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Rapped by my boyfriends best friend

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It was summertime and the weather was perfect for an outdoor BBQ. My boyfriend, Kyle, and a few of my close friends came over around 6pm to help me set up before everyone else arrived at 8pm. We had tables and chairs set up for people to sit and eat, a grill fired up with chicken and steak kabobs, coolers full of beer and wine coolers and cornhole in case the guys wanted to play a game. As my friends started to arrive, I quickly ran upstairs to my bedroom to change clothes. I shimmied on a pair of very short white shorts that barely covered my round tan ass cheeks and decided to go bra-less with a sexy black crop top that showed off my flat stomach. I slipped on a pair of converse shoes and ran back downstairs and out the back door to join the party, which was now in full swing!

Kyle made sure a new beer was in my hand whenever I ran low. He was such a wonderful boyfriend. He had helped me plan the entire party and even though I’m the independent lone-wolf type, I had fallen head over heels for him. We were even talking about taking the next step in our relationship by having him move in. We had been together for a couple years but he was still so flirty with me. All night he would wrap his arms around my waist and kiss my neck or smack my ass when I walked by. We were the perfect pair and we were also getting pretty drunk.

As the night went on, people filtered in and out of the house. I did a few shots with my friends and we danced on my back patio with the music blasting as we laughed and giggled about the boys watching us. They stood in clusters near the beer coolers, probably talking sports and watching us girls get drunk and silly. After another round of shots, I looked around to find Kyle and saw him talking with some of my guy friends as well as his best friend, Tim.

I didn’t invite Tim, I never do when Kyle and I make plans. There’s just something about him I don’t like. As far as looks go, he’s a good looking guy. He’s a little taller than Kyle (who’s 6 feet) and towers over my 5 feet tall body. A couple of my friends have asked me to set them up with him, but they’re always crushed when they find out he’s married with a kid. By all accounts, here’s perfectly normal. I’ve even met his wife and we get along really well, but he irks me for some reason, maybe because I feel like he’s always staring at me. It makes me so uncomfortable.

“Ugh, great” I muttered to myself when I saw him. I decided that another drink would make me forget about it. I continued chatting my with girlfriends as we caught up about the latest gossip and laughed about their latest hookups. Each time I glanced over at Kyle, I would catch Tim staring right at me. It made me blush and quickly turn away.

It was starting to get late, it was well after midnight and everyone was properly sloshed. A couple girls had already passed out on my couches and even a few one-night-only couples split off from the crowd and drunkenly made their way to a spare bedroom for some sexy time. The only people still partying were me, Kyle and Tim.

We had all made our way back into my house. Kyle was sitting on the recliner chair in my living room and I was sitting on his lap. His eyes kept rolling into the back of his head and I knew he was about to pass the fuck out. Tim was sitting on the couch watching tv with one of my friends who was passed out curled up in a ball next to him.

“Baby? Baby come on,” I said to Kyle. “Don’t pass out down here, let’s go upstairs to bed.” I tried shaking him and even slapped his face a little, but he was officially zonked out. He never snores unless he’s black out drunk and he was snoring very loudly, right in my face.

I was drunk, but sure as hell wasnt going to sleep on his lap. I was going to my bed, even if I had to sleep there alone. I scooted my drunk self off Kyle’s lap and tried to stand up.

“Ha, you ok there?” Tim asked me as he laughed. I was stumbling all over the place.

“Mmmhmm, yeah I’m fine.” I snarled back at him. I didn’t want this guy to sleep at my house, but there was still room on my large sectional couch for him and I’d feel awful if he got a DUI, so I figured it was best that he stay.

“Goodnight, little Kiiya” he smiled at me as I stumbled out of the living room and headed up the stairs to my bedroom.

As soon as I opened my bedroom door I walked straight to my bed and fell face down on my mattress. I didn’t even bother changing my clothes or washing my makeup off. I just wanted to sleep.

I closed my eyes and just as I was about to drift off, I thought I heard the stairs creek. I figured it was just my drunk imagination so I shut my eyes again. I must not have shut my bedroom door because I didn’t hear it open, but I did hear it close and lock. This time I was sure of what I was hearing. I turned around to face up on my bed and saw Tim standing by my door.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled. “Get the fuck out!!”

Before I could continue yelling he ran towards the bed and jumped on top of me, pinning me down on my back while straddling my waist. He put one hand over my mouth and his other hand around my neck.

“Shut up!” He hissed at me. “Shut the fuck up!”

I was choking. I needed air. I quickly nodded my head in agreeance hoping he would take his hand off my neck. He released his grip and I gasped for air.

“Tim…what…what are you doing??”

“Ive been waiting to do this for a long time,” he said.

“What?? What do you mean??? Please, just get off me and let me go. I’m sure it’s just a drunken mistake,” I said hopefully.

“Oh no, nooo, no, I’ve watched you flaunt your sexy little body around for years. Wearing all those tight clothes, the short shorts, sexy little tops, showing off those perky little titties of yours. Kyle is such a lucky man and you two keep flaunting your relationship in my face. But tonight, that ass and these tits are all mine!”

With that, he reached both hands down and squeezed my bra-less breasts through my crop top gripping them roughly. I yelled out in pain.

“Don’t you touch me!!” I yelled as he continued to maul my tits. He was grabbing handfuls and mashing them in his large hands, massaging them roughly as I whimpered in pain. “Stoppp, ohh that hurts,” I moaned.

“Does Kyle give your perfect tits the attention they deserve?” He asked. “Does he?”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that Kyle didn’t give my tits a lot of attention. Sex with Kyle was great, mostly because he has a huge cock. He doesn’t have a ton of moves and foreplay isn’t his forte, but he can pound my pussy hard and fast with that big cock of his, so I let the lack of foreplay (and kink) slide.

“Answer me, Kiiya. I asked you a question. Does your boyfriend give your tits the attention they need??” He asked again.

I closed my eyes and looked away. He squeezed my tits until I thought they’d explode and laughed. “I’ll take your silence as a no. But don’t worry, those titties are going to get more than enough attention tonight.”

He remained on top of me, straddling me on the bed, as he started to undo his belt buckle. He pulled it from his shorts then grabbed my hands and started to wrap the belt around my wrists. He pulled my arms above my head and fastened my wrists to the headboard. It all happened so fast, I was restrained within seconds. I looked up at him, towering above me, feeling so vulnerable.

His hands made their way from my wrists back down to my chest. I was breathing heavily, not sure if I would cry or have a panic attack. His fingers lightly traced down my bare arms to my sensitive neck and down to my cleavage, teasing and tickling the top of my mounds before ripping my crop top apart and ripping the tattered cloth from my chest.

My tits were now completely exposed. Due to the cold air and from the brutal tit massage, my nipples were rock hard. The little brown nubs were small, even for b-cup tits, barely the size of a pencil eraser. But they were extremely sensitive. Every now and then Kyle would bite my nipples while I rode up and down on his hard dick and it would send me over the edge to an orgasm.

“Mmmmm, what perfect little titties,” Tim said. “And look at those little nips. Are they sensitive? Let’s find out…”

He flicked my right nipple. I felt my pussy clench and start to throb. It hurt, but it felt damn good. Then he flicked my left nipple. It sent another shock through my body straight to my pussy and I let out a slight moan.

“Mmmhmmm haha, just like I thought. A slut. I know Kyle likes it rough, so I knew you had to be a filthy whore. You act so fuckin proper, your big house and your fancy job, but underneath it all you’re just a cum hungry slut, huh?”

He began alternating flicking each nipple. I tried thrashing around on the bed, trying to get away from the pain. That only made him mad and he reached out with both hands and grabbed a nipple in each hand as he squeezed them between his fingers.

“Agghhhhhhhh!!” I yelled out in pain. “Stop!! LET GOOO!!”

He squeezed harder and began pulling my nipples from my body.

I yelled out again. “Aaaaaahhhhhgggggg, pleeeeease oh my god that hurts. Please let go”

I was arching my back trying to ease the pain emanating from my tiny buds, but it looked like I was offering my breasts to Tim.

“You asshole,” I begged, “You’re a piece of shit. I knew you were shady ever since Kyle introduced me to you!”

He began twisting my nipples. “Is that so?” He sneered. “Well ever since Kyle introduced me to you, I’ve wanted to tie you down and make you my cumslut”

He released my nipples and I watched my tits bounce on my chest. I was breathing heavy, just trying to catch my breath after feeling like my nipples were being torn from my body. His fingers traced down my flat stomach to my shorts. He moved off of me, but quickly unbuttoned my shorts and shimmied them down my tan legs, along with my white thong. I began kicking at him, hoping to hit him and yell loud enough that someone would wake up and help me.

“KYLE!! HELLPPPP!! Please!!” I yelled as loud as I could, but no one came. They were all still passed out drunk.

“No one’s gonna help you,” he jeered. “You’re all mine.” He was standing up looking down at my naked body. He pulled his shirt off over his head and tossed it on the floor, then unzipped his shorts and let them drop to the floor. His boxers hit the floor immediately after and he was standing over me, completely naked and stroking his growing cock. It was already the size of Kyle’s 8 inch dick, but it was getting longer and thicker by the second.

He crawled back on the bed and I began kicking my legs and yelling again, knowing that he was about to split me open. He pulled my knees apart and held them open with his hands. I have muscular legs from running but they were no match for his very muscular arms. He had my legs pinned open easily and his hands were creeping their way up to my opening.

“Mmmm, look at that little hole. I can’t wait to get inside you.” He said as he licked his lips. “Kyle said you’ve got the tightest pussy he’s ever had, I need to see if he’s telling the truth. You know what they say about Asian chicks…”

One hand crept up my thigh to my pussy and a finger lightly traced my pussy lips. To my surprise, i was soaked with cum from the rough tit play. My nipples were already sore but my body was starting to betray me. I love a rough fucking, but not like this, not with a man I don’t love and trust. Certainly not with my boyfriend’s so-called best friend.

“Oooohh!! Wow, Kyle failed to mention you’re a cumslut for nipple play!! Damn!! You really are a filthy slut!”

He decided it was time. He wasnt going to warm me up for his cock, I had already cum from his hands mauling my breasts and that was all the invitation he needed. He moved up my body and continued to pin my knees open with his thighs as he pointed his now 9″ hard cock right at the tiny opening of my wet hole.

“Nooo, please Tim,” I begged and begged. “Don’t do this, please Kyle is your friend. Don’t do this!”

He didn’t care. I could feel pressure build up and my lips spread wide open as he started to insert his thick cock inside me.

“Ohhh, ohhhhh pleeeease” I moaned. It hurt so good. It was splitting me open but it felt amazing. I thought Kyle’s cock had stuffed me more full than I’d ever felt, until now. “Ohhhh, it’s so big. I can’t take it, please take it out, pleeeeease!!”

“Yeah baby, you’re half way. You feel so gooood. Mmmm, now get ready to take some fucking cock!”

He jammed the rest of his cock all the way inside of me and I groaned in pain as the head of his thick cock pushed against the back wall of my vagina. He was buried all the way in my tight wet hole and I felt like his cock was in my stomach. He paused for a moment and just savored the feeling of my pussy contracting around his dick, gripping it like a vice and massaging his thickness with my vagina walls.

“You’ll be begging me to stop, slut,” he whispered in my ear and then pulled his cock almost entirely out, then slammed it back in with so much force that it knocked the air out of me. I yelled out a gut wrenching moan. It was incredibly painful as his hard dick pulled out, my pussy clung onto it, begging it not to leave, then contracted several times very quickly as he rammed it back inside my tight opening.

He didn’t stop. He kept thrusting in and out of me, using full powerful strokes, each time he thrusted back in he’d tell me what a whore I was.

“Oh. Yeah. You. Fucking. Whore. ” he would say inbetween strokes. “Take. That. Big. Fucking. Cock. Oh. God. Your. Pussy. Is. So. Fucking. Tight.”

He kept raping me. My tits were bouncing around my chest and my arms were now numb, still restrained above my head and tied to the headboard with his belt. My pussy was throbbing from the brutal fucking and i closed my eyes waiting for Kyle to walk in and save me. It didn’t happen.

Instead, Tim kept ramming in and out of my sore pussy and began abusing my nipples again. My body betrayed me immediately. My sensitive nipples were being twisted and pulled from my body again and the pain shot from my nipples to my gspot in a nanosecond and I started to cum all over Tim’s penetrating cock.

“Nooooooo” I yelled out as I came, hard. “Nooooo, pleeeeeease”

“I knew it. You little cumslut. I knew you wanted this dick. You’re getting fucked just how you like, like the little slut you are!!”

He kept pounding away, relentless. He was still plucking my left nipple from my body, making me squirm, but his right hand had crept down to my clit and he began rubbing circles around the hard bud. My pussy was now squeezing his cock from the nipple orgasm and clit attack.

“Yeah, you slut, massage my cock with that lil pussy. Mmmm you fuckin like it, don’t you?? Admit it, you’re a rape slut who likes it rough!!”

“Oooowwww pleeeease sttttooooopppp” my entire body was sore and he hadn’t let up on the brutal fuck of my tight vagina. My hips had to be bruised and the inside of my vagina was surely wrecked. It felt like a baseball bat was being shoved in and out of my pussy and I could hear my pussy juice soaking his cock. Each time he slammed back into me I could hear my juices welcoming him. My hips started to rise to meet his thrusts and his member rubbed right over my gspot. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, I knew I was in the brink of another powerful orgasm, but I couldn’t let him know!

“I’m begging you!! Please!!” I wasn’t sure what I was begging for – Did I want him to stop or did I want him to make my body shudder with pleasure. His cock assaulted my gspot and his finger attacked my clitoris. I couldn’t take anymore. I felt like I was going to pass out. “Please stop, please, ohhh you’re hurting me! You’re ruining my little hole, please stop!” The pain mixed with the pleasure was too much for me and my body responded with another mind blowing orgasm.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuckkkkk, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhh my pusssssyyyyy, pleeeeeeeassee yessss!”

He pulled his cock out and I could see it was covered in my cum. He jerked his hard dick for a few seconds and then a stream of hot cum hit my tits. It was a heavy load, my tits were soaked with cum when he was finally done.

“Damn. MmmMmm, you are one sexy Asian slut when you’re covered in my cum. That is some grade A pussy. ”

I closed my eyes, hoping this was all just a drunk nightmare and passed out. Just before drifting off, I could feel him unbuckling his belt from my wrists and using a towel to wipe his load from my chest.

When I woke up the next morning, all my friends had left. Kyle was still passed out in the living room and Tim was no where to be seen. I crawled under my bed covers to sleep off the rest of my hangover, wondering what it would be like the next time I see Tim…

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