The Girls

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It was all just a big misunderstanding. #Anal #TheBoys

I was over at Allie’s house to watch The Boys, because she had Amazon, and we binge-watched the whole first season together. Then, we took a break, and went out to smoke on the porch. It was a lot, and I’m not going to spoil it for you, because it’s not like a twist, but a whole bunch of twists all in the season finale.

I guess I forgot her brother would be there. Of course, because he lives there, but this was the new house, and I hadn’t thought about him in years, until he came out to ask for a light.

So, I just put mine out, and went in, but I closed the patio door a little hard so it sounded like I slammed it when I didn’t really mean to, but I grabbed my stuff to leave, and Alice came back to talk me into staying.

So, I sat down, and while she was recapping, I just brought up what The Deep did. With my arms crossed, just in case he turned around to look at me, so my bra was covered at least.

“At least he apologized.” I said.

“Only because they made him, and they had to threaten him just to get him to do that. How do you think she felt?”

“Starlight?” That was her favorite, even though they didn’t look anything alike, but I didn’t like her outfit. Either of them, they both looked like Cheerleader outfits, but one with a cape, and a skirt. The other one didn’t have a cape, or a skirt, but for some reason she chose that one instead of the one that was less revealing.

“Did she put on weight?”

“I think she’s pregnant, but not that pregnant, so she’s barely showing. Not Starlight, but the actress.”

“Well, how would you feel if somebody did something like that, or.” Finally, Alan came in, but he didn’t look up. “Or listened to you taking a dump, through the bathroom door?”

“Huh, I’m sorry.”

“So, you were listening through the door again.” He likes doing that.

“What are you guys talking about?” Alice paused it, but they weren’t even done with the recap.

“So, he never listened to you in the bathroom, with his pants open?”


“No? Honest you’re my sister, and I felt bad about it ever since, because she wouldn’t come over to hang out any more. So, I never got a chance to apologize, but I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Well, it looked like you’re playing with yourself out in the hall listening to me poop in the bathroom.”

“No, I had to go, and I didn’t even know you’re in there, but then you flushed, and came right out before I could zip my pants up.” He looked at Alice, “You have to believe me, I would never do anything like that to you, or your friends.”

“Uh!” That explained it, I guess. But then again, he had a couple years to work on a believable story, and Alice wasn’t buying it either.

“Well, why didn’t you come down here, and use the other bathroom?”

“Because there wasn’t another bathroom.”

“This was the old apartment. A couple years ago, when he was in middle school, and it just seemed like such a middle school boy thing to do that I just assumed. I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“Great, we’re all sorry, but can you to just forgive each other so we can get on with it?”

“Can I watch it,” he asked. “With you two?”

“You already watched it.”

“Yeah, but a lot of stuff happened, and.”

“Don’t tell me.” I held my hand up.

“Well, I wasn’t going to spoil it or anything, but you like Maeve.” he asked me. “Right?”

“Well, I don’t know, she seems to be coming around.” I guess. “I wanted to at first, because she’s obviously Wonder Woman, but she’s not like the real Wonder Woman at all.”

“So, you want to watch 1984 when it comes out?” Not the Big brother Watching ray Bradbury 1984, Wonder Woman 1984.

“Yeah,” Alice snapped, “When it comes out, but can you 2 just shut up, so we can watch this?”

The first scene was quiet. Too quiet, so he said “Can you turn the sound up?”

“It’s already all the way up, SH!”

So, he just sat there, and right next to her on the other side of the couch. I guess we kind of talked over her, or he did because he was much taller now. When last time I saw him, he was in middle school, and we were freshmen, so I looked down on him, but he didn’t look up.

Literally the last time I saw him, he was trying to zip his pants up, with his underwear caught in the zipper, but I just pushed him out of the way, and ran right out of the house.

I didn’t know whether he’d gone Goth, or just wore black that day, because I avoided him for 2 years. Even in the halls, but then I remember seeing him, and thinking he might be stalking me, but I tried to remember what he was wearing, before I ran away.

I always ran away, because I was scared, but not because I saw anything. All I saw was his underwear sticking out, and caught in the zipper, but I hoped he caught his little weiner in it, just to teach him a lesson, and I guess I jumped to conclusions.

Maybe he’s not, quite so much of a sick freak that listens to girls on the toilet. “Huh!” I remember now.

I think we’re watching Not Another Teen Movie, because it came on Cable, and it had Chris Evans in it, but before he was even The Human Torch. With a banana stuck up his ass. I thought maybe it was that girl.

The Goth, I guess. They’re all like that, because it’s one of those parody movies that makes fun of all the Teen Movies, like American Pie, so every character’s a caricature.

I just thought it was about her, because. You know, uh. What did she say?

“Why is it that whenever I tell a guy to put it wherever he wants, he always sticks it in my ass?”


“Too much information would be telling you that whenever he’s done I always take a huge dump…

On his chest.”

“Huh!” I got a little uncomfortable, but then again. It wasn’t exactly the first time I thought about that. Sitting on it, and jumping up and down, so it packed it tight, and then when I pulled out, moving up to take a dump on his face.

In revenge? I don’t know what kind of revenge fantasy that is. Holding him down, and buttfucking him. Just so I can crap his load on his face with a huge turd, but I couldn’t help it. They ran that movie on HBO for months, and then Cinemax, Starz, Encore, and whenever I watched it, I thought about that, and.

Tried it, imagining him looking up, then the surprise on his face when I pulled out, and squatted over the toilet to let it all out when I popped the butt-plug like a cork.

“Hm.” Nobody’s looking, so maybe I can squeeze out a little fart.

Well, when I say buttplug, I mean I didn’t really have an actual buttplug. Mom had this expensive lotion in a bottle with a lid that’s shaped kinda like a buttplug or a teardrop, but she kept buying it, even when I started helping her use it up.

Nope. No gas, but I was thinking maybe if he smelled it, he might be thinking about my ass, but then again we just reminded him of the last time he saw me, and I told her I was taking a dump in there. Because I thought he was listening to me, but you know what? He’s not the first guy to unzip his pants on his way to the bathroom, he didn’t even get it out, I’m sure he didn’t even know I was there, but did he even try the doorknob?

Did I even lock it? I’m missing the whole episode, because it’s just a bunch of talking so I got up.

“You want me to pause it, or run it back?”

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.”

Alan looked over, and caught my eye.

“So, pause it if it gets to any action, I’ll only be a minute.”

“I’m gonna go finish my smoke.” He got up, and went to the patio door, but I went right to the downstairs bathroom, and opened the window.

“Pst, hey Alan!”

“What, you out of toilet paper in there?” He came around the corner, but it’s one of those tip-up windows, with a crank. So, all I could see was his pantlegs, until I got up on the edge of the bathtub.

“Huh, I just wanted to thank you for what you said in front of your sister. That took a lot of balls.” I bit my lip.

“You’re welcome. Is that what you wanted to meet me around here to say?”

“Mn, no but.” Butt… ” Nghm, I just wasn’t ready back then.”

“You’re sixteen, like my sister.”

“Yeah, and you were just 12.”


“And in middle school, but you know what? I never got to see anything. You put it back in your pants before I even opened up the door.”

“I didn’t even get it out of my pants, because I wasn’t beating off. I just had to take a piss.”

“Huh, well when I said I wasn’t ready, I ment I wasn’t horny.”

“What are you saying, you’re ready now?”

“Well, I guess what I’m asking is, if you get down, and unzip your pants, you think it would be low enough to see through the window?”

Well, underneath the frosted glass, it’s a bathroom window, so you can’t look in on someone taking a bath, a shower, or sitting on the toilet.

“Huh!” He got down on his knees, and crossed his feet to sit on them, but “Yeah, this low enough?” He already had his zipper open, but it was dark in there, and he fished it out.

“Huh!” I reached out to touch it, then picked it up to feel his balls through his underwear. “You wear black underwear now.”

“Yeah, black doesn’t get stained, and you don’t wear it out bleaching it.”

“And you like black huh. What do you think about that new girl, Storm Front?”

“Well, I guess it was about time they got some Social Justice on the Seven. Uh, this is a little weird.”

“But you like it.” He was getting hard, but I knew he’d like her, just like he liked The Punisher, Batman, and Black Noir, I bet. Just from the teeshirts he wore lately, with black jeans, or slacks, and logos on the front, but always black, and dark anti-heros with Skulls, or Bats for symbols.

“Oh, you remember this movie, Not Another Teen Movie, with Chis Evans?”

“You don’t want to cover me in whip cream, and stick a banana in my ass with 2 cherries on top.”

“Huh, no. There was this girl in it. This Goth girl, I guess.”

“You’re not Goth, you don’t even dress Goth, is this about Stormfront?”

“Huh, well I’m not going to dye my hair black.”

“I like your hair.”

“You do? Because it’s so. Brown.”

“Huh yeah. The exact same brown as your eyes, and. Huh! UH!”

“Ahahehihn!” That was quick. “You like that, brown eyes.”

“Uh, huh! Yeah.”

“You know that’s slang for an asshole, like brown nosing.” Which just means kissing ass.

“Huh, huh.” He shook it off, and tucked it back in. “Yeah, can we talk about this later?”

“Yeah, later.”

Well, I had my panties down around one ankle, and a little running down my arm. Even though most of it splattered on the window, I wiped it up to the dribbles that got caught on the back of my thumb, and pulled up the back of my skirt.

Bent over the side of the bathtub, to feel around with my wet fingers, and sure enough, it was plenty slick enough to use as lube, but I had to be careful not to touch anything that would get me pregnant.

Another nice thing about getting blasted up the ass is you can’t get pregnant. As long as he doesn’t mind getting shit on his dick, tummy and chest when it pops out, and my gaping anus is dripping all over his face.

“You’re a dirty pig that likes to eat ass!” ~Popclaw. “Huh, yeah? You like that browneye so much, you love it. Kiss it, kiss my ass, huh!” I wonder if I can cum, thinking about his head popping like a watermelon under my ass, “Uh, huh!”

I got up quick, and popped them out right over the toilet, so I could push, and feel it coming out.



Alan (mF)

“Uh, I better run it back.”

I looked at the screen, instead of her. “It hasn’t even gotten to the action part.”

“No, but she won’t know what’s going on with that Japanese girl, and her brother if she doesn’t even know that he’s her brother. What’s keeping her in there?”

“Well, you better go check after what happened last time.” She didn’t even look up from the TV.
Not when I walked off, or the whole time I was gone until I got back, I bet. She didn’t ask where I went, and I had an excuse all ready. I was going to say I went to take a leak, if she asked.

“So, what do you think of the new girl, Stormfront?”

“Well, I guess it’s about time they got a little Social Justice on the Seven.” Why do people keep asking me that?

“She’s kinda your type.”

“Why, because she wears black?”

“And what wrong with Social Justice?”

“Nothing, I just said. Look, they’re the Justice League, right? Or the Justice Society of America, Doom Patrol, and the Watchmen all rolled into one. Homelander’s Superman, Starlight’s like this fucking Cheerleader.”

“Well, what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, but she’s only into the Cheerleader thing, because that’s what she was brought up to think. Just like her Evangelical Christian camp, faithpop singing.”

“You know she actually sang that?”

“Yeah, I read the trivia too, but Stormfront. I don’t want to give anything away.”

“No, I totally get it. If ever there was a place for Social Justice, it’s a superhero group, and the only reason those comic book guys.”

“Those other comic book guys.” #NotAllMen.

“Right, the only problem they have with Social Justice is girls standing up for it. Like Supergirl, or Captain Marvel, but they never said anything about Powergirl because they’re too busy looking at the boob window in her top.”

“Exactly, so Starlight’s new uniform is kind of a satire of that whole. Well, more like Scarlet Witch, I guess.”

“Or Starfire. She’s totally Starfire only blonde and blue instead of purple, and pink.”

“Well, virginal white, and gold.” I never got into that whole fake geek girl narrative, because who do you think got me into Superhero cartoons in the first place?

“Well, she’s totally your type.”


“No, Stormfront.”

“Not really.” She’s pure evil. “You know I like Black Noir better.”

“Yeah, because he’s like Batman, The Punisher…”

“More like Overkill. Huh!”


“You think she’s more like Miss Lint?”

“Ha, no. I mean other than lightning. She’s pure evil!”

“Yeah, huh.” She just doesn’t try to hide it.

“So, who’s Miss Lint?” Finally, Kat came out.

“Oh right, you still don’t have Amazon at home.”

“Disney Plus, so who’s Ms. Lint?”

“Maybe you can come over, and watch The Tick with us later.”

“Yeah, after we finish this?”

“It’s only 3 seasons.”

“Well, we’ve got 3 episodes of this to watch, so shut the fuck up, will you?”

“Scoot over.” Me, and my sister did, so Kat didn’t have to go all the way around in front of the TV, and she could sit right next to me. ‘hey,’ she whispered.


Then she took my hand, and held it in her lap. I looked over at Alice, but she wouldn’t look away from the TV for anything.

I sure hope she washed her hands this time.


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