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Preparing for the Shoot by Runa

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So I found out that Runa is actually a furry that write gaping pussy stories and not only that but she has art as well on rule 34 and on e621.

The weekend had only just begun, yet Natasha was growing nervous already. The shoot was tomorrow, but she needed to prepare today; if she didn’t, there would be no way she’d be able to handle Stud Longbow, the stallion that was to be her co-star. He was renowned for his endowments and infamous for his tendency to be a little too rough with the ladies he mounted; furthermore, unlike most stallions he actually had stamina so it wasn’t a quick encounter. The ladies that worked with him usually only did so once or twice at most, but the videos sold well and customers adored his cock as it wrecked one pussy after another. He was a top draw in the porn world.

Natasha was next on his hit list, but she had a secret weapon that would help her out and dull the pain: Rezza, a chimera starlet that had the malleability of a snake. He could hopefully expend most of his energy on her. It wasn’t much to actually help Natasha once she was paired with him, but she would get relief where others would not.

To be fair, Natasha wasn’t afraid of him or his cock. She’d seen plenty of porn on the internet, she knew his reputation and saw what he did to his partners so she was prepared. She was a size queen and had eagerly begged for the role opposite him due to that, but that didn’t mean he was going to be nice to her. So many things could go wrong with a stallion like that, especially considering the anatomical differences between equines and canines.

She sighed and threw her head back in her computer chair, one hand on the mouse and the other reaching for some carrots to much on. She had downloaded as many videos as she could find featuring Longbow and was watching them, one after another. Most porn stars would just go in, do the deed, get filled with or covered in spunk, lick up the mess, then have a shower before going home. Natasha wasn’t like that. Natasha was an artist. She wanted to study him, to see what angles would best display his power while also giving her the best look. She wanted to see what she would have to do in order to minimize her pain and maximize the camera work.

The first video she watched had him with a mare. Kind of unfair since she was the same size of him and the same species. Still, he was as rough as his reputation had indicated he would be, and his cock much thicker than most with a bulge near the median ring. He fucked that mare so hard she actually started crying and the cameraman got it all in glorious HD. Despite her pain, she still winked and got one hell of a load out of him, a cumshot that made Natasha lick her lips.

The second video was one with a dragoness, some stupid story about laying the dragon or something. She fast forwarded through the boring setup and got right to the part where he ‘laid down his sword’ and dealt with her. He was so thick that even the dragon enjoyed it and wanted more, so they went at it multiple times, leaving her a sloppy mess. The image of horse cum spewing out from between a tiny crevice between dragon belly scale and horse flare at the camera made her lick her lips again, her free hand slipping down into her panties.

Video after video she watched, and he was always with only one other female, only once did he share the spotlight with another male. A dake of a dragon, easily twice his size. In the video, Lonbow went first, and the dragon jokingly said she was ‘too loose’ for him. Natasha had no idea why they filmed that, but it looked a bit more amateur than the stuff she was used to seeing him in.

She was about to put another video on when she heard a commotion outside her bedroom door. She put a button up shirt on and slipped out to see what was going on. It was Arnika, bundling up in a jacket, ready to head out into the snow.

“No idea when I’ll be back.” The arctic fox chirped before disappearing out the door.

Natasha had nothing else to say, so she shrugged and slipped out into the living room wearing nothing but her partially moist panties and her shirt. She watched out the door as Arnika put her headphones in and walked away. “Tris, you around?” She called out, waiting to see if her sister was home. No answer. “Fine, I’ll walk around in my underwear, I don’t care.”

The long-haired canine padded her way towards the kitchen, groaning a bit as she saw the pile of dishes in the sink. She loved her sister, but that woman needed to pick up after herself. Rather than bitch about it to her bitch of a sister, she stacked the plates and started filling the sink with hot, soapy water as she put a pot of water on the stove to boil. She needed tea. Or hot Chocolate. IT didn’t matter, and she’d decide when the water was boiling.

“Hm. House to myself. No school for almost two weeks. What should I do?” She wagged her tail at the thought of being truly alone, a smile spreading across her face. Images of Longbow started bubbling up in her mind and she decided that she’d have some fun with herself, a tingling sensation emanating through her nethers. Once again she slipped her hand through her panty strap to rub at her engorged lips, feeling the gooey slickness that her sex was secreting before bringing her fingers up to her maw to have a taste.

Cucumbers. They had to have cucumbers. Trisani loved cucumbers and Natasha often made love to them in preparation for roles when she didn’t want to use batteries on her vibrator or take too much time with an inflatable knot toy.

The canine quickly swung her fridge door open to see that there were in fact three cucumbers on the bottom shelf stacked in a little pyramid. She grabbed the biggest one – which was as long as her forearm and even thicker – and wrapped her fingers tight around its thickest part. She could barely get her thumb and forefinger more than 2/3 of the way around, and it was cold as cold could be.

Steam. The kettle was steaming, and that would warm it up. Stupid as it may have been, she held it over the steam that was rising, rotating it and alternating hands and ends of the vegetable until it was completely soaked and warm. Hot, even.

She licked her lips again and smiled, leaning over the counter with her hand down between her legs, cucumber aimed up at the mound contained by her panties. She pulled the fabric to the side with her other hand and used two fingers to part her lips, pressing the blunt end of the cucumber against her flesh, only to find it was still really hot and kind of painful. She let out a gentle yelp before taking in a few breaths and trying again, this time going a bit slower.

Its warm skin was like a massage to her, a hot mix of pleasure and pain that made her tingle. Slowly, she pushed it in, feeling her lips slowly stretch and distend around it with ease as its hot inner flesh warmed her from within. Every inch that disappeared into her made her toes curl and a familiar warmth bubble up from her loins. Deeper and deeper she pushed it until only the round crest of it was poking out from her tender lips.

Natasha grunted and curled her toe claws against the linoleum of the floor, squeezing her pussy tight as she used the vegetable on herself, slowly pumping it in and out, relishing in the sensations of the bulge dilating her as its skin rubbed against her. Each push in and squeeze out got easier and easier as her muscles relaxed, her lubrication easing its passage through her relatively tight vulva to fill her. She had a deep, long vaginal canal, so the end of it didn’t reach her deepest depths.

Which was very fortunate for her, because just as the kettle started whistling, she heard the sound of someone fumbling about at the door. She panicked, not knowing what to do with the cucumber, so she slipped it in as deep as it would go and clenched down, feeling its cumbersome length resting heavily inside her loins as she pulled her panties back over her drooling lips, leaving a darkened moist spot.

The door opened behind her and she focused again on the kettle, paws shaking as she tossed a bag of tea in a mug and filled it with the hot water. As she stirred it up – bag in – she turned to see it wasn’t Trisani or Arnika that had come in, but Rezza!

Confused, she lowered an ear and cocked her head to the side. “Oh, hi. I wasn’t expecting you.” She kept stirring the tea, but it became evident she wasn’t actually paying attention to it, her mind was fixed on the firm food item that was lodged in her pussy.

Rezza had a duffel bag over he shoulder that she tossed to the side with a heavy thud before taking her jacket off and slipping out of the tailscarf that protected the scales on that part of her body. “Of course not, if you were expecting me, you’d be naked!” She laughed and gave a wink before kicking her boots off and joining Natasha in the kitchen. “Got anything hot to drink?”

“Just tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You’re free to-”

“Awesome, mocha it is.” Rezza pushed past Natasha and filled the auto-brewing machine with a cup of coffee, but also threw a couple spoonfuls of powder in the cup itself. “So, I got your email. I brought what I could.”

“E-mail? I didn’t send any emails.” Natasha asked. “I wasn’t even home last night.”

“Well, I got an email from you. Here.” Rezza grabbed her phone and thumbed at the screen a bit before pushing it in the canine’s face. IT clearly was an email from Natasha, seemingly scared for her life about the encounter with longbow, filled with things like ‘help me’, and ‘I’m not ready’.

“I don’t remember sending that. Seriously, I have no memory of that.” Natasha admitted, still idly stirring her tea. “Then again, I did drink last night. Could have been that.” She snapped herself out of the daze she was in and squeezed the tea bag before adding some milk, holding the cup up between her breasts for warmth as she grunted and clamped her thighs together, the pressure in her vaginal canal threatening to push the cucumber out.

“Well, I got it, and I brought a bunch of toys to help you out. I’ve been in a few scenes with him and he’s too much even for me on a first try. You’re the queeniest of size queens, you should be fine, but if you need help relaxing, then I’ve got just the things. Do you drink ‘tion?” Rezza quickly turned back to her bag as her hot coffee was brewing itself.

Natasha was familiar with the term ‘tion as a short term for potions, but she didn’t really partake. “Naw, I like to be raw and real for my scenes. Makes it more authentic without any magical cunt-expanding drugs.”

“Oh, I don’t mean any sort of alteration shit. No, just something to help you relax a bit. You’ll still be plenty tight, and your lips will kiss him real nice just like they would, but without any pain.” She turned around, a small vial of amber liquid held in her fingers. “I got plenty for you if you wanna have a go tonight.”

There was a brief hesitation before Natasha shrugged and shook her head. “No thanks. I appreciate it, but I kind of like the pain. That heat and friction of being stretched is the best part of doing this. Other than the money. Nothing else will pay for school like this gig, and no other jobs are so fun. Naw, I’ll pass on the potion.”

“Fair enough. But can you handle the flare once it explodes in you? Have you ever been with a stallion before? Your body isn’t exactly-”

“Yeah, I used to date my sister’s now-husband. Not only was he endowed like a stallion, bit he had a knot AND barbs around the flare. That was amazing. So yeah, I know equine anatomy. It’s one of my favorite things about them.” She smiled and took in a deep breath, clenching her pussy muscles tight to hold the cucumber inside.

Rezza could sense something was off, so she smiled and bounded over towards Natasha, quickly pressing their chests together as she bit at her cheek. “Well, I’m horny. Come on, lemme help you out.” She slipped her hand down Nat’s belly, wiggling their way into her panties to press against her plump vulva.

Natasha tried to resist, to make it clear she was not ready, but as she tried to move away, Rezza kept at her and forced her fingers inside, quickly finding the blunt tip of the cucumber blocking her digits from invading any deeper.

“Oh, you sly bitch, playing without me?” Rezza growled playfully before dropping to her knees, yanking Nat’s panties down to the ground in one fluid motion. She nuzzled up at the triangular lips and buried her tongue deep to taste the vegetable inside, sucking gently with each idle prod.

Naturally, Natasha felt a little violated, but the two had worked and vaginally ‘trained’ enough in the past to know the safe words. She was horny, same as Rezza, so she had no interest in stopping this. Especially not when the chimera’s soft lips were sucking so vigorously on her nethers, coaxing the cucumber from her depths. She grunted and bent her legs a bit, squatting down as she laid the cup on the counter next to her, abdominal walls clenching to force the food out of her and into Rezza’s maw.

“Mmmm!” Rezza moaned as she felt the tangy coated cucumber on her tongue. She bit down on it gently and started bobbng her head back and forth to force the bulge of it to slip in and out of Natasha’s pussy, imitating a soft, gentle mating.

Both were passionately grinding against each other, bobbing head and gyrating hips as Natasha let out a growling moan, pussy squeezing hard enough to force it completely out of her and Rezza let go, spitting it out in a gooey puddle in the linoleum.

“Fuck the kitchen, let’s go.” Natasha gasped as she hopped over the chimera and grabbed the bag, hauling it into her room, leaving the cucumber and her panties in a gooey mess behind her. She slammed the bag on the floor next to her bed and started rifling through it to see what goodies her co-star had brought to help her out. She smiled as she plucked a massive horse cock toy, followed by another one with anatomically correct flare. She sucked the tip a bit before tossing it aside and digging deeper.

She found inflatables, suction cups, plugs, beads, and bottles of cummy looking lube for effect – prop cum used in some of their shoots. Wonderful assortment. “Do I get to use all of these?”

Rezza came into the room behind her, completely naked and exposed, blue fur and brown scales glistening in the evening light. “No. I do. On you.” She winked and got down to her knees, leaning into an extended kiss with Natasha, long snaking tongue exploring the canine’s maw. She paused periodically to nuzzle her horns against Natasha’s neck and chest, a gentle rumbling escaping her chest as they pressed against each other, breast to breast.

Natasha happily reciprocated, reaching around under Reza’s tail to slip her fingers into the stretchy chimera’s pussy, parting her lips and rubbing at the soft tender flesh within.

“No, we focus on you tonight. Come on. Up on the bed.” Rezza commanded, pushing Natasha away and forcing the canine’s fingers to be pulled form her sex.

The canine bitch laid back on the bed with her legs spread, hands folded up on her chest to cover her breasts. A gentle, needy whimper accompanied her request. “Well, use the horse on me. Fuck me like Longbow will.”

“Oh, you sure are a naughty bitch, aren’t you? You sure you want to jump up to the big leagues?” Rezza mocked as she grabbed the toy and held it up, nuzzling her cheek against it as her long, forked tongue wrapped around the shaft.

All that she got as a response from Natasha was a whimper, a head nod, and the spontaneous wagging of her bushy tail.

“Well alright then.” Rezza wasted no time in pressing the base of the horse cock toy up against her mound, her other hand aiming the tip up at Natasha’s moist lips. It was way too big, so she let the head rest on the base of Nat’s tail as she reached over and grabbed one of the bottles of lube. She squirted a pearly line of it up and down the base of the toy with a particularly large glob of it near the head, rubbing it into the shaft and used some of it to soak the canine’s lips. “You like that on your cunt, bitch?” She sneered as she roughly rubbed her palm to Natasha’s vulva. Naturally, she had quite a dirty mouth when getting into it – years in the porn industry would do that.

“Mmmhmm! Fuck me with it, mate me like a stallion!” She demanded, grinding her hips down against the toyears limp and hanging to the side of her head.

Rezza obliged, leaning her hips forward to force the head of the toy into Nat’s pussy, the bulbous girth of it refusing to penetrate at first, only to have her tender lips dilate and stretch, swallowing it up in one hungry gulp, the entire length of the toy disappearing into her cunt. “You like that? Yeah?”

Normally the stupid porn dialogue would turn her off, but Natasha was using it to get into character so she went with it, grinding her hips and squeezing tight as best she could as the horse cock pummeled her pussy. “Oh gods, oh gods! Fuck me harder! Fuck me raw!” She could feel her muscles relax, the relatively tight passage just within her lips loosening to let the median ring slide in and out of her with ease.

“That’s right, who’s my little fuck toy?”

“I am!”

Rezza growled at her and pulled the toy out and threw it into the bag with a wet splash before she grabbed the second toy – the one with the enlarged flare – and smothered the tip of it with lube. She angled it to the side a bit so that the rounded edge could be forced into Natasha, using her hand to guide it in, her other hand forcing it in.

“Wait, hold up, are you sure that’s-” Natasha was cut off mid-sentence as she felt the massive bulb of mock equine flesh squeeze through her relatively tight lips and expand inside her. She squirmed and writhed, eyes rolling back in her head and toes curling in delight as she felt the mass of silicone leaving a noticeable bulge in her lower belly. She continued to grind down on it and gyrate her hips as she felt it being pumped in and out of her with ease.

“That’s right, little bitch. Take it like a mare!” Rezza taunted her, still using her hips to guide the toy deeper into Nat, the wide berth of the expanded flare stuffing and sucking on her insides with every vigorous push. She grinned and stuck her tongue out as she watched the bulge slide up and down Natasha’s belly, the relatively thin shaft left with an audible squelch every time the length of it was forced deep into her pussy.

Natasha wrapped her legs around Rezza’s hips, pulling her in close and forcing every inch of the toy into her, fake balls slapping against her asshole. She moaned and bit her lip, whimpering gently as she pushed Rezza back away, leaving the toy inside her. The pressure from her womb and pussy let it slowly slide out, only to have the plug of a flare stop just inside her lips, caught by the same tight ring of muscle that held knots inside her.

Rezza bit at her finger as she watched Natasha grunt and push down on the flare, trying to force it out to no avail. Her lips distended and pushed out with the toy, but didn’t let go, the flare was in too tight. Perfect. She took the opportunity to smear her hands with lube – both of them – before violently and suddenly yanking the toy from Natasha’s pussy, leaving her gaped for a split second before plunging one hand inside with ease.

“Ooooh?!” Natasha got up to her elbows and looked down as her chimeran partner leaned into her, fist plunging into her with ease. Her cunt had relaxed and expanded enough to leave her gaping and loose; Rezza’s fist felt positively average, all things considered. “How are you-?”

Once again, she was cut off as Rezza forced her arm deep into her canine pussy, the plump triangular lips sliding over her forearm and resting up against the chimera’s bicep as she clenched her fist up into a ball, clenching arms and rotating her wrist to subtly please her every inch of her depths. “You’re very deep for a bitch. No mare, but that will certainly help.” Rezza complimented before roughly yanking her fist out with one aggressive tug with an accompanying shower of gooey lube and vaginal fluids.

Before Natasha could recover, she slid her other hand inside, fingers parting lips and plunging in deep, balling up in a fist while in as far as it would go and yanking out. In one went, out it came, in the other went, out it came. Rezza wasn’t focusing on Natasha, she was focusing on that gloriously loose wolf pussy she had so eloquently wrecked.

“Stop, stop!” Natasha cried out, her muscles contracting and stopping Rezza from pounding her and more intensely. She reached down to pull the chimera’s adm from her depths, leaving her cunt swollen and sore. “Let’s take a bit of a break. I saw some of your squirting toys, you should totally fill that with hot cum and pump me full of it.” She grinned and rubbed at herself, fingers parting her lips and walls gaped open, throbbing and contracting with every breath.

“I’ll do you one better. Stay right there!” Rezza kissed Natasha on the cunt lips before grabbing two bottles of lube and disappearing into the kitchen.

Natasha paused and thew her head back against her pillow, legs spread with a gooey lubricated mess on her thick bushy tail. Her pussy was sore and tender, and every time she touched her lips she winced a bit. “Stupid canine twat.” She said to herself as she slipped a finger in, gently rubbing at the tight ring just inside her. It was barely noticeable when next to her dilated pussy and stretched lips, but it was still there. If she wanted to take on Longbow, she’d have to obliterate that, and if that meant fucking herself silly for 20 hours, then she’d do it.

“I’m back, and ready for some fun!” Rezza said as she burst into the room, a bowl full of steamy, pearly lubricant. She put it on the desk and grabbed for two syringes, filling each one fully and setting them aside.

Curious, Natasha kept watching out of the corner of her eye as Rezza worked, Messing about with the syringes, the bowl of cummy lube, and two toys – one knotted and orange, the other purple and ridged – both with holes int he end and tubes leading out from the side of the base. She stuck the bases together and the suction cups made them stay together even as she pulled them apart, demonstrating the power of the suction cups. “Impressive.” Natasha commented as she shifted around and got up to her knees, preparing herself.

“Double dildos with cumshot action! Come on, follow my lead.” Rezza plugged a syringe into each of the two tubes and gave one to Natasha before slipping the toy into her cavernous pussy, the thick length of it disappearing between her folds with ease. “Now clench down and hold it there.” She advised before getting up onto the bed next to her, aiming her rump back and slowly sliding onto the orange toy that was dangling out under Nat’s tail.

The two touched rumps, the toys slipping into them with ease. Natasha groaned a bit as she felt the hot length of it rubbing against her tenderized walls. She clenched tight and gave a gentle squeeze of the plunger, hoping to have the hot fluid fill her womb, since she had such a desire to be filled with anything hot.

Rezza yelped a bit as she looked back over her draconic tail. “Hey, no fair, you’ve got the trigger to my toy and I’ve got yours, and that shit is hot! Calm down a bit.” She swayed her hips and pushed back, grinding her rump and pussy up against Nat’s with only the flat suction cup bases between them. Her tail seemed to have a life of its own, wrapping around Natasha’s hips and upper thigh, the bony frill of it tickling at her vulva peak. “So here’s the game. You clench, I clench, we tug, whoever gets the toy, gets a squirt of lube. Got it?”

Natasha was enjoying the sensations but wasn’t sure why. “Huh? Why are we doing that? Don’t I want to be nice and loose and sloppy?”

“Of course, but you also want to have muscle control because once he’s ready to cum, you better clench and massage him. If not, he just fucks harder. So are you ready? Three? Two? One? Pull!” She grunted and pushed off against Nat’s legs, her pussy holding the toy tight.

But Natasha had the upper hand; the bit of especially silky hot cum she’d spurted into Rez’s depths lubed her up enough that she had no grip ont he toy, even if her muscles weren’t sore and tender from an aggressive fist fuck. “I win!” She declared, only to be cut off when she felt a hotness stabbing at her womb, a spurt of steamy lubrication splattering against her walls thanks to Rezza squeezing the plunger.

She wrapped her arms over her belly and giggles a bit, the combination of the ridged cock toy and hot cum soaking her insides making her eyes roll back in pleasure. As she climaxed, muscles tight around the toy, she balled her hand up in a fist and forced the entirety of the syringe deep into the toy that was knotted inside Rezza’s cunt.

The chimera shuddered and collapsed with her chest on the bed and rump up in the air, tail still wrapped around Nat’s thigh and hip. The two grinded against each other for a moment before Rezza squeezed the plunger of her syringe, filling Nat with hot seed as well.

“Aah!” Both giggled a bit, grinding and rubbing against one another, seed-like lubrication leaking out their pussies and running down their legs, soaking the sheets between them. They took turns squeezing and pushing the toys out of each other, trying their best to pull them out of the other.

Eventually, their pleasure brought on by the finely textured toys sliding against their inner walls with the aid of the silky lubrication died down. It was time to relax a bit. Nat had been fingered, had a cucumber in there, was fucked by two separate toys, fisted, and filled with fake cum in the matter of a half hour. She was a mess, she was loose, she was sore, and it was time to have a shower.

Slowly, she pulled away from the makeshift double dong and felt a cool breeze inside her before she clenched herself shut, closing the gaping mess that was her cunt. She felt ready for him, eager even, but now she needed to clean. Scenes rarely lasted more than half an hour per taping, so she was confident. “Well, it’s been fun, Rez, but I need a shower.” She announced as she rolled off her bed and onto her feet. She nearly fell as her knees were weak from the residual waves of pleasure that were still buzzing in her loins and up her spine.

“Careful, sugar.” Rezza laughed as she pulled the toy from herself and tossed it – still connected base to base via suction cup – into her bag. Her own lips sealed up with ease and she had no problems catching up. She hadn’t been as thoroughly abused.

The two shared a shower together in silence, the hot water washing the lubrication off their fur and scales. Showers naturally take a long time for furred creatures, but Rezza decided to take a moment to get to her knees and slip her fingers up into her again, wiggling around with ease thanks tot he lubrication still deep inside Nat’s pussy. Her lips parted with ease, swallowing up Rezza to the wrist.

Natasha ignored her, relaxing her muscles and continuing to shower, cleaning herself of the lube and sweat that had built up, fist squeezing and thrusting inside her.

“Awww, you’re no fun.” Rezza complained as she pulled her fist from Nat’s depths with a wet, sloppy squelch.

“Oh, I’m plenty fun.”

While they were still in the shower, a sound was heard from the main room followed by the shutting of a door and the shuffling of boots. Natasha slipped out of the shower, leaving Rezza inside as she wrapped a towel around herself and peeked out. It was Trisani and Valencia, both bundled up in winter wear.

“Come on, Valencia invited us and we’re heading out to hers and Ilorek’s ranch for some hot cocoa. You should totally come with. Get dressed, we’re leaving in a few minutes.”

Natasha giggled a bit and nodded as the shower water shut off behind her. She was still at the door, so her sisters knew that she had someone visiting.

“Oh, who have you got in there with you?” Valencia teased as she hopped forward to get a better look.

Just then, Rezza pulled the door open and walked out of the bathroom with a proud smile on her face, dripping water all over the floor to Nat’s room. She smiled and bowed a bit before gathering her belongings, bundling up, and heading out. “You three have fun, okay? Always a pleasure to meet you again, Val and Tris!” With that, she closed the door behind her, leaving Valencia and Trisani to stare at Natasha with curious eyes.

“What? You’ve never been with a woman before?” She protested.

The three shared a laugh as Natasha dressed herself up, cleaning her room of the cummy mess they had left. Once the shock of the situation had died down, the three sisters all headed north of town to Ilorek’s ranch, hoping to have a spot of cocoa with the family.

Once they arrived, Valencia opened the front door and called out to Ilorek, “Came home early, hun! Brought my sisters for the holiday!”

As the three sisters walked in, they saw Ilorek, naked, with a white furred fox in his bed. It was Arnika, Natasha and Trisani’s roommate!

What was she doing here?

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