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Raping pam st the bar

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I was surprised to find pam st the bar without her husband

I was milling around our local hangout when I spotted a very familiar ass my sister pam was sitting on a barstool with her back to me I came up behind her and spun her around she had a look like a deer in the headlights..
I slid my hand between her legs under her skirt and felt her panties I started rubbing her pussy over the cloth and it started getting damp I slid them to the side and shoved a finger in her wet hole I leaned forward and whispered in her ear I feel by this wetness your ready for my cock.
She begged me to leave her alone but I put both hands under her skirt and slipped her panties off putting them in my pocket I fingered her feverishly until she started to orgasm I pushed her legs apart and got between them she pleaded for me to stop as she felt the head of my cock forcing its way into her opening it was sopping wet and I pushed hard hitting her cervix I adjust myself and forced my cock into her cervix she gasp AZ I started raping her fast and hard I continued pounding her deep fast and hard until she orgasmed again I pushed as deep as possible and pumped rope after rope of fertile incestuous sperm deep inside my sister’s womb I pulled out and my sperm stayed buried deep inside she called me a bastard and asked for her panties back..
I laughed and told her I’d be back to give them to her she was saying she couldn’t go home without her panties I left got another drink and started thinking about how I had just raped her in public and nobody else knew I got hard again and returning forcing my way back between her legs and thrusting hard balls deep back into her..
One of her friends came over and I moved enough for her to see my cock buried deep in my little sisters cunt she told my sister your such a lucky little whore and told me she was next I told her to get her panties off and show me her pussy as I relentlessly raped my sister pam and fingering her friends pussy I fired off a huge load of seed inside Pam’s womb again asking her how she liked her brothers seed impregnating her again pam hung her head as her friend asked me what I meant about again I said ask pam she did and reluctantly pam told her that her 2 other daughters were mine I got hard again and pushed again her friends opening feelings her tight little snatch stretch around my cock a held her hips and pushed as hard as I could slowly opening her up she told pam she didn’t blame her for fucking me and she loved how my cock was stretching her deeper than anyone ever had she was cumming all over my cock as my balls slapped her ass God she was so fucking tight I fucked her hard for 45 minutes before I knew I needed to cum when she realized I was about to she begged me to pull out because she was ovulating and suggested I cum in pam again I thought about it and pushed hard filling her with my seed she tried to get me out of her but only managed to get me deeper into her I stayed hard and kept fucking her until I shot another load deep in her..
I managed to not only knock pam up again but her bestfriend to I talked her friend into having pam over the next day….

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