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Needed help getting pregnant

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Back in the early 2000s my wife and I married. She had introduced me to some of her friends, one couple being Chris and Katie. They weren’t close with my wife where we seen them often. My wife was the opposite of Kathy. My wife was chubby, brown hair, big tits, no ass. Kathy was blonde, small, tan, little tits with a bubble butt. Anyway I played golf with Chris here and there. One trip I drove so I went to drop him off. When he invited me in for a drink I agreed. One big problem they were having was trying to get pregnant. It was almost 2 years of trying. During my drink they said they found out Chris was shooting blanks. I finished up my second drink and had to get home. They were whispering like little school girls and I heard my name. She told Chris to just ask. He brought up again how he can’t get her pregnant and was wondering if I’d donate sperm for them. I was shocked they asked me. I wanted to talk with my wife about it first. Katie told me no one could know, it would be between the 3 of us. When I asked why, they had money/insurance issues or something so they couldn’t do it at a doctor, it would have to be done naturally. I wasn’t sure. They told me to think about it. They couldn’t pay me but I could have sex with Katie up until the birth if I got her pregnant. Now, I love my wife very much but she’s a bit of a prude, she would tell me stories of Katie and her kinky ways. I told them I would be back tomorrow with an answer.

I thought long and hard on it and decided I would do it. Part of me wanted to help my friends, part of me wanted to fuck Katie for the next 9 months. I called them and told them that I agree and was coming over to talk more about it. Chris greeted me and went over everything. I wouldn’t pay for the child, no one would know, every time I came had to be in her pussy up until she was pregnant. I asked where Katie was because she should be part of this conversation. I guess once they knew I agreed, she went to shower and shave her pussy for me. That made my dick throb. He asked if she was ready for me, I wasn’t prepared at all mentally that day but she was so I went with it. He wanted to start as soon as possible to get her pregnant. We went into their room, there she was in a tiny red lingerie set on the bed. She had bright red lipstick on which I loved. She was very happy I decided to do this and told me to come close. She rolled on her stomach and I finally seen that beautiful tan bubble butt with the lingerie stuffed in her ass. She yanked on my belt and said how she wasn’t expecting me to be this big. I feel I’m barely above average but ok. She wrapped her red lips around my cock and I closed my eyes to enjoy the first blowjob I’ve got in months.

It was a little weird for me at first that he wanted to be there. I didn’t even notice him once she was fully naked in front of me. Her pussy was something out of a playboy magazine, simply perfect. I put my dick to her pussy, asked if she was ready and gave it a push. I knew right away she was going to be lots of fun by the way she told me to “fuck her bald pussy and get her pregnant” and was excited more than I’ve been my entire marriage. She was easy to pick up to move around. Towards the end, I was sitting on the edge of the bed facing Chris with her throwing it back on me. He had been masterbating watching us. Katie said she was going to cum and needed another dick. We spit roasted her and they both came. I got mine right after. They were so casual about it so made me feel comfortable.

It took 2 months for me to get her pregnant with sex maybe 4-5 times a week. Every time was about the same. Great sex with her, Chris there most times. She was more and more a slut everyday. She would talk about getting her ass fucked but I couldn’t yet until she was pregnant. The most uncomfortable it got was only twice when Chris would join in her pussy. It was weird having my dick rub on another dick. She loved it so I never said anything. The day she found out she was pregnant, they had a party and invited a bunch of our friends over. Everyone besides Katie was extra drunk having a good time. Chris went in with her and came out to get me. He asked me to go fix something or another in their master bathroom. I left my wife and went inside to find Katie on the bed, ass up in the air. She said how happy I made them and she wanted to give me my first reward of the next 9 months. She said her asshole needed a good pounding because it had been neglected for so long. I was a little worried someone would hear or catch us. She grabbed a ball gag off the nightstand and said that’s what it’s for, hurry and cum so we can get back out there. I told her it was going to take a while to warm her up from my experience. “Fuck me, use me, let me scream, don’t stop until you cum. I can take it.” Squirted some lube on it and went balls deep pretty fast. Her muffled screams and tight asshole helped me cum quicker. She took the gag off and had me put a plug in her butt. It was sexy as hell knowing her ass was full of my cum the rest of the night.

During the pregnancy, Katie was ready and willing always. All I needed to do was tell her I was on my way. The sex got kinkier as her belly grew. Chris wasn’t having sex with her as much because of work. I was attentive to her needs and she was attentive to mine. We went from anal and ball gags to piss play to bondage to role play to rape fantasy. Towards her due date, we fulfilled one of her biggest fantasies when Chris was away for the weekend. She wanted a free use gangbang set up. She didn’t want any friends or people we knew. We planned and vetted guys for a week. My job was to organize and keep an eye on the guys. The short of it is a total of 18 guys showed Friday, Friday night into Saturday morning. She was destroyed like she asked. I watched her take three at a time. I watched hands all over her body and especially her giant tits and belly. Some stayed to use her again. I’d say she had just under 30 loads. She took a bath and asked me to snuggle her for a few hours to get some sleep. Woke up at 4pm and had to get home. Her pussy and ass were loose and still recovering so I had a blowjob before I left. She wasn’t doing her usual good job and she knew it. Katie asked if I wanted to fuck her mouth. I got over her face and fucked it like I would any other hole. She was coughing and choking on my cock until I filled her throat with my man goo. The last time we had sex was hours before she gave birth. She was in the hospital because her water broke. My wife and Chris went to find the cafeteria. They barely closed the door before she said she wanted one last fuck. It was a quick one. I started in her mouth, then her gaping pussy, then finished off in her asshole. They moved a few months after that so I only seen the baby twice more. Only the three of us know my secret.

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    Stupid story

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    I hope she still have that magnificent gaping pussy.