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Reunion with a former crush Chapter One

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A tale of reuniting with the one that got away and what I learned about her and her two kids after they came to live with me.

About nine years ago I was working at a tourism company and developed a crush on a female co-worker a few years younger then me.
At the time, she was a new mum, having given birth to fraternal twins, a boy and a girl and was in the midst of a fight with their father.
To cut a long story short, I got a crush and asked her out but she said no and got back together with the father and soon left the company.
Haven’t heard from her or seen her since.
Not until out of the blue she called me, needing help.
Things hadn’t worked out so well for her, the dad bailed, she’d been struggling for years to keep a job down but was currently unemployed and had just been evicted.
Not having anyone else to call, she’d taken a long shot and got in contact with me to see if I could help her with a place to stay while she got back on her feet.
Now in the years since I’d seen her, my life had vastly improved. I’d published a few novels, made some good investments and was now living in a house much to large for just one person, on a large private area of land I owned.
So without much hesitation, I told her to bring her kids and come and stay with me, that I had more than enough room.
They arrived later that very day, her having loaded everything she owned into a trailer hooked to the back of her golf, the same car she’d been driving when we worked together.
Her and the kids got out and I was surprised by just how much she still looked the same. Then again she was only twenty when I first met her.
She had the same dyed dark hair she’d had as back then and she was still thin and petite, though looking quite a bit stressed, but given the circumstances, completely understandable.
Dressed in the same dark goth clothing with her tattoos on her arms and neck, I was reminded with a pang of nostalgia of what had attracted me to her all those years back.
Two miniature versions if her got out of the car behind her and I couldn’t help notice what a good looking family they were.
The two kids were dressed similar to their mother, in dark clothes but the girl had dyed her shoulder length hair bright pink (Much to her mothers dismay as I knew how much Claire hated pink) and the boy had dyed his hair dark blue and grown it into an upside down bowl cut that hung into his eyes. Both looked at me nervously.
After a short introduction, the girls name was Aurora and the boy was Matt, I showed them in to the spare rooms that were located on one side of the house and helped them get settled in.
My room, the master bedroom with its en-suite bathroom, was on the other side of the house so Claire and her children would have their privacy.
The next few weeks passed by pretty quickly as the family got used to the new home. The kids would run and explore the house and land and go for a swim in a pool any chance they got and as they were home schooled (Claire was a qualified teacher) this made getting them to sit down and study a bit of a challenge
Meanwhile, Claire and I would chat most of the days and well into the nights. We would play RPG games where I learned she hadn’t lost her potty mouth as she’d shout the most obscene words out, calling even her own avatar a whore and nasty slut. It made me laugh so hard hearing this and I could feel my old feelings for her resurfacing and wondered how to deal with it.
As for the kids, Matt seemed to be quite shy, not talking to me much unless I asked a direct question while Aurora would happily chat to me and bounce up onto my lap whenever she could or sneak up to try and scare me then run away whenever I turned the tables on her.
Claire told me she thought Aurora had a crush on me, which I suppose was sweet, I just wished that her mother felt the same.
All in all though, things were good and having them around had definitely made my life more active.
Then something happened that I never even conceived of in my wildest imaginings and which completely altered my perception of Claire!
It was just after I had left for a meeting when I got a call to inform me it had been cancelled. So turning my car around, I headed home and parked my car outside the garage as I didn’t want to disturb Claire since it was fairly early in the morning and I wasn’t sure if she was up yet.
Quietly, I entered the house and was about to head for my room when I herd a cry.
It sounded like one of the kids and I was not sure if they needed help. Thinking about how spirited they were, they could easily have done something that got themselves hurt. So with this thought in mind and hearing some more whimpering sounds, I decided to investigate.
Heading down the hall, I quickly determined that the sound was coming from Matt’s room and made my way over to find the door slightly ajar.
I was about to knock and enter when glancing through the crack I saw a sight that made me freeze in place!
Matt, standing next the bed, completely naked, but not in any pain as the sounds he was making were definitely of pleasure, for kneeling at his feet, also completely stripped of clothing, was Claire, his mother, with her mouth on his little cock, sucking it for all it was worth while using a dark purple dildo in her pussy!
My mind was in a state of shock, completely struck dumb by the sight of the woman I’d had crush on for years, sucking her own sons cock. And getting off while doing it!
But though my mind was blank, my body reacted and in less then a second I was rock hard as blood rushed to my own cock, making it strain painfully in my pants.
Adjusting my pants and relieving some of the strain, I continued to watch through the crack in the door.
I’d always thought that Claire was one of those women who was always more into receiving pleasure than giving it, and had often wondered if she was even the type to suck a cock but from what I witnessed through that crack, she wasn’t just the type, she was an expert cocksucker!
She nibbled on the tip, twirled her tongue around the glands, licked the shaft, suckled his balls, sucked him deep and moaned deep in her throat to create vibration.
No wonder the kid was moaning like he was, any man would, given that kind of treatment.
I stood there, rubbing my hard cock through my pants as this incest scene burned itself into my mind. Not able to stand it any longer I fished my cock out of my pants and started stroking it.
“Mmm, do you like that?” Claire asked her son huskily, as she kissed the shaft of his penis.
Matt nodded. “Yes mommy.”
“You like your Mommy’s slutty little mouth on your cock?” Claire continued.
Matt nodded and moaned.
“C’mon, fuck Mommy’s whore mouth Matty!” She told her son and sucked his penis deep, even gobbling up his hairless ball sack and taking her hands away from her own pussy to grab hold of her son’s ass and thrust him into her mouth, fucking her face with his cock!
This drove me over the edge, and I guess it did the same for little Matty, for the sound of his orgasm covered mine as I shot load after load of cum against the door and floor.
Panting, I spied through the door Claire, furiously working the rabbit in her pussy, as her son sprayed his clear boy cum on her face and mouth.
Claire came hard too and moaned loudly. “Yes, yes, that’s it, cover my face in cum, I’m a cum slut, a cumslut mother!”
With a final long moan and shaking, Claire collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily. She beckoned her son over, wrapped him in her arms and kissed him deeply.
Realizing they were finished and worried they might spot me now that they were no longer engrossed in the sexual activities, I quickly and as quietly as I could, wiped up the cum I’d sprayed everywhere with the sleeve of my jacket and made a hasty retreat.
I left the house, got in my car, waited a few minutes, then made a loud show of arriving home as I opened the garage and parked my car.
When I entered, the whole family was in the kitchen, Claire busy cooking breakfast for the kids while Matt sat at the kitchen table and Aurora stumbled in half asleep, rubbing her knuckles in her eyes.
Nothing looked off or out of place, it was as though everything I’d just seen hadn’t happened and for a moment I thought maybe I’d hallucinated the whole thing, then I saw Matt gesture to his mom, miming wiping her face and glancing at Claire, saw her cheek had a shiny streak across it from the facial her son had just given her.
She quickly wiped a finger across her cheek and slipped it between her lips, smiling a bit mischievously while looking at her son.

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    That was a nice story, didn’t expect that, lol

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