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Raping my neighbors babysitter

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I gave my neighbor Billie a ride home from the bar and she asked me if could take her 14 year old babysitter home

We were at the bar Billie was getting drunk and dancing very provocatively rubbing her ass on my crotch putting her hand behind her and squeezing my cock as I fondled her breasts I managed to finger her at the table we were sitting at ..we left around 2 and she was sucking my cock on the way home we arrived to find her ex boyfriend sitting in the driveway she went to talk to him and came back to ask if I could take her 14 year old babysitter home..reluctantly I agreed I had left my hard cock out without realizing it as Belinda got into the car her eyes widened and were fixated on my cock she was red faced but didn’t say anything but kept sneaking glances..
She was around 5.1 85 lbs long blonde hair blue eyes small breasts a tiny waist and ass I made up my mind I was getting pussy tonight even if I had to take it and I knew it wasn’t going to be billies I knew the girl and where she lived but instead of taking her straight home I parked in a dark secluded place I grabbed Belindas hand and put it on my cock she instantly tried to pull away but I wouldn’t let her telling her to stroke and suck my cock.. tears filled her eyes and she spoke softly saying she had never done anything with a guy and didn’t know how..
I pulled her close and moved her hand up and down my shaft while forcing her to kiss me my tongue invaded her mouth it was sweet tasting I managed to pull up her shirt and got it over her head effortlessly to find she wasn’t wearing a bra I mauled her tiny breasts and sucked her small nipples she gasped unaware I already had her shorts and panties past her knees she realized it as I get them off her feet I hurried to get my shirt and shorts off .she was sobbing as I pushed her face to my cock forcing it into her mouth I picked her up and put her hairless pussy to my face telling her to keep sucking and bobbing her mouth
Up and down my cock as I began lapping her tiny tight pussy I forced my tongue in her little hole and she gasped licking her from ass to clit her legs started to shake and her leg clamped around my head..
I could feel her throat and I took my hand to the back of her head pushed it down and forcing my cock into her throat she choked but I held her head forcing her to take it alli held her with both hands relentlessly fucking her throat until I blasted my cum deep down her throat pulling back 3/4 the way through my orgasm filling her mouth and made her swallow it I got her and a blanket out of the car grabbed my lube put her on her back pulled her legs over my shoulders squirted lube into and around her tiny vaginal opening and over my swollen member I lined up with her opening and started to push she was crying as I wormed my way into her never before touched vagina pushing harder and harder until finally managing to get the head inside her eyes opened wide as I bumped her virginity.
She pleaded with me to stop I pulled back and she relaxed thinking I was going to pull all the way out I took the opportunity to shove my cock as hard as I could breaking through her barrier and resting pelvic bone to pelvic bone deep inside her she screamed in agony I covered her mouth with my hand after a few minutes of letting her get use to the invasion of her most intimate place I started thrusting in and out she squealed and grunted as I bottomed out balls deep inside her I started pumping faster and faster harder and harder until she involuntarily started to orgasm milking my cock her velvet tunnel begging me to cum deep inside her I held off driving deep and blasting rope after rope of fertile seed deep inside her fertile womb I managed to keep hard feverishly raping her as hard and deep as possible I kept going for an hour before dumping my seed deep inside her once again I pulled out and blood and cum seeped out of her battered and bruised well used hole I watched the mixture run out and down her crack over her little rosebud I got hard again before she knew what was happening I forced my cock against her rectal opening she pleaded for me to stop but my cum a her blood coated my cock and i pushed past her opening with all my force burying my cock into her bowels pounding away not caring if it hurt her or tore her inside I sodomized her until feeling my cum one again traveling up my shaft spewing deep inside her rectum..
I got a towel and water cleaning myself and the gently cleaning her washing away the blood and cum I retrieved a bottle of doushe from the car and flushed her pussy and ass I put her panties in my pocket gave her her clothes we dressed as I dropped her off at home she scooted over to me started to kiss me and her tongue invaded my mouth she pulled away squeezing my cock she said I’m babysitting for Billie tomorrow night hopefully you can take me home again…

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    I read it and it was ok to me, but I didn’t care for it that much. No matter how hard or horny I get, I cannot see myself taking advantage of an unwilling participant.

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Really hard to read, because of lack of paragraphs, and “Quotes.” It’s hard to tell when somebody is talking, and it’s basically one big wall of text. Kinda hard to get into it like that.