter got in his entire day’s shift. “And the whole meal’s on me. That coin’s for you.”

“Thank you kindly, sire.” The feline waiter bowed gently before turning to Ilorek. “And for the hippogryph today?”

Ilorek was still clawing through the menu, not sure. “Surpise me. Something meaty, something with a lot of flavor. Don’t care how expensive it is.”

The feline waiter grinned, showing his teeth. “Four Chili Shepherd’s pie it is.”

Matilda folded up her menu and glanced over. “Why the sly grin?”

“That chili gets pretty spicy by the fourth layer. If you can handle the heat, it’s one of the best things the cook has ever come up with.” He took Ilorek, Krendius, and Matilda’s menu, then turned to Olympia. “That is, if you can handle it. And for you, my lady?”

She folded up her menu and offered it to the waiter. “Actually, I really like what Krendius is having, but with mind, I want Guacamole. A lot of it. When you think there’s too much, double it, then put some on the side.” She nodded, locking eyes with the waiter.

“It shall be done, my lady.” He acknowledged, quickly leaving them with their drinks while taking their orders to the cook. Each of them had a different type of booze in front of them, with Matilda enjoying the same one that Ilorek had mixed her up with Coconut, rum, and pineapple. Krendius had a mug of ale, and Olympia copied him again by ordering the same thing with a bit more foam in the head.

Matilda wasn’t sure if something was blossoming there, but it was cute to see the two in a playful game of one-upsmanship.

“What an interesting meal you chose, Mati.” Ilorek said as he leaned back, taking a big drink of his fruity brew. “Why not a burger? Why not…I dunno, a steak!? You could have a whole side of a cow and you go for veggie tacos? Laaaame!”

She blushed and lowered her head, nursing her drink with a blush. “I don’t like meat all that much, Captain.” She admitted.

“What? Really?” He seemed genuinely surprised, even though this was not the first time they’d shared a meal at port. Krendius tapped him on the shoulder to fill in for Matilda.

“Yeah man, she’s a mare, not a hen. She can eat meat, but it ain’t her thing. She and I talked about it once, she just can’t bother to tell you because she’s worried you’ll make her walk the plank or something on an island.”

Ilorek’s eyes went wide as he turned back to Matilda, the slits of his pupils constricting to give an intense yet caring look. “Is this true? You know I’d never actually kick you off the ship just for your food preferences. Honestly, you’re far too valuable as a fighter and navigator and…you know all the shit you do. We’d be lost without you. Literally.”

She laughed a bit, rolling her eyes. “Krendius is twistin’ the truth a bit. I’m not worried about being booted, I know how much arse I kick, but you guys are all so gung ho about how awesome it is to get some meat to eat, be it when we dock at port, or if we hunt on an island and you find some Ulokar meat or something. I just try to stay back, enjoy some fruit or something. That’s more my speed. I’d make a joke about you bein’ too drunk to notice, but look at your profession. Wouldn’t nae be a joke, but a compliment to ye.”

He clicked his beak and nodded, grinning. “Yup, yer totally right. Well, that solves one dilemma. For now, we drink. Then, when this bloke here serves us our meals, we eat!”

“Who’s eating?” A squawk came from behind. As Matilda turned to look, she saw the tiny bird Pluvian flapping his way through the crowd to daintily land on the back of Ilorek’s chair, then hop up onto the hippogryph’s shoulder. “You better’ve bought me somethin’, cuz I’m starving and those blokes got a LOT of coin, so let’s have at it!”

The moment Pluvian arrived, Matilda shelled herself, gently curling up to focus on her drink while she waited on the food to arrive. She was naturally a more quiet, introverted soul when in social situations, even if she as gloriously forthright and demanding when getting intimate. In this particular instance, she preferred to let the others talk over the meal while she enjoyed her delicious veggie tacos.

Their entire crew came back soon thereafter with a caravan of goods to pack, all bought or bartered for with the gems and coin that was part of the last haul. Once Val was back on deck, they stored the goods in the cargo hold and disembarked, with each crew member tending to their respective locations; Matilda went right to her crow’s nest, where she kept a look out with the aid of Pluvian.

The sails were set, the rudder aimed, and just a bit of gust of magic for posterity, and they were off, leaving the Koluman International Trade Annex in their wake. Unlike normal, Valencia said she wanted to take the helm, so Ilorek was happy to let her start her shift as captain a little early. Usually she would take it late evening, twilight, or even after sundown, but today she seemed keen to take it early.

“So, did you have fun?” Pluvian asked, his talons gripping the ledge of the nest tightly.

His tone wasn’t meant to be irritating, but he and Matilda didn’t get along all that well, so she automatically took it as being hostile or sarcastic. She was a little confused about his motives, but didn’t let him distract her too much since she was looking through her binoculars towards a rock formation that was cresting the horizon. “Fun? What do you mean, fun? I was hauling a literal tonne of baking supplies, meats, fruits, veggies, and jerky. What’s fun about that?”

Pluvian hopped his way around the rim of the nest to get in close, taking a long, deep sniff. “I can smell him on you, in you. The captain. So, did you have fun?” He pecked at her skirt, pulling it up to reveal her still moist nethers.

Matilda grunted and rolled her eyes, lightly batting Pluvian away. She was sick of hearing him talk, bitching about her relations with Ilorek all the time. That bird was a capable flyer and an asset to the crew, but he could be a grumpy little fluff of feathers sometimes and that was quite the distraction to any crew who didn’t want to deal with his nonsense. So, she pushed him off the ledge and let him catch himself on the breeze, gliding around the tall mast while maneuvering through the many sails. She pulled her binoculars up again to keep a good look at the rock formation, making hand signals to Captain Valencia to ensure they sailed in the right direction.

She made a series of motions to indicate the ship should veer starboard, and a moment later she felt the shift in the mast as the ship turned as directed. Matilda kept her eyes on the water, gazing below the surface to make sure that neither the keel nor any part of the hull touched any shallow sand or any of the sunken ships that were just out past the piers. This region was home to a veritable graveyard of vessels that were rotting below the surface, usually sunk when in siege or defending the port. Unfortunate, but that was part of life on the high seas.

She guided Valencia through the few obstacles between port and the sand bar, thus releasing them into the open ocean where they would pass harmlessly by the high-cliffed rock islands. They were off, and now Matilda was able to pretty much relax while casually scanning the horizon for other ships, potential landfall, or any sea creatures that could harm the ship. As it turned out, that little fluff of feathers had supposedly seen an Iksalanar – a massive octopus or squid like creature with sea serpents for tentacles – on their last trip before making way to the island the Spirit of Dalonia had left for them, but failed to tell the crew.

Matilda was keen on shouting if she saw anything below them, since Ilorek and Valencia could easily have used their magics to ward it off, if need be.

“Damn, it’s really dizzying up here, isn’t it?” A voice muffled from below the trap door in the floor of the crow’s nest. A moment later, it burst upwards to show Ilorek, poking his head through with captain hat on. “How do you stay up here all day?”

Though she usually kept her tail up for posture, she immediately lowered it to let her skirt drape over her upper thighs, since Ilorek’s position would have let him see the goods. She turned and gently lowered her binoculars, offering a hand to help him up. “Yeah, it’s pretty much all over the place. Tall mast means even the smallest waves jerk me from side to side.”

He took her hand and was lifted up into the tall deck, where he quickly found himself curling his talons into the wood for balance, hand resting on the ropes wrapped around the mast. He kicked the trap door shut and daintily leaned over the side of the balcony with her. “I’m kind of amazed that people don’t fall from up here that often.”

She shrugged, still leaning against the railing. “Tall walls mean only tall blokes can see over it, and even then, it’d have to be a storm to make me lose my balance enough to fall.” She turned to face back out towards the open ocean, cautiously lifting her tail again in a gentle tease. Despite being a little sore from earlier, she would always lift that tail for him.

A sudden gust hit the two of them, forcing Ilorek to grab his hat to ensure it didn’t pop off his head. “Well I don’t want that, now do I?” While he kept his hand on his hat, he grabbed it and dropped it to the floor of the nest, where the wind couldn’t catch it. He leaned in close to Matilda’s behind, chest tight to her back, hips pressed to hers, and hands on her hips as he whispered in her ear. “But I’d feel it a waste to not take advantage of the literal motion of the ocean.”

Another wave hit the boat, making the mast swing back and forth, the motions making Ilorek’s hips grind up against hers.

While she wanted to resist him, so she could focus on her task as navigator, the gentle caress of his kilt’s bulge pressing up under her tail and skirt made her dip her lower back, pressing her hips out into him with a sideways flick of the tail. “And what brings this sudden affection on?”

He slid his hand around her thigh and under her skirt, caressing her between her legs. “Well, you said earlier that you didn’t like meat, and I wanted to have an opportunity to show you just how delicious it can be when it’s nice and juicy.” As he finished, he used two fingers to part her lips and slide up into her, his hand getting a good grip with thumb probing her rump. A meaty echo could be heard emanating from her depths as her gaped canal opened up, followed by the faintest drip of her excitement splashing in a puddle between her legs.

She started to pant as she glanced back over her shoulder, only to be irritated by the mess of her mane and blouse obstructing her vision of the regal-looking captain. “Well, I suppose I’d be willing to give it a shot again. Just need the right…flavor?” She leaned back into him, spine rubbing down his body in waves as she used her fingers to tug at his kilt, slowly bunching it up so she was able to reach her hand up under it. She grabbed at the first bit she could find, which proved to be a semi-erect bulge f horse cock unfolding from his slick, moist sheath. “But tell me, wouldn’t Val be jealous you’re serving up a meal to me and not her?”

Ilorek pulled his hand from under her skirt to shift his position, sensually caressing around her side to slide his fingers down over her front, reaching up under her skirt and giving her clit a proper squeeze and pinch before forcing two digits into her gaping depths, rubbing at her swollen urethral opening. Her slick flesh allowed his digits to glide around between her plump lips, every motion coaxing her tail up a bit higher. “Let her watch; let them all watch. She won’t mind, promise.” He bent down a bit, preening at her hair and mane as he curled his bicep, angling fist up to force it into her with ease.

She let out a long, drawn out whinny of pleasure as her tail hiked itself up as high as it would go. He was leaning into her, forcing her belly against the railing of the nest, her upper half folded over to stare down at the deck, where the crew was all working at the sails, pulling ropes, and keeping the guiding sail stable. The mare wore only her blouse and skirt, but found herself eagerly undoing the belt around her waist to let the skirt fall off her hips, the back of it parting to fall to the floor.

“Always nice to see you enthusiastic!” He said, slowly getting down to his knee for better leverage. He also used his free hand to undo his kilt, throwing it to the other side of the nest with her skirt. With both of them wearing just their flowing shirts, he was in a perfect position to have a go at her. He balled up his fist inside her, spinning and pumping a few gentle times before pulling out with an audible squelch to leave her gaping. Before her muscles were able to close her back up, he whipped his hand around her thigh to cradle both rump cheeks with his palms, thumbs in her gaping cunt as he started lapping at her depths. She had a specific sweat and estrus flavor to her, a particular equine musk that always triggered his desires.

Against his touch, she winked her clit as she eagerly peeled her shirt off, tossing it in the pile with the rest of their clothes. His shirt soon followed while he somehow managed to never pull his beak and hungry tongue away from her flesh. She pushed back as hard as she could, bracing herself against the ledge of the nest, but then had him slip his hand back into her to pump and prod at her depths a few times. When he pulled out, he got to his feet and kept his thumb prying at her lips, leaving her gaped open.

“Lovely view from down there.” He mused, his sleek voice piercing the wheezing of the breeze that high up off the ocean’s surface. His massive member was throbbing at at full mast, the tip bobbing up and down before resting on her haunches. “Hope you don’t mind a little bit of….you know, taking control.” He grabbed at her tail with one hand and used his thumb to aim himself down as his other kept her spread open. With a whooshing, audible squish, his entire member was swallowed by her gaping, cavernous cunt right down to the base.

The juiciness of their flesh merging under her tail was accented by a grunt by both in unison, their guttural vocalizations quickly lost and mixed up in the whisping sound of the sea’s breeze. He kept his hands on her hips, slamming his cock into her time and time again, eager to grind together every time he felt her plump vulva kissing the base of his length, where sheath met member. While he had a proper grip on her, he pulled her away from the edge of the crow’s nest and slammed her against the mast.

“Getting rough, are we?” She asked as she hugged the thick beam of wood that was standing tall above them. Her tail was pulled up high, folded over her haunches to ensure that he had the best access to her cunt, and rump if he so desired. She was grunting and pushing back and gyrating her hips against his powerful thrusts, but then paused when she felt him slow down into a gentle, rhythmic pumping motion. “Everything alright? You didn’t finish yet, did you?”

Ilorek smiled and grinned, using his thumb to daintily trace the plump pussy lips as they were distended around his cock. “No, not done yet, but your cunt is so soft today. I’m finding it hard to hold back, to be honest.” He gave another slow push from tip to base, burying every bit of his cock into her depths before pulling out, leaving her gaping and drooling their combined juices. Then, before she could wink or respond, he slammed his hips to hers once more. His claws scraped at the wood of the floor in pleasure as he shifted his weight, cock throbbing and flare inflating deep inside.

Matilda threw her head back and whinnied in pleasure as she felt the stallion’s climax slowly building against her cervix. She was so loose from earlier that, even though she was able to prolapse and her womb was open for penetration, the girth of his member slamming deep into her just stretched her canal out, so when his flare expanded, it simply came to relax in the little reservoir just outside her womb. Perfect size and shape for a stallion, while his sputtering, eager urethral opening kissed and spat into her cervix.

He could tell he was getting close, so he leaned in tight and grabbed her mane with one hand, tail with the other as his beak came in to clamp down around her neck. With them so close together, he gave a few powerful thrusts until his motions became erratic, the girth of his flare throbbing and pulsating in between every gentle tug.

She closed her eyes and focused her mind on his gentle twitches inside her, clenching pelvic muscles to squeeze against him in equal measure. She noticed his orgasm and seed wasn’t as voluminous as it was earlier in the day, which was odd to her because she knew quite intimately well that he, as a stallion, could go three, four, or five times in rapid succession while releasing an equally thick and gooey mess every time.

However, his member was growing soft within her, and she was trying her best to not force it out by squeezing down with a wink of pleasure or a powerful grunt forcing him out. She relaxed as best she could, the same inward pelvic motion that kept her gaping when she wanted to show her depths to the womb, but that only parted her lips and walls farther, leaving his floppy member to droop out of her with a somewhat disappointing mess drooling out of her cavernous sex. The moment he let go of her tail and mane to step back, she lowered her tail and flicked it at him.

She wasn’t disappointed in him – his thick cock was quite pleasant to her even if it was just a quickie – but she couldn’t help but let her curiosity take over her mind for a moment, when she turned and asked. “Everything alright? You are usually more…fulfilling.”

“I didn’t mean to disappoint my crew!” He retorted, standing up straight. “But Arnika can really take it out of me, and I had to settle a dispute between her and Mikhail below deck before coming up here. You are as wonderful as always, but I kinda spent my load in her, too.” He got down to a knee and slid his hands up her outer thighs, caressing her rump and easing her forward towards his beak as he nuzzled up between her legs, tongue extending to gently lap at her puffy, tender lips.

Matilda had a very, very brisk moment of anger and betrayal at the thought of having him go with someone else first, but then remembered that she had him all to herself earlier, so technically Arnika was second. Luckily, she didn’t consider the northern fox bitch to be any sort of competition. Tight cunts and sloppy cunts both had their place with the captain, and she was happy to have another go, especially given the abrupt nature of his desires. Plus, his tongue caressing her clit and probing her loosened depths was proving to be quite a distraction, either way.

She spread her legs to give him better access, and he quickly had the mess cleaned up, with only faint hints of saliva and seed left deep within her; the plump lips were nearly perfectly clean. When he stood up, he smacked her between the legs and briskly forced his fingers into her, getting a grip followed by curling his fist into her loose depths before, once again, pulling out with a violent yank, leaving her gaping with lips sagging down.

“W-why you leave me like that?” She whimpered a bit, then constricted her pelvic muscles to wink and collapse her walls with an audible squelch. “You could at least go around back, fuck me there, too.”

Ilorek stepped into his kilt and pulled it up over his waist as his member folded itself back up in his sheath. “I’d love to, dear, but Olympia’s been calling my name all afternoon, and Krendius has dibs on anal reaming today.” He winked and caressed her cheek, then quickly pulled his shirt on and popped his hat down onto his head. “Now, m’lady, you have a ship to navigate. I’ll be busy keeping morale up while Captain Valencia steers in my stead.” His toes curled around the knob of the trap door, opening it up to let him hop down through it, quickly descending the ladder down the mast to the deck.

Matilda booted the door shut and hobbled over to the pile of clothes, awkwardly putting her skirt and shirt on before leaning over the side of the nest to see the others were all looking up towards them. A feel of panic overcame her for a moment before she glanced around, wondering if she’d missed a creature or rock, but then remembered that she was howling and nickering in pleasure pretty loudly, and that there wasn’t that much natural wind to mask her moans.

She blushed and lowered herself so that only her head and binoculars were poking out over the railing, and she commenced doing her duty, guiding the ship out into the open seas as the gulls and Pluvian circled the ship. Before long, they’d realize they weren’t near land and would load themselves off onto an island.

In the mean time, she was happy to focus on their shrill cawwing. Her nethers were still sore, and Ilorek had left her really, really wishing she had’ve thought to bring up some of the toys or plugs to the nest while she was navigating. Would be a fun way to keep herself occupied while she had nothing and nobody to do.

Or maybe Jarell would catch a whiff of her scent and come up. That lupo-gryphon was an absolute beast when mating, and it had been too long since she felt a knot swell in that cavernous cunt of hers.

Either way, she knew she had plenty of good times on the open seas ahead of her. Whether it be with Ilorek, Mikhail, Jarell, or Krendius, she’d always have some cock; if cock wasn’t enough, fists and toys would certainly do. Yes, they would certainly do. In the mean time, she was pretty thirsty thanks to the mess of fluids she’d lost that day, and alcohol wouldn’t help with that particular issue.

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